Peter Grinspoon MD

Peter Grinspoon is a primary care physician, educator, certified health and wellness coach, and cannabis expert. He is a board member of the advocacy group Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, which works towards legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical usage.

Peter Grinspoon is also a contributing editor to the Harvard Health publication and a TedX speaker, lecturing on cannabis, opioids, addiction, and physician health.

Peter Grinspoon MD
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Education and career

Peter Grinspoon was born in 1966 to Betsy and Lester Grinspoon. His father was a psychiatrist and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

In 1988, Peter graduated from Swarthmore College, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. After graduation, Grinspoon worked for Greenpeace for five years.

In 1997, Grinspoon enrolled in the Boston University School of Medicine, and later graduated with Honors. After graduation, Peter trained in the Primary Care Medical Residency at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

In 2000, Peter began working as a freelance cannabis consultant at Grinspoon Wellness Consulting. In January 2008, he joined the Massachusetts General Hospital as a Cannabis clinician and a Life Coach. Later that year, Grinspoon started his practice as a primary care physician at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Peter Grinspoon spent two years as an Associate Director for the Physician Health Service, working with physicians who suffer from substance use disorders. He also teaches medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Awards and recognition

  • 2012 — Compassionate doctor recognition. This certification is granted to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness and based on a physician’s overall and bedside manner scores.


Peter Grinspoon is one of the contributors to Harvard Mecial Publishing, where he posted 30+ articles. Among his other publications are:


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