The Problem of Teacher Turnover: Journal Selection


For my research topic, I decided to choose the problem of high turnover rates among teachers. My teaching practice shows that this problem is central to the vast majority of schools, and it negatively affects both job satisfaction of teachers and academic outcomes of students. The research paper will include information about the current trends in teacher turnover rates in the USA and abroad, detailed analysis of factors that influence retention in the US public and private schools, and overview of retention strategies with a focus on workplace spirituality. The problem of teacher turnover is widely discussed in various scholarly journals about education and human resource management. The suggested journal for possible submission of my future research paper is the Review of Educational Research journal.

Relevance to Research Topic

Review of Educational Research journal focuses on publishing reviews of educational literature since 1931 at a rate of approximately 640 pp./volume year (Sage Journals, 2020). The journal accepts articles in a field broadly relevant to education and educational research that include conceptualizations, interpretations, and syntheses of literature (Sage Journals, 2020). The impact factor of the journal is 8.985, which implies that it has a significant influence on teaching practice (Sage Journals, 2020). When selecting articles, the review board focuses on the quality of literature, quality of analysis, the significance of the topic, impact of the article, advancement in the field, writer’s style, fairness, balance, and purpose (Sage Journals, 2020). Among other issues, it posts integrative, theoretical, methodological, historical, and thematic reviews of the literature on teaching policy and turnover.

The journal is a viable option for submitting the manuscript of my future research as it specializes in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. My future manuscript is not designed to collect any primary data to confirm or reject a hypothesis. Instead, the manuscript is expected to be a synthesis of literature to understand the current state of the body of knowledge concerning teacher turnover. Therefore, the format of my future paper is acceptable for the journal. Moreover, the Review of Educational Research publishes studies on managerial and staffing issues in education, which is coherent with the suggested research topic.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should follow the latest version of the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Currently, the journal accepts manuscripts using only the seventh edition of APA citation style. There is no minimum number of pages; however, all manuscripts should be shorter than 50 double-spaced pages (or 15,000 words) without references and figures. The maximum total length of the manuscript is 65 pages, including the title page, abstract, figures, tables, and references. The manuscripts should be written using 12 pt. Times New Roman in Microsoft Word. The paper format should be 8½” x 11” with 1-inch margins all sides. The abstract should be included on the title page and the second page before the main text. The abstract should be no longer than 150 words. All text should be double-spaced, with the only exception of tables that can be single-spaced if needed. All the tables and figures should be placed after the reference page, and tables should precede figures. The journal also has strict policies in terms of using bullet points, endnotes, footnotes, use of bold and italics, heading formats, and spacing.

Reference (Example)

O’Meara, K., Culpepper, D., & Templeton, L. (2020). Nudging toward diversity: Applying behavioral design to faculty hiring. Review of Educational Research, 90(3), 311-348. Web.


Sage Journals. (2020). Review of Educational ResearchWeb.

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