Academic Integrity Code

At ChalkyPapers, we care about academic honesty and oblige all users to follow academic integrity principles.

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Failure to comply with our Academic Integrity Code will result in immediate termination of your account.

Student Integrity Rules

Following the academic integrity rules, we are strictly against all forms of cheating. Find more rules and restrictions below:

We do not allow using any output of ChalkyPapers’s products and/or our services as direct aid or to cheat the academic system.

We prohibit using homework assistance materials, academic samples, guidelines, or any other content presented on our website for any form of cheating.

We restrict using academic paper examples or homework help materials as your own or using them in your writing without credit or proper citation.

Academic Experts
Integrity Code

At ChalkyPapers, we maintain high standards of work for all employees, including academic experts. We do not support any violation or facilitate a breach of this Academic Integrity Code. Failure to comply with the Code will result in the immediate termination of all professional relationships.

Academic Integrity
At ChalkyPapers, we strictly prohibit:

Promoting any forms of academic dishonesty.

Impersonating students’ identities to fulfill academic assignments.

Using AI-generated materials or plagiarizing in any form to deliver products or services to customers.

Involvement in any activities that can contribute to academic dishonesty in any form.

Violation of any intellectual honesty or corporate policies.

Plagiarism in any form to deliver products or services to customers.

Academic Integrity

Cooperation with Academic Institutions

If you represent an academic institution and suspect your students in using our services for cheating, we will gladly assist you. Ensure such an investigation is officially conducted with all the paperwork and legal assistance. Please, send us an official inquiry from your management to at , , , ,