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Compare & Contrast
Works for comparative essays
e.g. Preschool learning is beneficial for children
e.g. It helps children socialize
e.g. In some preschools children may lack individual attention
e.g. It helps children socialize
(e.g., public universities)
(e.g., private universities)
(e.g., are educational institutions)
(e.g., public universities are cheaper)
(e.g., private universities are up to 10 times more expensive)
Result for compare and contrast thesis statement

👌 Thesis Statement Finder: 4 Benefits

  1. This thesis statement finder works for any essay type (argumentative, analytical, compare-and-contrast, or informative). You can specify it for a better result. Besides, the program offers a thesis example specifically for each genre.
  2. It is intuitively clear. You can check ready-made thesis examples during your work with the tool. All the samples are education-related, as this is the subject area of this website.
  3. The tool is 100% free. We don’t charge our users either at the first instance of their using the thesis statement finder or afterward.
  4. It doesn’t require registration. We have done our best to eliminate all the unnecessary features that could eat up your time.

🕵️ How to Find a Thesis Statement in a Text

A thesis statement is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

If your text is longer, for example, in a research paper, you can find this sentence at the end of the introduction.

But to make sure the line you’ve spotted is the one, you should know the roles of a thesis statement.

  1. It describes the principal idea of the essay. Besides, it unifies all the main body statements under a shared message.

Online education is beneficial for low-income students because it gives them better access to education resources, trains their online learning skills, and eliminates the need to travel abroad.

Here the author united three random facts under a single idea that online education helps poor students.

  1. It foreshadows the focus of the essay and narrows down the scope of the text.

This essay will explore the adverse consequences of globalization in terms of third-world economic development.

Here the author puts away the positive effects of globalization and focuses on the negative outcome for the developing economies.

  1. It presents the writer’s position in the argument.

This essay aims to prove that a prison sentence does not rehabilitate dangerous criminals.

This example implies the author’s opinion: confinement is ineffective for severe offenders.

  1. It promises to explain every statement of the thesis statement.

All the examples above tell the reader that they will find a proper explanation in the main body. However, the first variant gives only a hint, and the other two provide an explicit formula: “This essay will…”

Implicit Thesis Statements

A PhD thesis statement is explicit and takes the form of a separate sentence in the first part of the dissertation. Still, some types of academic writing include the thesis only in the conclusion.

On the other hand, you’ll rarely find a specific sentence summing up the central concept in literary works. On the contrary, your job as the reader is to find out what the piece conveys. In such cases, you have to deal with an implicit thesis statement, i.e., the message is transmitted indirectly throughout the entire work. (In literature, we call it the theme.)

Academic papers may also rely on implicit thesis statements, although quite rarely.

🤔 Finding a Thesis for Your Paper in 3 Steps

A thesis statement is a line that sums up the key message of your paper. Unfortunately, you will never formulate it on the first try before the entire work is ready. After all, a good thesis comprises your principal conclusions. You will work on this single sentence throughout the time you dedicate to the paper. And even if you come up with an idea in the process, it will likely require editing.

Still, you’ll have to formulate an initial or working thesis statement at the beginning of your work on a Master’s or PhD topic. It will also create direction and structure in the essay. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Formulate the Question

If your assignment already contains the question, you can skip this point. You’ll have to distill the task into a single interrogatory sentence in all the other cases. No matter how complicated the assignment is, it is always possible to reduce it.

For example, consider the task:

Based on the proposed literature, research the positive and negative features of the teaching methods of the previous century.

If you turn it into a question, you’ll get:

What were the positive and negative features of theteaching methods of the previous century?

If an assignment contains several questions, look for the most general one. The remaining ones will help you structure the text.

Step 2: Draft up the Answer to the Question

Once you’ve completed the initial research and determined your opinion about the studied problem, write down a tentative answer to the question we described above. It will be non-academic and straightforward at this point but enough to guide the research and writing. Here is an explanation of what you are expected to write in a thesis statement of each essay genre. Press “Show Example” to consult the illustrations of each variant in our tool.

  • In an argumentative essay, take a side on the issue by stating your opinion.
  • In an analytical essay, list the main findings of your research and offer a solution.
  • In a compare and contrast essay, highlight whether the compared categories are similar or different and explain why.
  • In an informative article, outline the scope of your research and name the key facts.

Step 3: Add Details

Your answer will flesh out as you read into the topic and start writing on it. This step narrows down the scope of your future research and saves you much time. The more specific the thesis statement is, the less literature you’ll have to search for the necessary facts.

Why is this your answer? How do you plan to convince the reader? Which information should be mentioned in this sentence to disambiguate it? The final version of a thesis statement doesn’t just clarify your opinion. It summarizes the argument and states what it does not comprise.

For instance, your draft answer was as follows:

Screen time is bad because it deteriorates eyesight and increases nervousness.

Thus, a final version could be:

Extended screen time for children under ten years old is unwanted, as it deteriorates their eyesight and raises the possibility of nervous disorders.

✅ Thesis Statement Checklist with Examples

Below you can find a thesis generator free checker: look through the checklist to verify the result.

Thus, a good thesis statement:

  • Is focused enough for the reader to know what it is not about.
Weak exampleStrong example
People living under stress have more chronic diseases. The research has demonstrated that people living under constant stress have a higher probability of developing chronic heart conditions.
  • Expresses your opinion on the problem under investigation.
Weak exampleStrong example
This essay analyses the psychological effects of being the worst student in the class. This essay analyses the adverse psychological effects of being the worst student in the class and explores the methods of their correction.
  • Is formulated as a statement without self-interrogation.
Weak exampleStrong example
Thus, what are the consequences of working while attending a full-time educational course? This paper explores the consequences of working while attending a full-time educational course.
  • Opens a discussion with the reader.
Weak exampleStrong example
George Orwell’s Animal Farm illustrates a corrupt society. George Orwell’s Animal Farm illustrates how an idea taken to the extremes can harm society compared to democratic ideas.
  • Is brief and fits in one or two sentences.
Weak exampleStrong example
Ernest Hemingway’s The Winner Takes Nothing describes people in everyday life situations. They are depressed and struggle to see the bright side of an event. Thus, the author shows how the perception of the same circumstances can vary depending on our mood.Ernest Hemingway’s The Winner Takes Nothing illustrates how the perception of the same circumstances can vary depending on our mood, describing the reaction of depressed characters to everyday life situations.
  • Can be easily found in the text.
A weak thesisA strong thesis
Is dispersed throughout the introduction. Is the final sentence of the introductory paragraph.

📌 Thesis Statement Finder FAQ

What Is the Thesis Finder?

A thesis statement finder is a tool that analyses your central finding and the evidence you used in its support to create a perfect thesis. It is adjustable to the essay genre in question, as the same thesis for an analytical and argumentative text will be different. If you doubt the genre, you can check the example.

Find a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is located at the end of the last introductory paragraph in most texts. More rarely, it can be found in the conclusion. But most literary works and even some academic papers have an implicit thesis statement. To know if you’ve spotted the right sentence, check if it conveys the central message of the text.

What Is an Example of a Thesis Statement?

  • The growth of the human population changes and breaks down the traditional social structures.
  • This essay aims to establish the relationship between low income and substance abuse in young people.
  • This research has demonstrated that punishment is a less efficient educational strategy than encouragement.

How Long Is a Thesis Statement?

If you ask this question doubting how to write a thesis statement correctly, don’t make it longer than two sentences. One would be even better. Professional researchers working on a hundred-page text can formulate their thesis in three or even four sentences. But for educational purposes, that is too much.

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