Terms of Service

This document sets forth our legal obligations. If you have questions related to the contents of our Terms of Service or the application thereof, please email us at [email protected].

These Terms of Service regulate your use of Chalky Papers (“Website” or “Service”) and any of its related products and services (collectively, “Services”). This Agreement is legally binding between you (“User”, “you” or “your”) and this Website operator (“Operator”, “we”, “us” or “our”), owned and operated by , located at , , , , .

Your continuing to use our website shall be deemed to confirm your acceptance of these Terms of Service in full without reservation. Shall you disagree with any of its provisions, please discontinue using this website immediately. To use our database, you shall be at least 16 [sixteen] years old. By visiting Chalky Papers and accepting its Terms of Service, you confirm that you are at least 16 years old.

Restrictions for Users

Chalky Papers does not discriminate its users or visitors by their race, gender, ethnicity, age, or religious beliefs. Still, some behavior on our platform is considered harmful and unacceptable with respect to Chalky Papers and other users.

Acting as a user or visitor, you agree to observe all the applicable laws and regulations. The following activities can be qualified as an offense and entail sanctions provided by law:

  • sending unsolicited messages (spam) to chalkypapers.com and its users;
  • hacking chalkypapers.com or other online platforms to misguide someone about the connection of such resources with Chalky Papers;
  • unauthorized copying, use, or modification of content posted on chalkypapers.com;
  • unauthorized collection, storage, disclosure, or use of other person’s personal information obtained such an offender while using our website;
  • interfering with the operation of our website;
  • transferring or selling your account, username, and password on this website to anyone without the prior consent of chalkypapers.com;
  • registering on our platform under a different username while already having a user account;
  • using or applying any malicious software, including worms, viruses, logic bombs, and other similar means which could be technologically dangerous for Chalky Papers or its users;
  • attempting unauthorized access to Chalky Papers or its servers;
  • posting the content which could damage our website or harm its users;
  • uploading any content that includes materials, the posting of which violates the copyright, patent rights, or related rights of any third parties;
  • republish the content from Chalky Papers in print or digital media (including republication on a different website);
  • performing any other actions on this website that could violate the provisions outlined in these Terms of Service and/or applicable laws.

User Content

User content means any digital information (including without limitation texts, images, photos, audio/video clips) that the users of Chalky Papers voluntarily donate to this website for any legal purpose. You provide Chalky Papers a right to use, correct, translate, reproduce, publish, and distribute it through any existing or future media resource by contributing your user content. You also empower us to sub-license such rights and file a lawsuit for their infringement.

By sharing user content with Chalky Papers, you warrant and represent that it is lawful with respect to our platform and the rights of any third persons concerned. You confirm that it cannot lead to legal action against such user, chalkypapers.com, or any third party. It is strictly forbidden to share user content that has been under any actual or threatened legal proceedings.

We reserve the right to delete any user content submitted to chalkypapers.com, stored on our servers, or published on this website without prior notification or explaining the reasons. Meanwhile, we shall not be liable for any user content posted on our website, and we do not guarantee to ensure it complies with the law.

By submitting content to chalkypapers.com, you warrant and represent that you have the right to transmit the license for the use of such content to our platform and that such content does not infringe any third-party rights. Any fees resulting from your posting of any content on this website shall be borne by the user who published such materials.

By continuing to use chalkypapers.com, you grant us the right to publish, transmit, change, reproduce, and promote any user content donated to our database.

Our Services and Products

At ChalkyPapers, we provide academic papers for personal non-commercial use only. We retain the full copyright of them and do not allow presenting them as your own work. All the academic papers, products, and services we provide are intended for reference and research purposes.

We discourage and prohibit any form of plagiarism, fraudulent activities, or academic dishonesty. We abide by copyright laws and expect our customers and website users to do the same. In case you decide to use any text or ideas from the paper you received from ChalkyPapers, you should cite it properly and attribute them to our website.

The website content, drafted by our experts, is provided to you along with the publishing, distributing, and reproducing rights. Once it is transferred to you, it becomes your intellectual property.

The editing and proofreading services we provide are aimed at enhancing the overall readability, flow, and accuracy of your paper. Our experts will suggest improvements to your content while preserving your original voice and ideas.

Fees and Payment

All rates and charges for the Chalky Papers services are listed on the Pricing page at Chalkypapers.com. In case, you need a Product or a type of work that is not listed among our standard services, we may set a customized rate for delivering the service.

We expect you to submit the payment in advance so that we can assign an expert to handle your order. Failure to provide upfront payment may result in a delay in the completed Product delivery. The deadline for the order starts once we receive payment and all the instructions.

In case we could not allocate an expert to complete the order, we will issue a full refund. All refunds will be processed using the same debit or credit card you used for the initial payment. If you make payments via direct deposit to our bank account (Wire Transfer), we will provide credit for your next orders.

All refunds are provided according to our Refund Policy or at the discretion of Chalky Papers.


At ChalkyPapers, we reserve the right to request over-the-phone or in-writing verification that may involve confirming billing or order-related information. This process will be initiated within 2 hours after we receive confirmation of payment.

Failure to pass the verification procedure within a reasonable time may result in a delay in delivering the completed Product.

Discounts & Balance

At Chalkypapers.com, we provide special offers and discounts to our customers. You may apply them to a single order; however, special offers cannot be combined with other discounts. Once applied, discounts are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

You can top up your balance with the company (1 coin = 1 USD) and use it with another discount offer, or you not use it at all. If you add any funds to your account, you are eligible for a refund. Otherwise, your balance is non-refundable.

Order Instructions

By filling out the order form, you agree to provide complete order instructions, including all necessary materials, files, and access credentials required for successful order completion. The inability to provide instructions or guidance may cause a delay in delivering the completed Product. We cannot be held liable for such delays.

We will pause an order immediately after payment if you indicate that you will provide additional materials. We will not proceed to work on your order until all the necessary additional materials are provided. This policy has been implemented to ensure that our expert can start working on your order with all the required materials and information.

To ensure the smooth completion of your order, we kindly request that you provide straightforward and concise instructions. In case of any contradicting instructions, the final product delivery may be delayed. We reserve the right to pause work on the order until the instructions are clarified.

For some orders, we may be required to use rare or obscure sources that are not readily available to the public. In such instances, we will ask you to provide these materials or the necessary access credentials within 2 hours of receiving the payment confirmation. Failure to provide the required materials may result in a completed Product delivering delay.

We recommend you check the email associated with your account to address any questions our academic experts may have while working on your order. Failure to provide correct contact information and/or neglecting messages may result in a completed Product delivery delay.

Deadline Extension by a Customer

If you decide to provide additional time for an expert for working on your order, we will set a new extended deadline, and any lateness will be calculated based on this new deadline.

Completed Product Delivery

When the order is completed, we will deliver it to the email address you provided during registration on our website. Additionally, you can download it directly from your Customer Admin Panel.

In case you haven’t received the completed order, please reach out to us and we will resolve any technical issues and ensure that you receive the Product you ordered. Our customer support representative will assist you throughout the process.

Please note that ChalkyPapers cannot be held responsible for any delays or technical issues caused by problems with your email server or internet service provider.

Zero Plagiarism and AI-Written Text Guarantee

For every order, we conduct a thorough check for duplicate copies online and traces of AI-generated text. In case any plagiarism or artificially written text is detected, we guarantee the revision of the order. If you detect plagiarism or any machine-generated text in the order received, we will provide a full refund for the order after sufficient proof of plagiarism or AI-generated text is provided. This may include but is not limited to an independent plagiarism report with links to the plagiarized work or a report with links and appropriate annotations that clearly articulate the plagiarism claim.

The standard expressions and similarities in references cannot be claimed as plagiarism, and we will exclude these parts from the plagiarism estimate detected in the Product. If the plagiarism or AI-generated text estimate is minor or it is obvious that it has been detected because of a software error, the Zero Plagiarism Guarantee cannot be applied.

Order Cancellation Initiated by a Customer

You may cancel an order at any time before making the payment. In case you have paid for an order, but no academic expert has been assigned yet and you choose to cancel, we will provide a refund of 80% of the payment you made. If you have paid for an order and an academic expert has already been assigned to your project, but you still wish to cancel, we will issue a refund amounting to 40% of the total payment.

Prohibited Jurisdictions

We prohibit the use of Chalkypapers.com, access to our website, and utilization of our services by citizens, individuals, or entities residing in the “Prohibited Jurisdictions” or representing such entities.

The “Prohibited Jurisdictions” include:

  • England and Wales,
  • the Republic of Ireland,
  • the Commonwealth of Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Iran,
  • North Korea,
  • Syria,
  • Sudan.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that any violation of this clause authorizes us to take immediate action, including but not limited to IP banning, cessation of any communication, account termination, and more. To ensure compliance with these terms, we do not advertise our products or services in any form or through any media within any of the “Prohibited Jurisdictions.”


Subject to any provisions of these Terms of Service, chalkypapers.com makes no representations and gives no warranties about the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, or suitability of any information displayed on this website. Chalkypapers.com does not warrant that using any services of our platform will or should meet the expectations of any user. We shall not be liable for the outcome of any user’s application of any materials published on this website.

Chalkypapers.com does not warrant that the website will remain operational at all times, and its operation will never be affected by viruses or malicious attacks. Neither do we warrant the reliability, quality, or timeliness of the services of any third-party provider. We cannot guarantee that the elimination of any problem will be held within any specific period. We also do not take responsibility for any mistakes or errors in user content.

No publication on chalkypapers.com shall constitute a recommendation or guidance to use any materials in our database in any definite way.

Limitations of Liability

By using chalkypapers.com, you consent to the fact that we shall not be liable for any specific use or misuse of our platform and/or its services. This provision shall apply:

  • to the payment of any direct, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages;
  • in cases where such damages were caused by the use or inability to use our website;
  • in cases where the access to our website or services was terminated or suspended, including any damages of any third parties involved.

We shall bear no responsibility for any failed or delayed provision of our services that resulted from any causes beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation failures of computer equipment, web servers, or electrical power; strikes; fires; floods; earthquakes, storms; wars; governmental decisions; or any violations of agreements by third parties.

If a user violates these Terms of Service or any part thereof, we shall be entitled to take any reasonable action, including canceling the user’s access to our website and appealing to a court.

As a limited liability company, Chalky Papers limits the personal liability of its employees. By continuing to use our website, you guarantee that you will never make any individual claim regarding our employees for any losses incurred while using chalkypapers.com. Such liability limitations cover chalkypapers.com, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, and successors.

Provisions Separable

If any provision of these Terms of Service will be found unenforceable or unlawful, the remaining provisions shall be valid and enforceable. Wherever such an unlawful provision can be changed to a lawful one upon the deletion of its parts, such parts shall be deleted, and the other parts of such provision shall remain valid and enforceable.

Entire Agreement

These Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy shall make up the entire agreement between chalkypapers.com and its users regarding their presence on and use of this website. These legal documents cancel and supersede any previous oral or written agreements concerning the use of chalkypapers.com.

Dispute resolution

The formation, interpretation, and performance of this Agreement and any disputes arising out of it shall be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of Estonia without regard to its rules on conflicts or choice of law and, to the extent applicable, the laws of Estonia. The exclusive jurisdiction and venue for actions related to the subject matter hereof shall be the courts located in Estonia, and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts. You hereby waive any right to a jury trial in any proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement.

All the content on Chalky Papers (donated by our users or otherwise) shall be deemed the property of chalkypapaers.com, its suppliers, subsidiaries, affiliates, or partners. Such content is protected as intellectual property by the international copyright legislation. All the software and code used to create and support the operability of this platform is the property of chalkypapers.com or its suppliers. Such software and code are also protected by international copyright legislation.