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Academic Performance

K-12 Education: Mandated Tests’ State Scores

Explanation, Important Highlights to Address and Data Relation to Student Achievement Explanation The raw data is about Science mandated test scores for fourth-grade students in California State. The data shows how fourth-grade students in California, United States performed in 2015 compared to the average score of 153 (U.S. Department of...

Curriculum Development

Development of the Music Curriculum

Chapter 1 The Music Curriculum is dedicated to musical education, its importance for students’ development, and its place in the school curriculum. The chapter examines the benefits of the student’s introduction to music from different cultures, including personal, social, emotional, and cultural advantages of learning about music. It also asserts...

Educational Practices

Reducing Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Disruptive classroom behavior is an issue affecting not only the students who initiate these disruptions but also other children and educators. For this reason, researchers in behavioral sciences aimed to study ways in which disruptive classroom behaviors can be addressed. One approach suggested in the literature is time-out or the...

Writing & Assignments

Structure of the Papers in 8th Grade

In the second half of the semester, I have been observing the students of the eighth grade in their English and Social Science classes. During that year, the scholars learned to refine their speaking, writing, and reading skills expressing themselves on a new level. In the English classes, it became...

Education System

Aspects of the School’s Internal Systems

The reciprocity principle applies to various life aspects, including economics, business, law, and education. Reciprocity demands equal responsibility and accountability to provide equivalent reciprocal capacity to achieve each unit of performance that an individual expects from another (Elmore, 2005). As the principal of a girls’ school in Dubai, UAE, I...

Problems of Education

Public and Private Learning Institutions

Introduction In the quest for advanced learning, there is a choice by individual students to get enrolled in a private college or a public college. Their choices are influenced by specific factors that best suit them, where the end goal is finding education in an environment that one identifies with....

Problems of Education

Problems on School Board Meeting

This work was considered the primary material of the school board meeting, which was held in the Stillwater Area Public Schools. The basis was a video about the meeting, which was posted on the online hosting site YouTube. The value of analysis and examination of such sources can give insight...


The Aspects of a Career of a CBSA Official

Notably, the essential information was chosen from the Disclosure Community Assignment. The data was visualized in the poster, divided into three crucial sections: CBSA requirements, forms of conversation, and characteristics. The poster builds off the text-based information already in DCA selected as the source document; nonetheless, it is more than...


Software Developers: Career Path

The recent COVID-19 pandemic as well as particular geopolitical events have significantly impacted the global economy resulting in the worldwide economic recession, inflation, and rising levels of unemployment. Nevertheless, there is a sentiment that certain career paths are more versatile and resistant to the fluctuations in the economy. Considering the...

Problems of Education

Lingering Effects of Covid on Education

Introduction COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on economies and educational institutions worldwide. The pandemic has impacted individuals from many areas of life on a national, economic, educational, and income level basis, among other things (Andrabi, Daniels, and Das, 2020). Everyone was concerned that the education system would be one of the...

Education Programs

The Classroom Management Course for Teachers

Classroom management refers to teachers’ different techniques and abilities to keep the students focused, organized, orderly, and productive academically during a class. Classroom management is one of the essential skills for teachers to acquire (Macias, 2018). It is vital to study the topic of classroom management to get equipped with...

Benefits of Education

Nature of Education and Its Purpose

Introduction Knowledge is one of the most important aspects of any civilized society. Since ancient times, people have been collecting information about things surrounding them. It helped to cognize the world, find solutions to the most important problems, and create the basis for future progress and successors’ survival. However, the...

Benefits of Education

Common Core Standards in Education

The main Common Core standard that the Planning an Interactive Readaloud project should address is the Strand B standard. This standard requires the educator to create an environment where each student has a sense of belonging (MED, 2013). It is the responsibility of an educator to create an environment where...

Education Programs

The Course of Business Writing

Introduction It is important to note that the class provided valuable experience and knowledge. The challenges were essential for my growth, which changed my thought process to become more analytical and creative. I also acquired new and critical skills during the class since there was always some form of suggestion...

Learning Theories

Global Guidelines Assessment and Ontario Document

The Global Guidelines Assessment (GGA) is a global tool that guides early childhood educators developed by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) IN 1999. The GGA gives recommendations on enhancing the developmental environment to make children feel safe, valued, and loved. Ontario’s pedagogy for early education guides educators and...

Teacher Career

A Teacher’s Skill Development in Artifacts

Awareness, patience, excellent timing, limits, and instinct are all required for effective classroom management. Managing a big group of easily distracted young people with various talents and temperaments on a meaningful learning path is not simple. Unsurprisingly, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for effective classroom management. The most popular and...

Teacher Career

Teaching Assessment Initiatives

The school principal is in charge of the establishment of wholesome connections and interactions between the managing and managed systems of the school. The development of the management system is essential in the primary activities of the school principal (Dash & Vohra, 2018). The school principal is responsible for finding...

Benefits of Education

Creation of an Inclusive Multicultural Classroom

Introduction Multicultural classroom education is currently regarded as the most efficient method of teaching and learning while incorporating learner differences, beliefs, and practices. It includes proper use of techniques, active participation, and appropriate response in promoting multicultural competence among the learners. Celik, (2019) identifies key ideas for creating a multicultural...

Education System

School Principals as Agents of Change

The role of the school principal is key for education to go from assembly-line efficiency to learner-centered agency, as he or she acts as an agent of change. The school principal established the conditions for transformational practice and change (Annese, 1971). The induction process of the new teachers or workers...

Education System

Balancing Internal and External Accountability Systems

Introduction Leadership in educational institutions is the fundamental factor to successful schools. The chances are that institutional-defined agenda can vary from one school to another. However, the way leaders in schools, especially principals, design and implement accountability systems are of significant interest to all stakeholders since they can learn from...

Learning Theories

Bandura’s Social Learning Theory and Consequences

The social learning theory by Bandura explains the influence of the environment on an individual’s behavior. It explains how individuals learn to behave and perceive through observations, replicas, and modeling. The four learning processes in this theory are attention, retention, motor production and motivational processes (Groenewald, 2021). In the Mean...