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Curriculum Development

Evaluation of the Chinese Essential Curriculum

Chinese Essential Curriculum Requirements of professional and qualification characteristics to general education, as well as specialist knowledge and skills of students, serve as the basis for the selection and structuring of the content of education. A curriculum remains one of the main forms of presenting the content of education in...

Education System

The Philippines’ Department of Education Development

The Department of Education (DepEd for short) is the executive department of the Philippines government responsible for ensuring access to, promoting, and improving equity in education. It is the leading institution tasked with administering and using the Philippine basic education system (Department of Education). It is the principal policy-making body...

Academic Performance

Academic Performance of Employed Students

Globally, the number of university students engaged in employment has been rising consistently over the years. The growing pattern of working students has come under scrutiny, with some scholars indicating that the learners’ academic performance suffers due to the non-academic workloads. However, other people argue that both positive and negative...

Educational Practices

“Parallel Voices Commentary” Article by Brookshire

Article Information Title “Parallel Voices Commentary – Reframing Teachers’ Understandings of Conflicted Play.” Author Brookshire, Robyn. Journal Date Fall 2019. Volume and Number Vol. 14, no. 1. Article Summary Conflicts between children are typically regarded as highly undesirable and necessary to avoid. However, the study by Brookshire suggests that the...

Learning Theories

Learning Theories in Today’s Classrooms

Summary Education is undergoing significant changes to ensure that every person has access to needed knowledge. Rapidly growing technologies and science, control of which is passed down to future generations, explain the need for accessible education. A fully inclusive educational process is one of the most important elements for reaching...

Approaches to Learning

Culture of Learning in the Knowledge Society

Problem Statement The modern era is characterized by a sharp increase in the volume of scientific information and a rapid expansion of the knowledge base used by the human community to solve practical problems. In this regard, the traditional educational and methodological model, which has been successfully used for centuries...

Problems of Education

Academic Counseling for Low-Income Students

The chosen topic for the current research study deals with the professional field of educational administration and is influenced by the problem observation in the institutional setting and the analysis of literature review concerning educational disparities in contemporary colleges and universities. The developed purpose sentence and purpose statement provide a...

Problems of Education

Counseling for Students from Low-Income Families

When selecting a research focus for the investigation, personal observation of the educational setting and the analysis of academic literature were applied. Due to my professional interests and the area of occupation, I have been observing practical and organizational inconsistencies between the needs of students from low-income families concerning counseling...

Teacher Career

High Teacher Turnover Rates in the United States

The American educational system has been regarded as an effective model that should be copied in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, U. S. education is now facing considerable challenges that can have numerous negative implications for the entire society and the development of the country. The problem of the...

Teacher Career

Teacher Training: Gamification Strategies and Flipped Classroom Design

Problem The study by Gomez-Carrasco, Monteagudo Fernandez, Moreno-Vera, and Sainz-Gomez, M. (2020) examined the impact of an intervention program in teacher training on acquired skills and competencies of teachers. The study combined the flipped classroom design and gamification techniques in order to encourage motivation. The issue laid in an underdeveloped...

Education System

Effectiveness of Educational Leadership Management Skills

Introduction For my research, I chose the topic “Effectiveness of Educational Leadership Management Skills in the Success of the Educational Process.” Managerial labor, or management, is a specific type of human activity, a type of mental labor. Although it is not directly involved in the production of material goods, it...

Learning Theories

College Students’ Study Strategies by Ross et al.

The author appreciates that there is a need to conduct empirical research to address the influence of student expectation related to cognitive demands due to the previous findings that an expectation about item format affects study strategies used. The author used the theoretical framework of metacognitive self-regulation to guide the...

Adult Education

Meaningful Learning from Sustained Online Communication

Abstract Most students nowadays prefer online learning to physical classrooms due to particular reasons: time, convenience, and affordability. Apart from young students, adults also embrace online classes to further their studies and learn new skills that enable fair competition in the job market. As much as adult students are trying...

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Design Plan for Academic Performance

Introduction This paper proposes a curriculum plan for the development of academic performance in schools. Recently, the school has been undergoing various problems, within the framework of which students’ academic performance is decreasing, and, as a result, the prestige of the educational institution falls. A large influx of new students...

Curriculum Development

“…Interdisciplinary STEM Curriculum” by Millar

Content Summary Over the last decade, the word STEM has become increasingly relevant across the world, and it has come to symbolize a solution to a variety of problems. This development has evidently affected the ongoing trends in curriculum design on all educational levels. STEM is being seen in education...

Education System

Early Childhood Education in India

Abstract India has always strived to educate a universal person who understands peace, beauty, tradition, prosperity, and perfection. Ancient Indian treatises reflect the exploratory learning process, where teachers and students work together to seek the truth by reasoning and asking questions. At the same time, for the inhabitants of this...


Degrees and Certificates in IT Jobs

My research and personal experience tell me that the essential thing in a career as an IT specialist is special skills and knowledge. In fact, it is not so important where specialists get them from, from a degree or certificates. The portfolio of specialists will tell much more eloquently about...

Curriculum Development

A Lesson Concept in the Early Education

Introduction Choosing the correct age group for a lesson on art in general and exemplary arts, in particular, is essential. In this lesson, an audience of children from kindergarten to primary school age was chosen. Children at this age are ideal for exploring the world of fine arts, and for...

Academic Performance

Academic Help for the Student

Introduction In the current world, academics is a very significant element in a child’s life. It is composed of different learning strategies such as assignments, exams, practical sessions, and research projects. Different academic activities including research projects may be very complex, thus the students may not get the right responses....

Learning Theories

Discussion of Andragogy vs. Pedagogy

The concept of andragogy refers to methods of education of adults, and pedagogy is about ways of educating children. The first difference between adult and child learning is that children tend to be dependent on their teachers (Walker & Graham, 2021). This means that a teacher is responsible for the...

Problems of Education

Online and On Campus Life in College: Comparison

Recently online education and virtual environment in colleges and universities became more widespread due to COVID-19. Some argue that it is more convenient as it allows to be more flexible and tends to be more inclusive for international students. Still, the traditional life on campus has its indispensable benefits, with...