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Academic Performance

DIBELS: The Cognitive Foundations of Reading and Its Acquisition

DIBELS is a literacy assessment program that helps identify and offer assistance to lagging students. The key tests in the DIBELS program are the LNF, ISF, PSF, and NWF tests. Letter Naming Fluency (LNF) is a one minute test that asks the student to name uppercase and lowercase letters written...

Adult Education

Tech Savvy Seniors’: Teach Seniors Computer Skills

Introduction This curriculum is designed to guide instructors in teaching seniors whom are beginners using computers. However, there are various factors educators should be knowledgeable about that may negatively affect older adults’ efforts to learn new skills. These include visual problems, auditory difficulties, poor concentration, tremors, arthritis, or other problems...

Adult Education

Discussion of Program for Adult Learners

Training programs for adults are conducted in diverse formats and can either be formal or informal or informative sessions to skills sessions and can last for an unspecified time, be it an hour or more. Sponsors of these programs can conduct them at conferences centers, in training centers such as...

Problems of Education

West Chester Private School’s Challenges

Introduction Organizations exist in complex and dynamic environments that obligate occasional changes and strategic updates to keep up with trends. Similarly, they are exposed to several unavoidable factors that limit their advancement towards goals. However, the effectiveness of an institution’s management and administration reflects on its performance, meaning that poor-performing...

Principles of Learning

The Importance of Mistakes in Learning

Introduction Few young people know the importance of failure, and even fewer are ready to willingly risk it. Each person was at some point apprehensive of making a mistake. The fact that being successful is probably the most promoted value in today’s society does not help alleviate that pressure. On...

Learning Styles

Social and Emotional Learning for Well-Being

Well-being has been defined by many researchers, each having different definitions. In general, most of the authors based on Well-being, the valuation of an individual’s life satisfaction. This may involve reflection on the positive and the negatives of one life conditions. Well-being in schools is crucial because it enables the...

Education System

The Joppee Research and Educational Center Master Plan

Site context There are a number of inherent circumstances, restrictions, and other factors on the research and education center site that need thorough research and understanding before any serious planning work can be performed. These key concerns were discovered during the Master Plan consultation process, as well as during a...

Learning Theories

What Is Better: Traditional or Online Education?

Chen, Yen-Chieh, Lu, Yu-Ling, and Lien, Chi-Jui. “Learning Environments with Different Levels of Technological Engagement: A Comparison of Game-Based, Video-Based, and Traditional Instruction on Students’ Learning.” Interactive Learning Environments, vol. 29, no. 8, 2021, pp. 1363–1379. Taylor and Francis+NEJM. The authors utilize this research as an opportunity to discuss and...

Benefits of Education

Aspects of Higher Education Finances

Introduction Over time, the issue of loans and finances regarding students in higher education institutions has aroused many opinions among the shareholders. The result is controversial opinions on the same and as a result little or no change is made regarding the issues surrounding this topic. An article by Marc...

Academic Performance

Social Factors of Academic Achievement in Postgraduate Students

Rationale Academic success among students in higher education is motivated by various factors. In the modern world, various techniques and tools are available to researchers to assess the impact of one aspect or another on student success in learning. It is also important that, based on the analysis of various...

Academic Performance

Testing Reliability in Education

When significant findings are repeated, reliability relates to how well an examination, test, or other gauging approach conveys identical conclusions. Without the understanding of complimentary observers who can examine the testing methods processes that produce predictable results, teachers would be unable to reach satisfying conclusions about the generalizability of their...

Special Education

Diversity and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Introduction Students with disabilities (SWDs) require special education treatments since various societal factors affect their routine behaviors. Many societies are diverse and composed of people from cultures. Therefore, some practices may not conform to the expectations of the SWDs. While some languages support and encourage SWDs, the use of specific...

Education Programs

Cinematography and Animation Courses in Nigeria: Business Plan

Amex is an online education technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria that offers online educational short courses through its online educational platform AmexEdu. The business began operations in October 2021 and has been working very hard to make ready its online educational platform that will offer Cinematography and Animation courses....

Education Programs

Stats-Healthcare Professionals Course

Stats-Healthcare Professionals is one of the most exciting courses in the university. Although the course aimed at equipping me with statistics and other knowledge necessary for healthcare professionals, I had various experiences that shaped my attitude toward my profession. At first, I was nervous about the course, since I was...

Education Programs

Following Finland: The Alternative Educational Program to CCSS

Introduction The objective is to offer an alternative initiative to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The journey starts with investigating the CCSS and the issues within the educational community, including children, teachers, and parents. Supovitz et al. (2018) claim that forty-six states approved the CCSS with widespread bipartisan support...

Problems of Education

Is Attending College Worth It: Reflection

Imagine wanting to pursue a particular career your entire life, and especially admiring one of the greatest professionals in the field. You intend to follow your dream and go to college when you learn that your idol has never actually graduated. It is likely that you will start contemplating whether...

Problems of Education

Paid Education and Its Consequences

Modern education has many disadvantages, including high tuition fees. Many students are forced to pay off student loans for years after graduation, and this situation is not normal. The high cost of education is a problem for most Americans, including those from all classes and cultures, except perhaps the elites....

Problems of Education

“Long-Term Trends in Private School Enrollments by Family Income” by Murnane

In Long-Term Trends in Private School Enrollments by Family Income, the authors described private elementary school enrollment trends based on data from a series of national surveys conducted from 1968 to 2013. The study was based on representative datasets that contained people’s responses to questions important to the analysis. The...

Writing & Assignments

Writing Styles in Different Scientific Disciplines

Introduction Often, the purpose of an article written is to educate or inform the target audience about a particular problem. There are various disciplines such as social, humanitarian, and natural science for which there are relevant aspects of writing articles. Reading three articles allowed readers to determine which discipline every...

Education System

Schooling and Decolonization of South Africa

Colonialism in South African and society is a problem and a disadvantage of modern society. This phenomenon is unacceptable and should be kept to a minimum. Many students still face the issues of colonialism in education. This fact is a consequence of the inability of the state to provide normal...

Culture & Education

The Culturally Responsive Education Principles

Introduction The recent decades in the educational sphere can be characterized as an active movement towards greater inclusion of the experiences of students who come from diverse backgrounds. It is believed to significantly improve the learning process and outcomes, especially among those who do not belong to the dominant culture....