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Benefits of Education

College Athletes Should Be Paid

The US Supreme Court once ruled that the only way to preserve the character and quality of college athletics was to never pay the athletes. This was in 1984 when the majority opinion of the court was being read by Justice John Paul Stevens (Smith 1). It appears that the...

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Education System

A Co-ed Setting or a Single-Sex Academic Environment

The idea of creating separate academic environments for boys and girls has been practiced for quite a long until recently when the advantages of a co-educational setting have been explored. In her article, Jennifer Medina (2009) considers the evidence from a local school, where sex-segregated academic environments have been created....

Learning Theories

Relationship Between Teachers and Students in the Universities

Introduction A good relationship between the student and the teachers is essential in ensuring a positive run in academic and social affairs on campus. Even in places where cultural aspects outline that the young should respect the old, both the instructor and the students play crucial roles in earning respect....

Learning Theories

Should Colleges in America Use the Grade Scale or a Pass-Fail Scale?

Originally, the grading scale was introduced in America as a way for teachers to evaluate their students’ work and progress. All over the world, educational systems adhered to either the pass/fail or grade scale as a measurement of their students’ knowledge. A characteristic of any evaluation method involves maximum objectivity...

Education System

Issue of Free Higher Education

To successfully move into the future, people must have the opportunity to choose. In the education system, it is necessary to have alternative forms of acquiring knowledge. Another vital aspect is to practice different styles and methods of teaching; the more educational programs there are, the more chances young people...

Special Education

Financial Support for Disabled Students

The sickness grant can and should be given to students who do not have family support during their illness or whose illness requires the purchase of expensive medications. Some diseases require visits to hospital procedures, which becomes a heavy burden for students (Support to Help You Study When Ill or...

Academic Performance

Perceived Academic Effects of Instant Messaging Use

The authors explain the connection between IM use and intellectual impairment by examining its use among students. The deduction made is that the number of students using technology is increasing. However, little effort has been made to determine its effect on education, because most studies done on the topic have...

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Adult Education

Foundations of Adult Education

Adult education involves the process of imparting skills and knowledge to people who are beyond the school-going age. They may include groups of people or individuals found in organizational or community settings (Merriam & Brockett, 2007). There are numerous different types of educational programs for adults, for example, short skill...

Teacher Career

The High Turnover Rate of Teachers in the US

Introduction The rate of turnover in the organizational context is an indicator of the performance of management in these organizations. Employees enjoy working in an environment that is friendly and supportive. The high teacher turnover rate in the United States has become an extreme menace. The future of education in...

Special Education

The Needs of Students With Disabilities

Developing policies that allow students with disabilities to advance in their education and gain related opportunities is a critical step in ensuring diversity and equity on a statewide level. However, the current standards for meeting the rights of students with disabilities, particularly, Section 300.7 of IDEA, tend to tether the...

Writing & Assignments

Gap Between Self-Efficacy and College Students’ Writing Skills

The source in question is a peer-reviewed article from an academic journal. The authors seek to identify the relationship between students’ self-efficacy and their writing skills, taking into account lecturers’ perceptions of student performance. According to the findings of the study, there is a direct correlation between poor self-efficacy and...

Writing & Assignments

Writing: What Good Management Depends on

My revision process includes careful reading of the text and making notes. It always starts with a critique and then moves on to correcting specific mistakes. I try to evaluate the work, put question marks in front of sentences that seem incomprehensible, and underline words that should be replaced. The...

Problems of Education

An Underrepresented Group in Higher Learning Institutions

This research investigated an underrepresented group in colleges, universities, and other higher learning institutions: White, working-class first-generation students. This group is majorly disregarded as a racial minority and faces adverse changes due to its diverse and low-income quality. It has, in turn, led to a high dropout rate, especially for...

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Problems of Education

The Problem of Not-Reading Children and Adolescents

The skill to formulate a precise hypothesis statement is quite significant, but developing such a statement requires understanding all its constituents. My final hypothesis statement relates to the problem of not-reading children and adolescents. It involves a relationship between independent and dependent variables: “the changes in the dependent variable can...

Problems of Education

Speaking Part of “The College Board’s English Competence Examination”

College Board is an organization that provides people from different countries with the ability to study in English even if it is not their mother tongue. This system includes many types of tests, which can vary from general to academic, and individuals have a chance to choose any kind of...

Special Education

Life After High School: Autism in Post-Secondary Schools

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological state that can be described as an impairment in the social, behavioral, and communication spheres. Students with ASDs may find it challenging to enter college after high school graduation and adhere to new social and organizational demands (Clark, 2013). They must adjust to...

Benefits of Education

Analysis of Onsite Classes for Colleges

Since the global pandemic, remote learning has become a common practice in schools and higher educational establishments. However, with the less strict regulations nowadays, many colleges once again transition to onsite classes, which naturally raises many debates regarding its reasonability. Overall, I believe that after experiencing the actual benefits of...

Learning Theories

A Critical Review of Constructivism Learning Theory

Introduction Scholars have postulated different learning techniques to ensure every student succeeds academically, including those with learning disabilities. The debate on the best teaching strategy has been ongoing since some scholars argue that there is no teaching-learning theory that can address the needs of all students comprehensively. Some scholars recommend...

Approaches to Learning

Pre-Assessment Tool for a Robotics Course

Education is built upon the gradual learning of material that becomes increasingly complex. Even though some fields may not require any existing knowledge, the consensus is that learners should have a general background before moving to a higher difficulty. This assumption determines the approach to the creation of a pre-assessment...

Learning Styles

Early Children’s Development and Learning: Philosophy Statement

People start learning from day one of their lives, but they do it differently depending on their age. At that, the purpose of learning, as well as teaching, does not depend on learners’ age as the primary goal is to help a person to develop and become an active member...

Problems of Education

Biases in Education: Teaching for Diverse Cultures

Cultural and racial biases have been in existence for long periods. The biases are witnessed in almost all sectors of our societies. They are seen in our schools, justice, and healthcare, among other institutions. Looking back on my educative background, I acknowledge the endless influence teachers have in the lives...