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Problems of Education

Shadow Education Effects on Student Disparities

Introduction Topic Background Despite various advances in its organization, the formal education system retains a number of issues. Some children are unable to keep up with the curriculum and do not receive adequate aid, while in other cases, children or parents feel that the pace of education is too slow...

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Problems of Education

Lack of Student Engagement Within Online Learning

Defining the Problem The effectiveness of online learning primarily depends on the level of student engagement, and a lack thereof is detrimental to the overall process. The 21st century offers a variety of technological advancements, which may significantly improve the process of learning if implemented correctly. The concept of online...

Special Education

Instructional Techniques for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Direct Instruction On the one hand, according to Klang et al. (2020), direct instruction refers to the explicit teaching technique, when the instructor presents content in front of the classroom. On the other hand, explicit instruction involves a step-by-step process showing students what and how to do (Klang et al.,...

Special Education

Goals and Goal-Setting in the Position of a Nursing Educator

In what concerns teaching, the list of points for improvement and self-improvement can be virtually endless. Learning about learning and keeping constantly updated is imperative in the volatility of the contemporary scholarly environment. In the position of a nursing educator, the sheer vastness of the fields, procedures, and practices to...

Education System

The Role of Nbpts

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is a nonprofit organization that mostly consists of educational professionals whose primary aim is to develop “high and rigorous” standards to strengthen teaching (NBPTS, 2012, p. 6). According to the organization, the certification will help teachers demonstrate their talent in the classroom and...

Education System

The United Arab Emirates Early Education Policy

Global Background Early childhood education is one of the numerous issues on the today’s agenda of many countries (Daniela and Rutka 325). Recent studies show that the significance of early education can hardly be overrated, as the acquisition of the corresponding information and skills occurs at an enormously fast pace...

Education System

Improving School Performance Through Evaluation

Introduction The educational sphere can be considered fundamental for the existence and development of nations as it prepares people who will take an active part in the functioning of multiple social institutions. For this reason, it has been given significant attention with the primary goal to create the most effective...

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Education System

Meeting Diverse Learners’ Needs: EAL Students in the UK

Needs and Issues Affecting EAL Learners School students that learn English as their additional language or EAL learners present a unique population in terms of the key educational needs and everyday issues affecting their engagement in classroom activities. Representing more than 20% of pupils in the primary school system in...

Educational Resources

Working with Parents and Families: Resources in the Internet

Scholastic The website entitled Scholastic offers a wide array of resources for working with parents and families. The website content is divided into several categories, each pertaining to a different aspect of education. There are resources and tools, strategies and ideas, student activities, books and authors, products and services, e-books...

Educational Resources

EdX: Online Learning Platform

Product Category Research Online learning and mass online education have become the trends of adult education in recent years. With online learning, the “product categories” are the courses that are divided by the subjects, for instance, arts, humanities, and others. For this analysis, the “Programs & Degrees” category is the...

Educational Resources

Responding to Student Behavior: Online Resources

Hero ( is a website that is used to help reinforce and track students’ behavior with the help of different features and tools. It is easy to navigate for adults but can be confusing to children. Nevertheless, it provides unique features that will help track and improve classroom behavior, as...

Educational Resources

Working With Families: Online Resources

The website Reading Rockets ( can provide the teacher and the family with new information about reading techniques, useful applications, podcasts, and educational games for children. The website is easy to navigate although it is rather adult than child-centered. It is a multimedia project that does not only teach the...

Problems of Education

Burnout and Work Engagement in Teachers

The study by Hakanen et al. (2006) identifies and describes two processes connected with the levels of burnout and work engagement in general education teachers. The first process is called energetical, and it centers around job demand that causes increased teacher burnout levels and, therefore, affects teachers’ health. The second...

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Problems of Education

Preschool Teacher Practice Rotation Experience

Preschool experience plays a pivotal role in a person’s development, as it lays the foundation for their character. Accordingly, as a teacher, I feel obliged to provide children with a suitable environment, promoting their growth through appropriate activities. An educated person of the 21st century is well developed in several...

Special Education

Assessment Tools in Special Needs Education

According to the VDOE, what are the steps to the Special Education Process? Virginia Department of Education (2018) mentions the following five steps to the special education process: identification and referral; evaluation; determination of eligibility; development of IEP (individualized education program); reevaluation. What are the types of tests used to...

Special Education

Characteristic of Intellectual Disability

What are the two limitations that characterize an intellectual disability? The first limitation is an inhibition of the person’s mental functioning abilities, expressed as trouble learning. They will typically be able to internalize everything that an unimpaired person can, but take longer to do so by comparison. The second is...

Special Education

Adaptive Assessments of Intellectual Disabilities

The purpose of an adaptive behavior assessment Adaptive behavior assessment aims at assessing the emotional and social maturity of a child in comparison to his/her peers, along with practical life skills (“The diagnosis of intellectual disabilities,” 2020). The evaluation is done with the purpose of determining whether a person demonstrates...

Special Education

Inclusion of Students With Intellectual Disabilities

While a large number of people enjoy daily activities without thinking of any limitations, others may find it challenging to learn, play, or communicate. There are adults and children with intellectual disabilities (ID) who need external aid to learn how to manage daily life. Learning begins in early childhood and...

Special Education

Services for Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Working with the IEP team When working with the IPE team, it is essential to understand that IPE is both a document validated by the IDEA and process which involves a number of professionals, united by the same cause. During each meeting, IPE team is responsible for reviewing the current...

Special Education

Characteristics of Children With Learning Disabilities

What are the common characteristics of a possible learning disability that a teacher might see in a student who is in grades K-4? When a student is in grades K-4, a teacher might identify a learning disability that implies numerous characteristics. For example, LD Basics (n.d.) stipulates that a student...

Learning Theories

Philosophy of Education

A well-educated society has the power to define the thriving future of the next generations and is a critical factor of the adequately regulated nation. The philosophical aspect of education relates to the educational nature and goals, as well as the philosophical concerns arising from educational theory and practice. Considering...