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Culture & Education

The District’s Academic Issue and Role of Teachers and Joint Activities

Introduction The problem of academic achievement differences between students from low-income homes or minority backgrounds and students from high-income home or nonminor backgrounds has become acute. It is essential to come up with a possible solution and plan that the appointed School Improvement Plan (SIP) team will provide and implement....

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Challenges of Learning

Outschool: Learning in the New Normal

Executive Summary Online learning has greatly evolved within the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having transformed from an optional addition to the general educational process to the necessity to all the pupils, the commercial side of the e-learning has rapidly increased its market share. E-learning has been established as a...

Culture & Education

Multicultural Considerations in Early Learning

Abstract This article is devoted to studying the influence of the multicultural approach in early education on student performance. Globalization leads to a noticeable increase in cultural diversity in society. Multicultural methodology becomes an inseparable part of modern educational systems and provides a wide variety of opportunities. The paper discusses...

Culture & Education

Organizational Behavior of University of Regina

Different Ways of Communication Between Professor and Students in Canada than that in Asia The communication between students and professors is generally defined by the cultural norms and traditions of the region. Thus, Asian students regard tutors from the position of disciples, while European and American students regard their tutors...

Benefits of Education

Working with Diverse Student Populations

Working with diverse student populations in a classroom can be both rewarding and challenging. One the one hand, it requires additional effort from the teacher, and on the other hand, the diversity of the classroom provides genuinely unique experiences. This brief paper will deal with several challenges and opportunities of...

Approaches to Learning

Schooling Approaches and Ethical Principles at Work

Learners enroll in school to gain knowledge of various fields they are interested in, albeit the theories on philosophies around the schooling. Typically, each teacher would have their way of teaching students based on their skills and competency, experience, and environment. The schooling approach adopted in a school depends on...

Curriculum Development

My Philosophy of School Health Education

There is an inseparable intertwinement between health and education, which underlines the need to promote students’ health and wellbeing. Schools need to take a comprehensive approach to school health education, whose success depends on collaborative efforts among governments, communities, agencies, and families. School health education is important because it can...

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Educational Resources

“All the Colors We Are” Children’s Book by Kissinger

The aim of the study is to find an unbiased book for children under eight years of age. It was decided to consider All the Colors We Are: The Story of How We Get Our Skin Color by Katie Kissinger for study purposes. Literature is a powerful tool for educating...

Adult Education

Teaching and Learning in Adult Education

For me, it was not difficult to separate studying and teaching in adult education. The difference is clear: learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, while teaching is an act of transferring knowledge. I recognize that the goals of a teacher and a student align, and they aim to transfer...

Principles of Learning

School Consultation, Coaching, and Mentoring

School consultation is an instructional strategy in which one professional helps another one to solve an issue that concerns a third party. This is the method that is frequently used by psychologists, special education teachers, and therapists. It is characterized by the following features: triadic and direct relationship, voluntariness, expert...

Principles of Learning

Structured Literacy vs. Balanced Literacy

Reading is an important skill, which needs to be developed in all students, especially among dyslexic students or the ones with reading issues. Both structured literacy and balanced literacy can be effective in developing the given skill, but structured literacy is more precise and direct as well as systematic, which...

Education Programs

Personal Development Regarding Environmental Justice

Prior to the course, I had limited knowledge regarding environmental justice, the social movement itself, and related environmental legislation. Regarding waste, I was aware that currently, there is a pressing need to decrease the number of by-products and build comprehensive waste management to preserve our country and planet. However, I...

Academic Performance

Granby Elementary School Improving Standards of Learning Scores

Overview The purpose of this applied research study is to provide recommendations to the administrators and teachers with possible solutions to the problem of low Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) scores of minority students at Granby Elementary School. The present section provides background information about the organization, introduces the problem,...

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Working While Learning for Adolescents

Teenagers at all times strived to become adults faster, but the current generation has its significant differences. Nowadays, most young students want to become financially independent as soon as possible. This fact sometimes pleases the parents, but more often scares them. It is due to the fact that along with...

Educational Practices

The Me Bag Classroom Activity and Its Aims

The Me Bag is a valuable classroom activity that helps classmates to learn about each other and experience diversity. As stated by De Melendez and Beck (2018), this diversity practice provides each individual with an opportunity to express him or herself using three items that reflect one’s values or characteristics....

Learning Styles

Word Associations and Short-Term Memory

There has been substantial research into the nature of memory and how it may be improved. The ability is critical to most spheres of human existence, starting with school or before it. It is invaluable in both professional and casual environments, and, in recognition of this importance, many people have...

Problems of Education

Lack of Bilingual Teacher Training and Inadequacies of Instructional Materials

Bilingual education is an exciting but challenging type of teaching because it utilizes two languages in academic training. The main problem, in this case, is the shortage of experienced teachers and resources to provide adequate training (Amanti, 2019). Indeed, according to Briceño et al. (2018), bilingual teachers became hard to...

Learning Styles

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Difference Between Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Simplified: phonemic awareness is only concerned with the sounds of a word, while phonics explores the relationships between sounds and letters. Thus, it will be complicated for a learner to develop their skills in phonics without having basic phonological and phonemic awareness skills. In...

Problems of Education

“Perceived Stress Among Students in Virtual Classrooms…” by AlAteeq

Notes The main event in the research conducted by AlAteeq et al. (2020) is the coronavirus pandemic. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) implemented stringent measures to control the highly infectious disease spread. Some of the precautions included closing all educational institutions in the country. Therefore,...

Educational Practices

Teaching Philosophy and Pedagogical Strategies

Introduction As a teacher, I believe I can guide and assist students in learning a new language. Learning to speak a different language allows individuals to create new connections with other people (Payant, 2017). Students who are studying English as a Second Language (ESL) may speak diverse languages. Hence, there...

Special Education

Examination of Elementary Teachers’ Perceived Barriers Regarding the Inclusive Setting

Introduction and Research Statement Currently, increased attention is paid to education issues and gaps in this area. General and special education teachers at a local New Jersey elementary school have expressed concerns about how to help students with disabilities (SWDs) achieve academic success in an inclusive classroom (N. Daniels, personal...