107 Academic Performance Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Academic Performance Research Papers Examples

  1. Academic Study Aims and How to Achieve Them
    Academic study is considered as an important tool when it comes to pursuance of distinctive success in not only academic aspects but also in social facets of life.
  2. Self-Efficacy and Motivation for Students Learning
    The development of self-efficacy across all domains of learning plays a key role in the improvement of students’ academic performance.
  3. Self-Efficacy and Self-Concept in Students
    The paper reviews two self-constructs: self-concept and self-efficacy and determines if academic performance enhances if students alter their beliefs about themselves.
  4. What Affects Progress and Performance in UAE Schools?
    Since 1971, education in UAE has been a major priority aimed at preparing competent, reflective and highly committed students.
  5. Learning Disabled Students: Teaching and Parenting
    This paper discusses types of learning disabilities, perspectives, strategies for teaching students who struggle with learning deficiencies, and parent engagement.
  6. Students Assessment Approaches in the UAE
    The Ministry of Education in the UAE is redefining student assessment programs to ensure that they address specific educational goals in line with the country’s 2020 policy.
  7. Reading Performance of Learning Disabled Students
    Consistent with the research literature, there are many successful and valuable teaching methodologies to enhance reading performance and word acquisition.
  8. Knowledge Is Power Program and Its Network
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed analysis of the KIPP Foundation's network concerning the organization's mission and values.
  9. The Role of Academic Engagement
    Academic engagement or attachment refers to the importance children place on getting quality education and how they view academic outcomes to be of benefit to their personal lives.
  10. Sleep and Academic Performance among Students
    This paper discusses a relationship between Sleep and Academic Performance among international students in Undergraduate Occupational Therapy program at Monash University.
  11. Learning Monitoring and Academic Performance
    The purpose of the paper is to provide the answer to the research question on whether people who monitor their learning better are more likely to perform better on exams.
  12. University Programs for International Students
    Universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, Australia and a number of other countries provide their international students with various programs.
  13. No Child Left Behind and the Pattern of Education
    In this paper, the main point of controversy is discussed which is the unified grading system and its obvious consequences.
  14. School Libraries Effects on Student's Achievement
    The School Libraries have the potential to affect the practice of the teachers and it positively taps the student achievement potential.
  15. Veteran Students: Extra-Curricular Activities
    The primary purpose of the study is to identify if veteran students’ extra-curricular activities lead to better academic performance.
  16. The Impact of Teacher-Students Relationship
    The issue of the relationship between teacher and student is a traditional psychological and pedagogical problem, which has been the subject of research by many scientists.
  17. Evaluation of the Effects of Elementary School Departmentalization on Student Performance
    Nowadays, the problem of the students’ outperformance in science class is recognized by teachers, school administration, and U.S. officials.
  18. Self-Esteem and Academic Performance in America
    Negative implications attached to African Americans over time are the principal cause of the disengagement of self-esteem from an academic performance by African American students.
  19. Peer Pressure Impact on Academic Achievement
    This essay argues that peer pressure can positively affect academic achievement and help recover from diseases and traumatic life events.
  20. Problems in Education: The High Cost and Student Loan Debt
    The paper aims to identify, analyze current issues in the education system, and find possible solutions to combat the problem of student loan debt.
  21. The US Education System in Comparison with Global Education
    In comparison with other countries, the performance of students in the United States remains average, or even lower in such subjects as math, science, and reading.
  22. Research Paper Analysis: Report on Sleep Habits
    This paper critically analyses a research report on sleeping habits among Oxford University students (Jeffrey & William, 2009).
  23. Does Stress Affect Students’ Academic Performance?
    The main goal of this paper is to establish whether being under stress affects a student’s performance to a noticeable extent and how it's possible to improve academic performance.
  24. The Mentor Program for 8th-Graders in Preparation for a STAAR Exam
    The purpose of this paper is to present a mentorship intervention for 8th-graders with the intent of increasing their knowledge levels to successfully pass the state exam.
  25. Students’ Behavioral Problems in Class
    Jon, a 12-year old middle school student who was having some trouble at school. Jon was having problems with his academic performance as he was barely passing any classes.
  26. Student Performance in Mathematics
    Many studies conducted over time reveal that students are more likely to perform substantially in mathematics if they are actively supported by both teachers and parents.
  27. Homeschooling and Its Impact on Learners
    Homeschooling has become popular in the 21st century with parents increasingly acknowledging the benefits associated with this system.
  28. Impact of Rising Cyberbullying on High School Performance
    This literature review of five articles seeks to clarify how an increase in cyberbullying affects high school academic performance.
  29. Ability Grouping Assess in the Elementary Education
    The paper aims to investigate the applicability of ability grouping assess whether it is a sensible practice in the elementary education environment.
  30. The Effectiveness of Time Management and Self-Discipline
    It's necessary to increase the effectiveness of time management. I controlled my study and work time, gave up all the entertainment, and dedicated myself to studying.
  31. Curriculum Change for African American Students Based on Curriculum Theory
    A curriculum change should be guided to help African American students develop their cultural identity because it is a crucial determinant of the students’ academic performance.
  32. How Teachers Deal With Bullying in the Classes
    The problem is that the teachers may take a lot of time addressing these acts of violence at the expense of instructional time in the classes.
  33. Graduation Rates at the U.S. Colleges and Universities
    The article focuses on the efficacy of initiatives meant to improve graduation rates. Its findings show that graduation rates do not depend on the difficulty levels of a program.
  34. Improving and Boosting Student Graduation Rates
    The main argument of the article is that statewide collaborative efforts are necessary to augment high school graduation rates among students.
  35. Factors Influencing Student Satisfaction in University of Reading
    Understanding factors that influence student satisfaction is very critical for any university that seeks to attract local and international students.
  36. Influence of Teachers’ Attitudes on Student Behavior and Achievement
    This article is about a study that aims to determine how teacher attitudes affect student behavior and performance in grades kindergarten through fifth.
  37. Time Management: Impact on the Academic Performance
    The researcher engaged 30 participants in an attempt to determine the impact of time management on academic performance of students in Flinders University.
  38. How Teacher Attitudes Affect Students' Behavior and Performance in Grades
    The aim of conducting this study is to determine how teacher attitudes affect student behavior and performance in grades Kindergarten through fifth.
  39. Homeschooling as a Better Choice for K-12 Education
    The paper will address the benefits of homeschooling such as safety, personalization, the ability to develop creative talents, and opportunities for children with special needs.
  40. The Educational Efforts During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    The study discusses the effectiveness of the educational efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the most critical issues in contemporary education.
  41. Shadow Education Effects on Student Disparities
    This research addresses the problem of shadow education on student disparities, analyzes its effects, and provides data that has practical applications.
  42. Criticisms of the US Education System
    K-12 education in the United States is often criticized for its failure to provide students with fundamental knowledge.
  43. Leadership Models for Educational Leaders
    School budgeting is a critical financial management tool that enables institutions to exercise effective control and the management of their financial affairs.
  44. Adapting Teaching to Meet the Cultural Needs of the African American Youth
    The standard education frameworks, practices, and procedures may, therefore, not prove as effective when applied to this population.
  45. Truancy: Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions
    Truancy refers to the deliberate and unauthorized absence from school, whether it is for valid reasons or not. In this case, a student misses classes of their own free will.
  46. Quality Improvement Plan for an At-Risk Student
    It is important to ensure that every nurse is successful in their course. This essay will discuss an at-risk student and propose a suitable quality improvement plan.

🏆 Best Academic Performance Essay Titles

  1. Single Parent and Child’s Academic Performance
  2. Mental Health Associations With Academic Performance and Education Behaviors
  3. Successful Academic Performance During Childhood
  4. Sleep and the Effect It Has on Academic Performance
  5. Positive and Negative Structures and Processes Underlying Academic Performance
  6. The Different Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance
  7. Time Preferences, Study Effort, and Academic Performance
  8. Academic Performance and Personality Types
  9. Effects of Sleep on Academic Performance
    Sleep and leisure in general have great influence on the performance and achievement of students, both in class and in their future careers.
  10. Relationship Between Breakfast and Academic Performance
  11. Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Academic Performance
  12. Swine Flu and the Effect of Compulsory Class Attendance on Academic Performance
  13. School-year Employment and Academic Performance of Young Adolescents
  14. Parental Involvement That Boost Young Children’s Academic Performance
  15. Music Genres: The Effects on a Student’s Academic Performance
  16. School Violence and Academic Performance
  17. Peer Victimization and Academic Performance
  18. Quality Matters More Than Quantity: Parent-child Communication and Adolescents Academic Performance
  19. Self Efficacy and Perceived Academic Performance of Students
  20. Academic Performance and Use of Electronic Gadgets Among Secondary Students
  21. Self-esteem and Its Effects on the Academic Performance of Students
  22. Social Anxiety and Academic Performance
  23. Working Students and Academic Performance
  24. Mental Illness and Its Effects on Academic Performance
  25. Relationship Between Personality and Academic Performance
  26. Social Media’s Negative Effect on Academic Performance
  27. Social Class and Academic Performance
  28. Student Support and Academic Performance: Experiences at Private Universities in Mexico
  29. Teachers Behavioral Attitude and Its Effect on Students Academic Performance
  30. Parenting Style Its Impacts on Academic Performance
  31. Academic Performance and Part-time Employment Among High School Seniors
  32. Predicting Student Academic Performance: Role of Knowledge Sharing and Outcome Expectations
  33. The Arts and Its Effect on Academic Performance
  34. The Link Between Malnutrition and Academic Performance
  35. How Life Outside of a School Affects Students Academic Performance
  36. Video Games Affect on the Academic Performance of an Individual
  37. Sleep Deprivation among College Students: Assessing Academic Performance
  38. Improving Academic Performance in Mathematics with Games and Active Learning
  39. Factors Contributing to Academic Performance of Students
  40. Student Academic Performance: The Role of Motivation
  41. Physical Activity, Fitness, and Physical Education: Effects on Academic Performance

❓ Academic Performance Research Questions

  1. Which Factors Determine Academic Performance of Undergraduate Students in Economics?
  2. How Personality Treats Impact the Academic Performance?
  3. How Playing Computer Games Affect Student Academic Performance?
  4. Which Factors Determine Academic Performance of Economics Freshers?
  5. How Love Relationships Affect Students Academic Performance?
  6. Will Parental Involvement Affect Academic Performance?
  7. How Does Stress Affect Academic Performance?
  8. How Does Music Education Improve Academic Performance?
  9. Does Sleep Quality Affect Medical Students Academic Performance?
  10. How Does the New Grading System Affect Academic Performance?
  11. Does Television Viewing Affect Academic Performance?
  12. How Do Violent Video Games Affect Academic Performance?
  13. How Students Can Feel About Their Academic Performance?
  14. Can Reading Programs Improve Reading Skills and Academic Performance in Rural China?
  15. How Parental Attitude Affects the Academic Performance of the Students?
  16. Does Sleep Deprivation Effect Academic Performance?
  17. Can Personality Traits Predict One’s Academic Performance?
  18. How Internet Addiction Affects Students’ Academic Performance?
  19. How Does Physical Education Affect Academic Performance?
  20. How Would One Extra Year of High School Affect Academic Performance in University?

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