Academic Study Aims and How to Achieve Them

Academic study is considered as an important tool when it comes to the pursuance of distinctive success in not only academic aspects but also in social facets of life. Academic study affects how a person associates with other members of the society and is a major influence of people’s social life. The main aims of academic study are to help individuals to obtain their dream careers and to enhance their personal development.

The main aim of academic study is to assist people to develop the society both socially and economically (Rather 21). It is also important to find ways through which these aims can be achieved. Although the strategies used to achieve these aims may differ from one individual to another, the most common ones include proper time management, availability of resources, and appropriate class size among others (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 18).

Aims of Academic Study

The first major aim of academic study is to enable people to improve their chances of acquiring an appropriate job. Although having a higher level of academic study does not fully guarantee one will get a good occupation, it is one of the most outstanding requirements for individuals who are shortlisted for important jobs. An important job, in this case, is one that has a good remuneration that an individual can live on comfortably. The good remuneration people get from high-quality jobs helps them not only individually but also to develop the society (Rather 21).

Apart from establishing one’s career, the other major aim of academic study is to enable one to enhance their personal development. The academic study helps to develop individuals’ personalities through enhancing their psycho-motor, holistic and cognitive abilities. People are only able to make informed decisions regarding what to do and what not to do through education. Informed decisions assist individuals to establish an apt environment in which they can live peacefully and harmoniously with other members of the society (Rather 23).

Lastly, academic study is required to realize social and economic development in every society. The prosperity of a community is mainly determined by the education level of its members; the larger the number of educated individuals in a community, the more informed and wealthier the society becomes. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why most governments allocate huge amounts of money to the education sector when preparing their national budgets. Such governments understand that people cannot improve their surrounding if they are not properly educated (Rather 24).

How to Achieve Aims of Academic Study

Time Management

The first factor, time management, refers to how time is spent on classwork and extra-curricular activities. To achieve high academic performance, more time should be allocated to classwork and less to other activities. It is equally important to give some time to the co-curricular activities since they help a lot in the development of the human brain and in breaking the boredom that stems from having continuous class sessions in school. The allocation of more time to other school activities also helps to strengthen the bond between teachers or instructors and students in the school or college. The extra time also helps in the creation and enhancement of a healthy learning environment (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 18).

Motivation and Family Influences

The second factor, motivation, and family influences, also play a great role in the achievement of the aims of academic study. Motivation of any kind is known to enhance the performance of learners in schools or colleges; as a result, the learning institutions should rely on motivational strategies to enhance the efforts of the students toward achieving the aims of academic study. In addition, the parents should work to ensure that any elements of negative ethnic and linguistic diversity are discouraged for the prosperity of their children. It has been proved that most students excel when they are constantly encouraged and when they come from families with stable socio-economic status (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 23).

Resources Available

Availability of resources is another factor that greatly influences the attainability of the aims of academic study. For students to achieve impressive academic goals, the necessary resources such as laboratories, computers, books, and well-built classrooms must be availed to them. The resources help students in practical studies and also enable them to understand theoretical studies better. Adequate learning resources make learning more interesting and easier for the students as they act as incentives during learning. Apart from affecting the interests of students, the availability of the necessary resources also determines how teachers go about their duties (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 27).

Class Size

Like other factors, the class size, which is the ratio of students to teachers, also influences the way students perform in school. To enhance students’ performance and their ability to achieve the other aims of academic study, smaller class size is preferred. There are a number of benefits that come with a smaller class size rather than a bigger one. The former is associated with improved communication between students and teachers, enhanced students’ attention, and less noise. In addition, a smaller class size motivates students and encourages them to hold frequent discussions that enable them to improve their academic performance (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 28).

Instructor Level

Even though most of the work of achieving academic aims is done by the students, instructors also have a role to play toward achieving these goals. The instructors are supposed to trains the students mostly on issues that relate to achieving the objectives of academic study. The instructors are the people who can best advise students on what is right for them to do in school. They also play a significant role in designing the content that each student is trained to help them realize their dreams. In some cases, the instructors even help the students to choose the careers that suit them and the subjects that they can do better (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 30).

Academic Study outcomes

Academic study outcomes also influence the way students strive to achieve academic goals. Students are known to perform better in institutions that have a history of good performance. A history of good performances greatly motivates students; as a result, they struggle to break such records or at least to maintain the school’s history. The previous academic outcomes act as targets for every hardworking student, especially those who are career-oriented (Gardner, Jewler, and Barefoot 33).


Academic study is important in various aspects and should be encouraged mainly by encouraging the learners and instructors to embrace self-reflection. It is important for the students to understand their career objectives so that they work toward achieving their academic goals. The aim of academic study is not only to assist the students in realizing their dreams but also to assist them in developing their surroundings both socially and economically. For that reason, the prosperity and well-being of every society largely depend on academic study.

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