Free Writing Apps for Students

Looking for free writing apps that will help you find an idea for your essay, formulate a thesis statement, paraphrase a quote, and edit the draft? Save your time with our toolbox! It contains a passage summarizer, a speech topic generator, a thesis statement finder, a synopsis maker, and an automatic reworder. Here you’ll find everything you might need at all the stages of working on a written assignment.

Free Writing Apps for Students
Essay Hook Generator

How do you make a good hook? You don’t have to waste time anymore! This essay hook generator will do all the work for you. Use it for education essays or other projects.

History Hypothesis Generator

If you’re searching for a hypothesis generator, you’re in the right place! With this free online tool, you’ll easily make a hypothesis from a question or from scratch.

Research Aim Generator

How to write an aim and hypothesis? With this research aim generator, you'll easily come up with a well-formulated scientific aim for your project.

Thesis Statement Finder

Looking for help with your thesis? Try our thesis statement finder tool! It will help you create a custom-made thesis statement for an argumentative, informative, or comparative essay.

Passage Summarizer

Need to summarize a piece of text? Try the passage summarizer on this page. This tool was specially designed for academic purposes.

Synopsis Maker

Looking for an online synopsis generator? Welcome to our synopsis maker! This tool was specially designed for study purposes.

Speech Topic Generator

Looking for a persuasive or informative speech topic generator? Welcome to our tool! Get a list of ideas for your speech or essay in a couple of clicks.

Automatic Reworder

Looking for a paraphrasing tool? Welcome to our automatic reworder! This instrument will quickly transform any essay or research paper.

Topic Question Generator

Our online topic question generator is a free tool that creates topic questions in no time. It can easily make an endless list of random research questions based on your query.

AI Paper Checker

Our online ChatGPT Paper Checker detects AI-generated parts of the text within a couple of seconds! Try it out to see how likely your text is to be generated by a chatbot.

Dumb-down-a-Sentence Generator

Looking for a good paraphrasing tool? Check out our dumb-down sentence generator! It'll help you quickly improve your essay or any other academic paper.

Sonnet Poem Generator

How to write a sonnet poem? This sonnet generator is the best solution! Add a couple of details, choose the key theme, and let our AI-powered sonnet poem generator do all the rest.

Quantitative Research Title Generator

Creating research titles yourself can be time-consuming. We've designed a free quantitative research title maker which will do all the work for you! Learn more about the tool and the importance of a good title in this article.

Introduction Research Maker

What is an introduction in research and how to write it? With this introduction research maker, you’ll get the answers to these questions and generate an intro for your project.

AI Problem Statement Generator

Looking for a way to make a statement of the problem in research? This online instrument will help you generate powerful statements for your projects.

Poem Meaning Generator

How to find out a poem’s meaning? There is a solution below! With the poem meaning generator we’ve developed, you’ll conduct poetry analysis quickly and for free.

Write My Essay Generator

Looking for a free AI essay generator? Try the online tool we’ve developed! This free instrument will quickly create for you an inspiring essay sample on a given topic.

Test Score Calculator

Have you ever experienced stress and frustration when calculating your test score manually? We designed this groundbreaking online test score calculator to save you time and effort!

Semester Grade Calculator

Wondering how to calculate your semester grade? That’s easy with our free semester grade calculator! Just enter your grades and their weight to see how well you’ve performed during the semester.

Final Grade Calculator

Are you struggling to calculate your final grade for a class? Our online final grade calculator can quickly determine your final score and relieve the anxiety that comes with uncertainty.

High School GPA Calculator

Need to figure out your GPA? Try our high school GPA calculator! It can compute weighted and unweighted GPAs from letter and percentage grades.

Unweighted GPA Calculator

Do you need to calculate your GPA? Try this free unweighted GPA calculator! Just fill in the blanks and get your GPA right away.