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In the current world, academics is a very significant element in a child’s life. It is composed of different learning strategies such as assignments, exams, practical sessions, and research projects. Different academic activities including research projects may be very complex, thus the students may not get the right responses. For this reason, they need help from other parties such as friends, parents, fellow students who are well conversant with the research topic being handled by the researching students. However, the students also need to be highly cooperative and not fully depend on these parties for help.

Definition of the Problem

Some academic work has become too complex for the students to do on their own, and therefore they need help from teachers and parents. Most parents are interested in helping their children to develop a brighter future by engaging in academic activities. This is very significant in the academic life of a student since it helps them to perform better, and acquire necessary skills. However, some parents may ignore the help that is being requested by their children, and this has an overall effect of poor performance in such children. Therefore, the students need not do academic tasks on their own, but they can just consult the parents, teachers, or siblings for further guidance, on how to do the task. It is through this way that the students will be able to acquire the necessary skills.

Analysis of the Problem

The current academic status has led to students being given complex tasks that they cannot do on their own, and therefore, they need help from their parents, siblings, teachers, and instructors. This is a very beneficial idea for the students since it helps them to achieve higher grades that boost their academic performance and improve the quality of their academic certificates. Secondly, most teachers do assign their students’ many assignments or a broad task needed within a short duration. For this reason, assisting the students in doing the tasks can help them to be faster and make a timely submission, thereby preventing them from having missing marks.

Different solutions can be designed to help in addressing this problem. To check on whether or not they are effective, various evaluation techniques need to be applied. To begin with, consider the extent to which every solution will help in addressing this social problem without generating any other problem. Secondly, consider the extent to which the parties involved in problem-solving, for example, the students, teachers, and parents will accept the listed solutions. Thirdly, consider how likely the implementation of the solution will be.

Options for Solving the Problem

Parents should get involved in their child’s academic work

Educating a child is a great investment done by a parent. Just like investors get actively involved in their economic activities, the parents should also get involved in helping their children to handle some academic tasks that are too intense for them to handle. The first technique for a parent’s involvement in their children’s academic life is by providing all the necessary academic material that is needed by the students. Secondly, they can help their children to respond to some questions in case they are well conversant with the question. Similarly, the parents who are employed and are working under other people’s control can ask for permission from their bosses to help their children to do various academic programs such as academic research. Another possible option that the parents can use to actively participate in their children’s academic life is through signing contracts with academic professionals who will assist the children in doing academic tasks such as research projects.

Teachers holding meetings with the parents and the students

This is an effective alternative for solving this problem that is facing children’s academic life. The teachers should hold a meeting with both the students and their parents, and explain to them the reason why the parents need to help their children in doing academic tasks if the children are experiencing some problems in tacking them. During such meetings, the teachers can also advise the parents on the importance of signing contracts with teachers who can provide indoor academic services to the students. This is also another significant solution that can help the students to perform better. Gaining ideas from different teachers helps the students to have a wide range of skills that are essential in their academic life.

Teachers enhancing the formation of groups

Some students have psychological problems that make them become slow learners. This is one of the factors that make some of the students not to be able to perfectly do the assignments on their own. To address these problems, teachers need to accept the application of group work techniques if in any case, they have given an assignment to the students. However, some students who are top performers may be selective, and therefore can ignore their fellows who are slow learners when forming the groups. Therefore, the teachers need to get involved in democratically forming the groups for the students. This will help those students who cannot get help from either their parents or siblings to be able to get help from their fellow students.

Decision on the Best Solution

Among these potential solutions, the most effective options are parents helping their children in doing the academic work, and teachers being democratic while forming groups to ensure that all the students get help in the classwork. Well-designed groups that have students with different academic abilities are very important in academic life since they encourage participation among the students, a factor that will help to improve the academic performance of all students in a class.

Implementation of the Chosen Solution

To implement these solutions, teachers will hold properly scheduled meetings with the parents, and explain to them the benefit of engaging themselves in handling the academic tasks that have been assigned to their children if in case they have some knowledge on the assignment. Secondly, they will have to advise the students on the importance of helping one another in doing the assignments. Thirdly, the parents will have to privately employ teachers to tuition their children (Celene & Joseph, 2017, p. 408-416).


In conclusion, it is clear that a child’s academic life is very essential to all members of the community and the world as a whole since it is through this that a brighter future can be developed. For this reason, all responsible parties involved in a child’s academic life need to be active and help the students in any case they have a problem in tackling the coursework.


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