78 School Bullying Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 School Bullying Research Papers Examples

  1. Bullying in School and How to Minimize It
    The paper studies the phenomena of bullying in the school, its types and gives recommendations on how to minimize bullying.
  2. Physical Injury Bullying in High School
    The research study provides a framework for understanding the various aspects of bullying such as causes, effects, and how it can be prevented.
  3. School Bullying and Its Causes
    Bullying in schools has become a worldwide problem, and in some cases, its effects may have lasting implications on the victims.
  4. Students’ Willingness to Report Threats of Violence in Campus Communities
    The study was undertaken by Michael Sulkowski from the University of Florida with the objective of extending prior work conducted on college-age populations on the same issue.
  5. Bullying in School: Understanding and Dealing With It
    The purpose of this article is to understand the problem of bullying in schools, as well as possible methods of dealing with it.
  6. Impact of Rising Cyberbullying on High School Performance
    This literature review of five articles seeks to clarify how an increase in cyberbullying affects high school academic performance.
  7. How Teachers Deal With Bullying in the Classes
    The problem is that the teachers may take a lot of time addressing these acts of violence at the expense of instructional time in the classes.
  8. Journal Article Review: Correlates of Physical Violence at School: A Multilevel Analysis of Australian High School Students
    The school's student interaction policy plays an important role in determining whether students will be violent or not.
  9. School Violence Measures in the United States
    School violence is an urgent problem for most educational facilities in the United States. This discussion post will consider measures that can make schools safer.
  10. Preventing Violence in the Education System
    The issue of preventing situations of violence in the education system is very relevant nowadays. Violence in school is exposed to every tenth student in the world.
  11. Decision-Making and Bullying Problems Inside Our Schools
    Bullying is a serious problem that many schools are trying to battle. It can affect victims emotionally, socially, and academically.
  12. Bullying in the School Environment
    Bullying has a negative impact on the academic performance of the victims since it limits their participation in the school environment.
  13. A Strategy to Prevent Bias and Discrimination in School Practice
    In his school practice, as a strategy to prevent bias and discrimination, the author prefers to resort to the theory of contact.
  14. How to Combat Bullying: An Action Plan
    This plan includes two strategies – sensitization and fostering a safe environment for students with disabilities.
  15. Discrimination Against Children in Schools
    Most of a person's psychological problems arise in childhood and adolescence when parents and school are the main spheres of influence on the child.
  16. Bullying of Disabled Children in School
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the level of bullying of students with disabilities and special education needs.
  17. Educational Anti-Bullying Programs
    This anti-bullying work includes an overview of harassment, as well as suggestions for developing a healthy school atmosphere and robust anti initiatives.
  18. Bullying and Its Effects on Adolescents
    Bullying has vast societal implications for a large adolescent population, resulting in more abuse and consequential mental illnesses.

🏆 Best School Bullying Essay Titles

  1. Peer Relations, Violence, and School Attendance: Analyses of Bullying in Senior High Schools in Ghana
  2. Bullying and Its Effects on Learning and Development in Australian Primary School
  3. Bullying, Identity, and School Performance: Evidence From Chile
  4. Anti Bullying Policy, the Matt Epling Safe School Law
  5. Student on Student Violence in the School System.
    Student violence has been a major concern in the recent past. student-on-student violence involves crimes like bullying, beating, use of weapons, robbery and intimidation.
  6. Bullying and Its Effects on School Across the United States
  7. School Bullying and Teacher Professional Development
  8. The Residential School System State-Sponsored Bullying
  9. Bullying and Columbine High School
  10. Effects Concerning School-age Bullying: A Retrospective
  11. School Violence: The Financial Costs of Bullying, Vandalism, and Violence
  12. Ways to Stop Bullying at School: Addressing Children’s Needs
    School bullying is among some of the most problematic issues that are extraordinarily difficult to tackle in the school environment.
  13. Cyberbullying: Abuse and Old-school Bullying
  14. Bullying and Its Effect on School Communities
  15. Children and Adolescents Are Victims of School Bullying
  16. Bullying and Its Effects on School
  17. Correlation Among Depression, Bullying, Experience of Victimization, and Suicide in High School Students
  18. Bullying: America’s Worst School
  19. Anti-bullying Program for the School
    Bullying is a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. Usually, children develop the idea that bullying is acceptable in pre-school.
  20. Middle School Advisory Programs: An Effective Anti Bullying
  21. Cyber Harassment and Bullying at Madera High School
  22. Bullying and School Attendance: A Case Study of Senior High School
  23. The Problem With Name-Calling and Bullying in School
  24. Bullying and High School Dropout Rates
  25. The Best Solution to Predict Depression Because of Bullying
    This paper examines interventions to prove that the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is the most effective solution for predicting depression provoked by bullying.
  26. Bullying Children and School Personnel Challenges
  27. School Uniforms Should Stop Bullying With Anti Bullying
  28. Bullying Prevention and School Safety
  29. School Bullying and the Need for Policy Change
  30. Physical and Verbal Bullying at School
  31. Preventing School Bullying Through a Supervisory System
  32. School Students Bullying and Harassment
  33. Stuttering Among Schoolchildren: Teaching Interventions
    Communication speech impairments affect children, adolescents. People with stuttering experience bullying and difficulties in forming relationships from a very young age.
  34. Bullying and Emotional Abuse Among School Children
  35. School Bullying and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms: The Role of Parental Bonding
  36. Effects of Bullying and Victimization in Schools and the Victims
  37. Dealing With a Bullying Target and How We Should Behave Around Them
  38. Bullying and Problems of the Younger Generation
  39. Bullying Is Not Just Anger and Meanness
  40. Bullying and Lack of Contact With Peers

❓ School Bullying Research Questions

  1. How Can Parents Prevent Bullying at School?
  2. What Is the Nature and Consequences of School Bullying?
  3. Does Bullying Affect High School-Aged Students?
  4. What Is the School’s Involvement in Cyberbullying?
  5. Are School-Based Anti Bullying Programs Decreasing the Rate of Victimization?
  6. What Is the Relationship Between Bullying and Mass Shootings in Schools?
  7. What Is the Relationship Between School Violence and Psychological Bullying?
  8. How School Bullying Affects Bullies and Victims?
  9. What Is the Connection Between the LGBT Community and School Bullying?
  10. What Are the Causes and Effects of Bullying in School?
  11. Can High School Dress Codes Stop Bullying?
  12. How the Bystander Intervention and the Drowning Child Analogy Can Be Used in the School Bullying Cases?
  13. Does Maternal Spanking Lead To Bullying Behavior at School?
  14. Should There Be School Intervention Programs for Bullying Prevention?
  15. What Is the Relationship Between School Bullying and Robbery and How It Affects People’s Lives?
  16. What Are the Problems of Bullying and Victims in High School?
  17. How Has Bullying Affected the Entire Student Population or the School Climate?
  18. School Bullying: What Should Parents Do?
  19. What Is Known About Bullying Between Schoolchildren?
  20. What Is School Bullying From the Point of View of a Teacher?

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