Problems at School That Require Changes

School life is full of obstacles and difficulties for students, and avoiding these troubles is far from always possible. It is extremely important to protect students from negative influences and it is necessary to do this at the level of the school authorities and through pedagogy. The complexities of school life, such as bullying, striving to be perfect, or the pressure of good grades on a student, are potentially harmful. Only with the help of a deep understanding of these phenomena will it be possible to reduce or completely eradicate them.

The most serious problem that students face in modern schools is bullying. This phenomenon is expressed in abuse and neglect by peers in relation to a fellow student or a group of students. As a rule, the bullying of a student occurs in a chain reaction when the leader initiates it and the rest of the majority supports it. Bullying includes insults, threats, and real manifestations of physical humiliation and violence. Bullying can cause deep psychological damage and be directly dangerous to life and health. Only by cultivating a friendly and non-aggressive atmosphere inside and outside the school community can this problem be eradicated.

The desire of the student to be the best and perfect is understandable for life in the school community. School is a special environment in which relationships are established, so it is not surprising when someone wants to seem better to themselves and others. Perfectionism is harmful because it prevents the student from getting a real picture of themselves, distorting their idea of ​​their place and purpose in the world. A likely problem with this phenomenon is the problem of home education because many parents impose too high expectations on their children. Parents need to stop cultivating their children as leaders and winners in order to save them from disappointment.

Similar to the above problem is the desire of children to fit into the social circle. Due to the fact that the school for students is a kind of small world, each student tries to find his place in it. However, due to the presence of subcultures, such as athletes, “hip-hop heads”, or fashionistas, it may be more difficult for the student to express themselves individually. This leads to psychological pressure, which, if strong enough, can change the personality and cause trauma to the psyche. Students need more independence in their decisions. They need to develop the ability to listen to themselves instead of blindly following the so-called majority. Subcultural groups certainly have the right to exist and express themselves, but they should never put pressure on an independent person.

Thus, within the framework of this essay, the key problems faced by students and which should be paid attention to are characterized. Among these, bullying is the most dangerous and disturbing, but such aspects of the student’s inner life as the desire to be perfect or the desire to fit into society, should not be neglected. The solution to these problems can be found not only in the management of the school system but also in parenting. If the child is not taught that they are the best or the strongest but self-sufficient and independent, these problems will decrease further and further in the school atmosphere.

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