Summative and Formative Assessment Tests

End of Unit Test is a summative assessment test because it is undertaken when the unit is completed. It records the overall achievement of learners at the end of their study. End of Unit tests evaluate learners’ performance by comparing it against a specific benchmark (Townsley, 2022). Secondly, State Common Core Tests are summative assessment tests because they measure a learner’s proficiency in the skills and knowledge needed for success in colleges and their professions. The tests involve evaluating learners’ success in specific units, courses, or programs to decide their suitability for given careers.

Moreover, Stanford achievement tests are formative assessment tests because they aim at identifying academic strengths and weaknesses. They help educators make informed curriculum decisions (Martin et al., 2019). The tests provide the educators with reliable data. Thus, the educators can compare achievements. Consequently, it guides teaching and learning, facilitating better academic performance. Interim tests are administered during the school year at different intervals. These tests evaluate the learner’s understanding of content, and guide future instructions. Therefore, they are formative tests that portray what the learners know, and understand. Additionally, they show the areas where learners have difficulties.

Baseline tests are formative tests because instructors use them to improve their teaching and enable students to improve learning. Baseline tests provide insights that help the instructors identify their learners’ needs (Parkes & Zimmaro, 2017). Moreover, the instructors use them to establish specified learning plans for each learner according to their unique needs. Also, reading inventories are formative assessments that measure students’ reading skills and progress from kindergarten to assess their readiness for college. They gauge the learner’s reading accuracy and fluency and evaluate their reading comprehension.


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