Problems on School Board Meeting

This work was considered the primary material of the school board meeting, which was held in the Stillwater Area Public Schools. The basis was a video about the meeting, which was posted on the online hosting site YouTube. The value of analysis and examination of such sources can give insight into how people interact with each other and what tools are used for this. Moreover, when viewing the investigated school board meeting, actual problems were considered, the solution of which was considered at the meeting.

The first topic that was discussed at this school meeting was the competition of one of the students in a business competition. The girl presented her business project to create a vegan restaurant (Stillwater Area Public Schools, n.d.). The student noted that it was her third year of participation in this competition. To eliminate mistakes in her previous work and gain more knowledge, she attended more classes in business management, marketing, and financing. All this had a direct impact on the decision-making process of all the minor components of her business plan before drawing up the budget scheme.

The next problem that required consideration was the proposal of one of the students to close or postpone the science day in high school. This is due to the connection of the company that finances this event, promotes the LGBTQ+ community, and hides the event from the parents of the participants (Stillwater Area Public Schools, n.d.). The main issue was that teenagers who are going to participate in the science day might face condemnation, prejudice, and hostile behavior in their direction. This is because, at this age, most children are not exposed to this kind of information. The proposed solution on the part of the speaker was to resort to the services of the school legal system to check the case.

The main feature that was noted during the viewing of the video is the excellent coordination of the work of the members of the meeting. All participants of the meeting behaved professionally and with restraint. In addition, the floor was given to a woman who was the face of the condemned company and built her speech so that there was no dissatisfaction on the part of one of their parties. One of the arguments of the speaker representing the company accused by the student of hiding information was the statement of the fact that everyone taking part outside of science has the full right and freedom to make decisions independently. It also seemed interesting that the woman stressed that charity is becoming the basis of the company’s activities. This step becomes a strategy for redirecting attention.

In conclusion, this work was considered by the school assembly, which considered several topics at once. Among these were discussions of participation in a regional business competition, and the request of one of the students to cancel the event was highlighted. The latter interested me especially because it is not often possible to meet cases when a student asks to refuse to hold such a large-scale event for the school. It is worth noting that the way individuals interacted with each other was restrained, reasonable, and appropriate occasion. The decision-making process in both cases is carefully thought out and justified, which has brought fruitful results.


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