A Career in the Sphere of Consulting and Business

Being an argumentative young girl, I quite early discovered the value of discovering the world around me through challenges. Challenging people, ideas, and conventional norms of socio-economic life patterns eventually lead to the introduction of novel and innovative visions of the future. However, besides finding the courage to challenge everything I see since early childhood, I learned to challenge myself in order to perceive everything that surrounds me with genuine curiosity and slight skepticism. These qualities, I believe, are essential for anyone willing to pursue a career in the sphere of consulting and business. In fact, in order to present valuable insights into one’s business operation, people should be able to critically appraise the context of any situation.

The Nanyang Technological University is a place that combines both the opportunities of emerging into Eastern culture and addressing such important academic realms as strategic management, leadership and organizational behavior. The chance to study here can provide me with some exceptional insights into the world of business and human interactions in the long run. Coordination and organization have been a vital part of my life regardless of the communicative situations I find myself in. I find pleasure and genuine interest in inspiring people when making music, coordinating voluntary projects, or working with a professional business team. Studying abroad, especially in a culture as diverse as Singaporean, provides me with a prospect to develop essential leadership skills when working with an international team.

I am a student at a university in the UK, and my dream is to study in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management was the topic of a summer course I took at Bocconi. I have a diverse set of interests, eager to learn more about today’s significant issues and build a diverse group of skills and knowledge that will allow me to see the world through different lenses. I am fascinated by the development of global organizational concepts and the development of effective management strategies. In today’s growing and expanding business world, resource management, both human and material, must be elevated to a new level. The introduction of e-business in various fields has created a competitive marketplace that requires people to constantly update their skills and knowledge to stay current with today’s goals. Adaptability, creativity, and the use of technology are all critical aspects of business management.

Throughout the past years, I was fortunate to be personally involved in the operating of two international businesses with reputation renown globally. The internships at Louis Vuitton and Volvo Ocean Race provided genuine leadership and commitment to the business. I was involved in marketing, logistics, management, and finance, improving my work experience. This activity improved my understanding of the specifics of innovative marketing strategies, which, as Skala points out, often form the backbone of the most successful business startups (as cited in Wong et al., 2019). These experiences piqued my interest in tasks that required a combination of available information to make effective decisions.

As a result of spending time in a stimulating environment, I have learned to develop ground-breaking ideas and think creatively. I gained teamwork experience and improved my open-mindedness and problem-solving abilities. Throughout my brief existence, I have learned the importance of being guided by broad interests rather than narrow interests and finding my way when confronted with a challenge. I consider myself a hardworking individual who enjoys working as part of a team. I approach work with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a desire to learn from others, as they give me motivation to grow.

Playing music allows me to express my artistic expression, and I am a group coordinator. I coordinated new ideas, and ensuring that each member develops their skills and potential is a difficult task. When I was an ambassador for an NGO in Niger, I put effort and enthusiasm into involving students of various ages. My education was intense, and it made me aware of the world’s injustices and social inequalities. I realized that the environment determines one’s future, and I cannot save the world or be a superhero, but I can help change a few people’s lives.

NTU offers courses like Marketing, Leadership in Organizations, Strategic Management, among others, which are helpful in my business and consultation ambition career. A marketing course is a set of guiding principles for dealing with collaborators, competitors, customers, and the environment. One of the main goals of organizational leadership is to help people grow into leaders who can lead organizations with an innovative, problem-solving, and big picture mindset (Wong et al., 2019). Strategic management aims to comprehend the fast-paced changes in the business world and their increasing complexity.

Besides the objective academic prospects of NTU, the university’s location is another significant asset in terms of my education. It has long been known that the optimization of any economic model of a nation depends on the experiences observed in other countries. The phenomenon of Singapore’s economics addressed its rapid and hard-to-follow success. Thus, the economy of Singapore is considered to be one the best in the world in terms of taxation rates for a business, the openness of the business market, corruption rates, and GDP per capita. As a result, the country’s ability to improve its economy based on both successful and detrimental practices of other states contributed to Singapore creating a more innovative approach to business organization. Currently, Singapore serves as an economic role model not only for Eastern countries but for the whole world in general. For this reason, by entering NTU, I hope to witness the peculiarities of the country’s economy thrive firsthand, simultaneously learning valuable business lessons for the future.

NTU has shaped a new world founded on digital technologies for worldwide scholars ambitious to study at Singapore’s top colleges. This will provide me with a different climate exposure and equip me with the necessary knowledge and information in my area of expertise. On its way to becoming the world’s greenest university campus, NTU will open Asia’s largest wooden building in 2021 (Wong et al., 2019). Nanyang Business School will be housed in this building, which will also house research and learning facilities for other schools. This will provide me with the educational benefits that I require for my course at the university. Scholars profit from the Undergraduate Accommodation package, which offers a diverse setting with a music room, gym, and hall activities.

The culture of Singapore will provide excellent exposure to me. This is because Singapore is a multicultural society where persons coexist serenely, and cross-racial relations are shared. Singapore’s pattern is a result of the island’s intrinsic cultural variety. Immigrants infused the zone with European, Chinese, Malay, and Indian effects, which have all mixed. Every racial cluster has its distinct religion, and festivals with particular connotations are held throughout the year (Wong et al., 2019). Food is also readily accessible and extensively obtainable in Singapore. There are numerous cuisines to choose from Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, and Western, such as Peranakan, Italian, French, Thai, Spanish, and Fusion. It is widespread to try food from other cultures, and some of it can be pretty interesting. Despite the obvious advantages of visiting a new culture, however, NTU can also provide me with a unique opportunity to become a part of a multicultural community that reflects the patterns of international business. As a future entrepreneur or business consultant, embracing diversity should be one of my fundamental skills. Although the UK has many ethnically diverse groups, the concentration of different cultures may help me understand the Asian nations’ stance on the global economy.

The most widely spoken language is English, which unites people of various ethnic backgrounds. Being a student from the UK language will not be a barrier because I am a native English speaker, and English is very common in Singapore. Managers progressively pursue out Singapore graduates, together in Asia and around the world, due to the country’s renowned superiority in the field of education. This gives me a competitive advantage in the whole world in the employment sector. The city’s pledge to educational essentials makes it one of the most incredibly attractive destinations for scholars worldwide (Wong et al., 2019). This is only because of their education while there and the numerous entries that a Singaporean degree will open. This makes NTU be my best destination for furthering my studies.

As a result of growing up in a cosmopolitan city, today’s youth are more comfortable interacting with various nationalities than their elders. They understand that Singaporeans’ homes and lifestyles today result from migrant workers’ hard work, which often goes unnoticed in the community. More youth volunteer in various projects or start initiatives to change people’s attitudes toward migrant workers because they want to help or support them. One of Singapore’s best features is its Medical Services, which offer state-of-the-art facilities and premier healthcare services, including organ transplants and other best medical practices (Wong et al., 2019). They also provide training comparable to powerful republics such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc. This country also provides an excellent opportunity for employee placement, with a two-year contract and opportunities for advancement. This is strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the employees.

Singapore is not only a varied, attractive, and lively residence to live in, but it also outshines security. This makes it an ideal Institution to further my studies. City streets and communal transportation approaches are remarkably safe for wanderers due to strict laws and low crime rates. In Singapore, diversity is not only tolerated but actively encouraged. Many ex-pats provide a welcoming environment for visitors, and the town — and even taxi drivers — are known for their openness toward strangers (Wong et al., 2019). For residents and visiting scholars alike, the blending of so many different cultures provides a unique worldview. NTU is the best young university globally, and it offers digital classes to its bright students. Because my goal is to work in consulting and business, I believe it is the best university for me to continue my education. This country and university, in particular, manifest the innovation brought by new generations, and I see myself and my peers as the ones capable of translating this innovation legacy worldwide.


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