Academician Career Journey of Psychology Professor

Few professions are as important for the functioning of society as teachers. It might not be the most modern, prestigious, and attractive job, but the simple fact is that without teachers, there would be no engineers, doctors, economists, and countless other professionals. Transfer of knowledge to younger generations will always be a relevant task. However, the importance of the teaching profession is not reflected in its social acknowledgement or financial compensation. The idea that teachers are not paid enough to properly recuperate from work is a recurring theme in society. However, only teachers can convey what challenges they truly face.

Professor Georgia Johnson is a teacher of psychology at the University of Florida. As most working people do, she also has a daily routine. Her workday is not different from a usual shift – 8 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Although teachers are commonly believed to have a flexible schedule, Johnson’s work is more predictable. According to her, “each teacher is allocated a maximum of two lessons per day, each lasting three hours from Monday to Friday.” The remaining hours are spent on the preparation for future lessons and assessments of students’ papers.

It should be evident that teachers have a busy schedule, which forces them to properly configure their work-life balance. Such a challenge causes many people to wonder whether teachers voluntarily choose this profession or do it purely because of the salary and social benefits. Although Johnson indicated that finances are the major drivers of many people who work as teachers, enthusiasm is also prevalent. Her response also implied that she actually feels passionate about her work and would continue doing it until retirement.

Such dedication is definitely noteworthy, yet it might also be interesting to ascertain why people choose this profession in the first place. In Johnson’s case, her inspiration came from her parents and her own teachers. In fact, she can trace her desire to pursue a teaching career to her early school grades. One particular person who had a significant influence on Johnson was Professor Gladson Kimberly. According to Johnson, Kimberly’s welcoming attitude and unstoppable desire to foster skill in students were the primary drive behind her career choice.

One of the most complicated aspects of the teaching profession is measuring success. Unlike salespeople or engineers, the outcome of teachers’ work is not as evident. Therefore, it is important to know how teachers themselves measure success. Johnson provided an unusual metric, according to which success is doing the best while being motivated by a sincere desire to make the world a better place rather than pursuing selfish gain. Johnson considers academicians to be heroes for doing the crucial work of raising younger generations.

However, the mutual solidarity of teachers is only as relevant as the number of people who desire to become teachers. Johnson understands that her profession is not particularly attractive to young people, which is not likely to change. She does encourage students to resist pressure from peers and parents and understand their real talents and dreams. Although governmental support of teaching programs would encourage more young people to pursue teaching careers, Johnson believes that each individual should make this decision themselves. Only a person who is passionate about their work can achieve consistent results, and Professor Johnson is a shining example of this principle.

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