Analysis of Child’s Motor Development

Motor development is how a child interacts with the world and people around them, their own and others’ emotions, speech, and objects. As young children, they chew things, throw them, pinch them, and hit them precisely because they know the world; they develop. Through such actions, the child learns about the properties of objects and how right or wrong their behavior is. At the age of 3, children strive to know the world around them and ask many questions; they actively develop speech and expand social contacts. They are no longer kids who did not walk very confidently and could not always explain their desires in words, but they are still far from school.

For the child to develop correctly, it is recommended to carry out several actions maximally aimed at the formation of motor formation. For example, it is necessary to work carefully so that the child can distinguish between the parents’ emotions and their own to understand the condition of other people and demonstrate his own. Educational games are well suited for this, as well as communication with other children. During the game, the child acts more inventively and shows imagination. They try different roles and behaviors, such as playing doctor or having tea with toys.

It is essential to give the child a lot of time for unstructured games: with their help, preschoolers express joy, excitement, anger, or fear. Children at this age also like to mess around in the sandbox, play with dolls and other toys, especially in the fresh air, where you can actively move. In addition, parents can read together with their child: reading stories and fairy tales together, singing familiar songs, and reciting poems by heart. All this develops speech, stimulates the child’s thinking and imagination.

Together with the child, parents can create together: drawing, modeling, applique, or doll dressing games. Another idea that a child may like is musical games: all kinds of dances, active games to music or playing simple instruments. Everything that will somehow help the child be involved, gain new knowledge, and entertain them will help promote motor development. It is necessary to monitor the child’s development carefully and maximally promote his successful acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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