Aspects of Classroom Management Plan

The created classroom management plan is based on everyone’s inclusion in the learning process which contributes to the creation of a favorable environment for the cooperation of the teacher and children. Therefore, harmony is emphasized in all matters, and it is ensured by paying attention to specific aspects. First, the perceived psychological and physical safety is established by encouraging the participants to share their opinions and feelings. Second, the responsibility is shared between students, educators, and parents, and they combine their efforts in instilling a sense of trust (Rusk, 2016). Third, classroom rules are designed to prevent bullying and other adverse outcomes and promote mutual respect. Fourth, the use of digital technologies is monitored and limited by teachers. Fifth, the behavior of learners is managed through praise and reward systems alongside attention to individual differences. In this way, all of the essential aspects of the process are adequately covered by this initiative.

Considering the need for adapting the plan to my current students who are in the second grade, particular changes are vital for implementation. They are mainly related to the varying psychological characteristics of these children and preschoolers. Thus, the training of appropriate manners should be used not as the initial learning of appropriate behavior models but to readjust the improper ones as they are already formed. The patterns of collaboration should be modified to decrease the role of parents to provide a greater degree of independence to the learners. The tasks performed in a playful form should be substituted by reading and other assignments, which they can perform by this age. In addition, the development of productive and acceptable habits should be oriented toward individuals, who already admit the existence of specific regulations in this regard in society.


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