Aspects of Education: High Sensitivity

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Proper mental health education is a process during which competent specialists in psychology and psychiatry inform everyone in need about various mental health topics. It should be affordable, easily accessible, and understandable for all age groups. Educational materials and lectures must be supported by double-blind peer-reviewed scientific data, just like on the National Institute of Mental Health website (“Education and Awareness”). Traditional live and online meetings via Zoom are possible methods of contact between educators and the audience.

Separate social media platforms for children are those analogous to existing websites and applications, the content of which is aimed only at children. They provide products and services for children while keeping them safe from online grooming, bullying, and child predators. They also make it possible for original platforms to release adult content. Such platforms can be created as a standalone website or application or perform as a segment of the original platform such as YouTube Kids.

Guidelines are rules for using something or how to behave in a particular place. Breaking the guidelines usually leads to punishment or limitation of opportunities.

Restrictions to content are restrictions on access to something for a specific group. Restrictions to content are usually set directly by the content maker or distributor, or publisher. Their goal is to avoid seeing content that might be shocking or private to an unwanted audience.

One can say that sensitivity is a collection of awareness of the developers of all potential categories of their audience and measures taken to restrict unwanted groups’ access. High sensitivity can be achieved through photo proof or a test by which moderators could determine a new user’s age and intentions. Other options for increasing sensitivity are parental control, such as Family View in Steam and Microsoft Family Safety in Windows 10.

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