Community Involvement: Making a Difference

Education is broadly accepted as one of the foremost instruments for enhancing social and economic development at the community level. Today, more than ever before, many institutions of higher learning take cognizance of the fact that their capacity to develop professionals who will lead in their own specializations and in the betterment of the society is of critical importance in the 21st-century knowledge-based economy (Zadra, 2004).

At Walden University, this realization is well entrenched in its mission statement, which profoundly states that the institution’s main objective is to extend an opportunity to career professionals to actively transform themselves as scholar-practitioners with the intention that they will affect positive social change to the community (Walden University, 2010). To be able to achieve this, professionals must align themselves with organizations that contribute to the health of the community in all dimensions of life. The main object of this paper is to demonstrate how I can actively participate in such organizations to make a positive social change to society and advance the greater global good.

There exist numerous organizations that aim to enhance the living standards and health of people using uncomplicated yet workable interventions to make a difference, especially to the less-disadvantaged members of society (Zadra, 2004). To mention just four of such organizations, the American Red Cross is a globally recognized humanitarian organization that concerns itself with the provision of relief to victims of the disaster in addition to assisting people to prevent, prepare for, and actively respond to both natural or manmade calamities (ARC, n.d.).

The Rotary International provides “…service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders” (Rotary International, 2010). The American Cancer Society is yet another voluntary organization that has transformed the lives of many people by helping them stay well, get well, and by collaborating with the affected in an attempt to find effective cures for various forms of cancers and related diseases (ACS, 2010). Lastly, Doctors without Boarders is an independent medical humanitarian organization that contributes to the health of communities by providing emergency assistance to individuals affected by epidemics, neglect, violence, and natural or manmade catastrophes at an international level (YourCause.Com, 2010).

I would like to align my voluntary services to the American Red Cross by virtue of the fact that the organization has the capacity to reach millions of individuals internationally who may be going through various difficulties associated with disease, hunger, poverty, natural or manmade disasters, and educational needs, among others. To facilitate my capacity to assist, I plan to link up with other professionals with similar intentions to set a local collection point whereby we shall encourage the local population to donate food items, clothing, books, and blankets to be distributed to the needy in other areas through the elaborate and efficient system demonstrated by the American Red Cross over the years (ARC, n.d.).

This urge is informed by the fact that millions of people across the world, and especially in Africa, are going without food and other basic necessities due to reasons that are beyond their control. This is in line with Walden University’s mission of working together to effect positive social change on the communities in need.

Apart from the above, I plan to use my professional expertise to liaise with pharmaceutical companies and other people of goodwill to donate drugs and other medical supplies that will later be distributed to communities such as those affected by the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. This action is informed by the knowledge that there is nothing more fulfilling to an individual’s professional career than serving humanity (Zadra, 2004). I would also like to be accorded a chance to volunteer my services to educate the affected communities on how to prevent common diseases that end up claiming the lives of people in developing countries.

It is sad to watch news of how children in Africa and other developing nations are dying of preventable diseases such as Kwashiorkor and Pneumonia for lack of information about how they can prevent such diseases. Again, the above actions align well with Walden’s mission of effecting positive social change in the community.

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