Concepts of Pedagogy and Andragogy

Instead of traditional lectures in class, I would suggest a combination of pedagogy and andragogy as learning activities. I would structure the course and its content so that pedagogy plays a role in education as a real holistic process, and andragogy is the basis for this process. Andragogy occupies an important place in the system of sciences. Moreover, it is essential to implement it in the learning system using the principle of priority of self-study (Robbins, & Judge, 2017). This principle provides a person with the opportunity to slowly get acquainted with educational materials, memorize terms, concepts, classifications, understand the processes and technologies of their implementation.

On the basis of andragogy, I would form the theoretical and practical function of pedagogy. The theoretical function is realized at the descriptive level to study advanced or innovative pedagogical experience. Also, an essential element is a diagnostic level, which is to identify the state of pedagogical phenomena, the success or effectiveness of the teacher and students to establish the conditions and causes of this activity (Bansal et al., 2020). Also, the theoretical function is implemented at the prognostic level, which includes experimental studies of pedagogical activities and building on their basic models of transformation of reality. As for the technological function of pedagogy, it is important to assess the impact of research results on teaching and education practice with further correction based on the interaction of theory and practice. Thus, a reasonable combination of pedagogy and andragogy is the best means of mastering the material. Also, student motivation to study is an important element of the quality of learning material. It is andragogy aimed at developing the desire to learn and to understand the importance of education.


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