Curricular Reform – Competence Based Learning

Any area of life requires novel developments to reach up to existing world of competence and pace. The same is true for academic sector; “curriculum reforms are at the heart of any wide ranging initiative that may be taken to improve the quality of educational provision at different stages” (Chapter 5: Systemic Reforms, 2005, p.102). Recently, many reforms have been conquered our academic field.

The topic selected from the purview of curricular reforms selected for discussion in this paper is Competence‐Based Learning. The contemporary world will be happy with a competing mode of curriculum which illuminates the criterion of selecting of the particular topic. “Competence based learning has received much attention from a didactical perspective, in which predominantly the effectiveness of the learning processes of the students is addressed” (Martin & Willems, n.d., p.1). The cost of competence based learning on a bulky amount and on a schedule base is being defined as invaluable. The result of this approach learning has created real life advancements in every sector of teaching and learning.

Outlook of academics is given a fresh vision accepted by most of the universities and training schools around the globe. The competence based learning policy shows the way to lessons and classes through which learners are exposed to pragmatic conditions thus helping them to make obvious whether and how they decipher different tribulations they encounter amidst. Just learning from texts and other materials will never help in accomplishing any type of studies. Any curriculum has an objective that whatever learned becomes useful in one or the other face of further learning or life. So getting exposed to possible real life cases in the course of learning will make the maximum advantage. Another benefit is regarding numerous realistic approaches made available when each individual face the same situation, giving a chance for betterment as well as evaluated selection of methods. Text written by one absorbed by many will always stand much behind this type of learning because of its functional actuality and experience posed to learners. On a scholastic echelon, the course works characteristically need the scholars to formulate a scrutiny and create an organized and lucid discussion for an elucidation. Weighted against conventional creative and talent supported training looms, these home works will necessitate labor-intensive criticism from barely accessible proficient superiors.

Real life example for efficient usage of Competence‐Based Learning is Impact 360. “Adding competency-based learning to your Impact 360 solutions provides you with even greater business value” (Competency-based learning, 2006, p.2). Competency-based Learning reduces the hardships in the errands related to conveying and running schooling and learning, at the same time facilitating the communication core to distribute adapted wisdom competently throughout a specific representative course starting from pre to post conditions, achieving requisite during the gap between them. Competency-Based Learning makes available a confined presentation scheme that involuntarily allocates, distributes and appraises teaching. The system provides opportunities for making superior resolution, quicker — and profit from a solitary, synchronized resource of sustain, overhaul and preservation by means of lesser expenditure of possession.

The method discussed in this paper is much better in this contemporary universe where there is always an instant requirement for practical and analytical learning modes. Competency-Based Learning essentially becomes actual requirement nowadays which becomes clear from various schooling seen widely. They often fails o make their students efficient with respect to certain sensible situations they encounter which necessitates proper application of what they learned. The failure made at such situations is the factual collapse compared to that in examinations they face as a part of curriculum. In fact, Competency-Based Learning provides a competing and outstanding curriculum providing appropriate use what is meant by schooling.


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