Eastern Greene High School Main Gym: Sand and Refinish

Project Goal and Purpose

The aim of this presentation is to expose the Eastern Greene High School (EGHS) Board to the current state of the gym. Demonstrating the extent of floor wear and inefficient lighting in the facility, coupled with best practices in this area across the Indiana region, will help the School Board recognize and appreciate how LED Lighting Fixtures and Refinishing Gymnasium Floor beneficial would be for athletes, the school, fans, visitors, and the local community. Currently, the gym is in a wanting state compared to similar facilities in other educational institutions within the Indiana region. Therefore, Shading light on the inefficiencies in the lighting system and extent of wear and tear of the flood would help attract the attention of the School Board and other stakeholders to fast-track the improvement of this vital facility.

Background and Major Problems

The EGHS gymnasium was constructed in 2009 and furnished with 44 lighting fixtures. Most gymnasium floors are sanded down to bare wood and refinished after every 5-10 years based on the usage of the gym floor. The institution is used for various activities, including PE classes, school, and community events. Such options grant the gym warrant to be properly maintained for comfortability. The EGHS gymnasium has several problems that call for immediate attention. The bulbs throughout the facility malfunction frequently due to old age and wear. According to Pope et al. (2016), the renovation of rare and outdated fixtures makes the gym relatively costly and difficult to maintain. Addressing these concerns would help not only reduce the maintenance costs but also make the facility more appealing to officials, coaches, players, and fans, and visitors.

Floor Wear and Tear

Hardwood floors, including those in the EGHS gymnasium, are universally recognized for lasting for a considerably longer period. However, the integrity of these surfaces may be compromised by many factors. In the EGHS case, for example, water and moisture, dirty shoes of active athletes, fans, coaches, visitors, and heavy furniture pose a serious threat to the beauty and longevity of the facility’s hardwood flooring. Overall, the photos of the gym floor from a distance may not appear damaged, but the darker wood look wear due to the many years of repeated wax and improper refinishing. This is a serious concern because the floor constitutes a critical element of any sports facility. According to Armstrong (2017), a well-finished and maintained floor “provides a safe, high-performance surface that allows athletes to train for hours on end, enjoy their game, and fully realize their potential, while also helping to prevent injuries and accidents” (para. 1). Armstrong (2017) further cautions that wooden facility surfaces always start appearing dull and exhibiting signs of wear and tear after being used for some time, even if they are meticulously maintained. These observations offer a stronger justification for refinishing the gym floor to keep it safe and in excellent condition at all times.

Old & New Fixtures

The first two photos show the old, inefficient lighting fixtures at the Eastern Greene High School (EGHS) gymnasium, while the last one demonstrates the same facility after being fitted with new fixtures. The old fixtures reflect one of the most pressing environmental issues globally – all-time high energy consumption (Cooper, 2017). Unlike LED lights, current old bulbs utilize far too much electricity to generate power, contain toxic elements that can be harmful to vision and psyche, and have a shorter lifespan (Cooper, 2017). These disadvantages contribute to the higher costs the school incurs on maintaining the facility. Embracing LED lighting solutions will help the facility overcome unnecessary expenses. With the growing focus on eco-friendly lighting solutions, there is a strong need for EGHS to install more efficient and eco-friendly bulbs to reduce energy consumption costs. As depicted in the first two photos, the current lighting system is power-hungry. Furthermore, the facility has some rare spare parts, which is a serious concern because in case the school fails to find the correct replacements, it would prove to be expensive. In that case, it is highly recommended to replace the current lighting system with a modern one with low voltage and conservative to the environment and nature.


The refinishing of the floor would make it easy for the repainting of lines and the school logo, which would, in turn, make it an appealing, safer, and comfortable place for officials, coaches, players, and fans, and visitors. For instance, LED lighting solutions are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and durable, thus they will help the school cut down lighting costs (T-1 Lighting, 2019; Cooper, 2017). Consistent with Armstrong (2017), replacing the lighting system and refinishing the floor would therefore make the gymnasium less costly in terms of lighting and maintenance of the gym, including the floor, lines, and the school logo. It is imperative to emphasize the benefits of LED lights, including lighting capacity, availability, and low price. Through laws and policy, environmental bodies such as the United Environmental Programme (UNEP) expect humanity to take care of the environment. Many countries are also gearing efforts towards environmentally-friendly practices, including recycling waste and limiting carbon footprint. In this context, EGHS has to rise to the occasion and be at the forefront in the adoption of modern technological innovations that can be used to reduce carbon emissions. The LED lighting system has been applauded as one of the most efficient lighting fixtures which conserve the environment. In addition, the refurbishment would make the facility more attractive and create more opportunities to host sectionals, invitations, and other community events that provide visitor traffic to the community.

Best Practices: Sullivan Jr. Sr. High School

These pictures showcase LED lighting systems and sanding and refinishing the gym floor at Sullivan Jr. Sr. High School. In addition to the cost-efficiencies of LED lights, the sanding and refinishing of the gym floor guarantee higher safety and performance surface for training, enjoying sports, and full talent maximization while preventing injury and accidents at all costs. The gym floor must be well-maintained. As depicted from the photos, the floor ought to be smooth, clean, dust-free, and free from scratches and cracks. Gym floor sanding is important as it preserves beauty and extends the life of the floor. Overall, implementing these best practices would help protect the environment and keep all users safer and healthier. The school board has a duty to contribute to the preservation of the planet, which would help ensure that future generations have a safe and hospitable environment. Such projects would transform EGHS into an eco-friendly, health-conscious institution.

Project Timeline

In the underlying case, the EGHS gymnasium is used frequently, and therefore, sanding will be an essential part of maintenance. Wooden floors should be refinished after every 5-10 years, depending on the usage (Armstrong, 2017). To this end, the school will have to procure professionals who have the appropriate equipment and profound experience for a fast, safe, and efficient sanding of the floor. The process of refinishing the gym floor will begin by sanding and removing the old court lines and layers of finish across the raw wood. This process should take a day, and in the next few days, scratches ought to be removed, followed by repairing the cracks and replacing wood that is deemed deteriorated. After the completion of the repair work, the floor will be resurfaced, and a new finish will be laid down (Armstrong, 2017).


The estimated cost of installing the LED lighting system is $13,200. The selection of the installation firm would be informed by a cost-benefit analysis of the products and services offered. Required equipment includes LED lights, switches, and electrical cables. Cincinnati Floor Company would be preferred to complete the sanding of the gym floor at the cost of 27,518. The company was chosen because it has the capability to “furnish all necessary labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to sand the existing wood gym floor to bare wood, stain the three point areas, seal with 2 coats of oil modified finish, stripe similar to existing (size and amount of logos), then apply two coats of oil modified finish” as indicated in their proposal. The firm offered to complete this task at the cost of $27,518 and an additional $1,298 for applying a waterborne finish in lieu of an oil-modified finish for the final two finish coats.


Eastern Greene has the capability to provide the best experience for the community and its visitors. The proposed improvements in the lighting fixtures and sanding of the floor will result in the following positive outcomes: enhanced safety, minimal or no legal charges associated with environmental pollution, greater energy efficiency, extended lifespan of the gym lighting and floors, excellent visual, greater opportunities for nurturing many talents and holding numerous events and discussions.


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