Education: Cost and Resources


Like any non-profit organization, public school has to operate within rather strict limits of their budget; hence, it is vital to allocate costs most optimally. While purchasing goods and services, the administration must carefully assess offers made by different suppliers and find the best price-quality ratio. This paper aims to make recommendations about procuring learning facilities for drama, vocal, piano, and speech classes. Hopefully, it can reduce the overall expenses that the school currently has to incur.

Speech Classes

According to the standards established by the Madison city board, learning materials for this course, include the following items: a three-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, pen, pencils, and other accessories. Furthermore, the school needs to buy Speech for Effective Communication by Rudolf Verderber. While compiling this bill we have tried to evaluate the reliability of the supplier, the price of the item, and discounts given by the companies. We have chosen Clean Sweep Supply as the main provider because this shop specializes in school desk accessories and provides a wide choice of goods. Moreover, it does not charge for shipping.

Items Price Source
Speech for Effective Communication $ 55
One three-ring binder with dividers $ 1. 94
College ruled loose-leaf paper $ 1
Pen $ 0, 50 Local stationery shop
Pencil $ 0.50 Local Stationary shop
Stick Pads $4, 90
Markers $9. 50
Poster Board $15

Total cost per student: $ 87.

Drama Classes

Students will require access to various literary sources, a collection of cinematographic scripts, and audio files. Furthermore, they may need to use a TV set and tape recorder. In this case, we need to calculate the costs per class, rather than the student because all of these resources will be in common use. Overall, it is quite possible to reduce costs to a minimum with the help of the Internet which offers a multitude of options to us.

Item Price Source
TV Set $ 100 Local Shop YellowBot
Tape-recorder $ 45, 50 Local Shop YellowBot
Literary Sources and Scripts $ 0.00 Project Gutenberg, Google Books, the Internet Movie Scripts Database
Audio Files and live performances $ 0.00 Internet Archive

Total cost per class: $ 145.

Vocal Classes

As regards vocal classes, we can say that the expenses can be minimized by using the Internet. Nonetheless, they will still necessitate the school administration to purchase s such devices as a microphone, and other accessories like a set of music paper (according to the number of the student). This table presents the list of the most necessary objects.

Item Price Source
Sheet Music Paper $10 Local Stationery Shop
Collections of Songs with Notes $. 00
  1. music Texts Lyric for Everyone
  2. Kennedy Center
  3. 8 Notes. Com
Tape-recorder $ 45, 50 Local Shop YellowBot
Microphone $ 100 Local acoustics shop

In this case, it is also more preferable to estimate costs for the whole class. The amount of money to be spent equals $155, 50

Piano Classes

The requirements of piano classes are practically analogous to the vocal classes. Yet, there are several exceptions: namely, it is necessary to buy musical instruments and purchase various textbooks. The set of items, presented in this list, is the minimum standard for musical classes. Again, we have attempted to cut down costs at no expense to the quality. We have chosen the book The piano handbook by Carl Humphries, which is believed to be one of the best manuals for piano players. Online shop such as Amazon would be the most optimal solution because it offers discounts in case of wholesale purchase.

Item Price Source
Manual: The piano Handbook by Carl Humphries, 2003 20 Amazon
Sheet Music Paper $10 Local Stationery Shop
Collection of songs and compositions $ 00
  1. since Texts Lyric for Everyone
  2. Kennedy Center
  3. 8 Notes. Com
Piano $ 600
  1. local Musical Shop

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