Education: Private Schools vs Public Schools


Debates have been waged regarding this topic, but nothing conclusive has been agreed at. While most people tend to sway to the side of which they have experience in, others tend to sway on the opposite side as the grass always looks greener on the other side. Invariably, our opinions are based on our experiences whether bad or good. Nevertheless, we can use basic empirical facts to arrive at a unanimous decision, but unfortunately each school whether private or public is unique in its own way and as such the whole opinion regarding this debate should not be based on one school alone but the collective public school or private school system.


One particular aspect that has been observed in past debates is that each system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages and thus more often than not, the debates have been balanced with instances of biasness on either side. This does not mean that a public school is the same as a private school. No. We see that public schools in the US have generally a higher student enrollment than private schools thus setting a vibrant background for strong social interaction and development. This has proved to be a very strong case in that the ways that public school educated persons relate to others is different from the private school educated persons. Those that have been educated in the public school system tend to be more aggressive in life an important ingredient in succeeding in life. This is because the level of competition in public schools whether in classwork, sports and other activities is higher. However, this aggressiveness is considered advantageous if only utilized wisely and in a positive manner.

Public schools have better public relations due to their higher number of students. This has been observed from the fact that the high number of students has these schools struggling more with finances than private schools. As a result, the donor community is more willing to help and donate to public schools and assist in many other ways than in the case of private schools. It has been observed that, students in public schools can easily obtain vocational job opportunities than their counterparts in private schools. This is because students in public schools are viewed as needier and more industrious.

On the other hand private schools have demonstrated superior academic performance due to the smaller classes facilitated by relatively low enrollments. As a result they have a smaller pool of parents who are more willing to participate in the success of their children in education and life and willing to pay for it. As such, development projects in private schools are easily completed to improve performance and the general welfare of students. This case is also applicable though in a different manner in the case of public schools. Their high number of students means that former students are many and once in the corporate world are willing to assist in one or another and even through donations to their former schools.

The general egalitarian perception which is mainly true, in public school has created many problems with discipline to the students and to the community in which they are located. This has resulted into general poor performance as there are no entry exams also and the large number of students is laborious to manage. The general management of the public school system is poor as the district and state authorities have showed some degree of inefficiency. As a result there has been a program to improve the schools through the chartered school system.


In conclusion, we see that the claim that the green looks greener on the other side may actually hold true. This is because each system has its unique strong and weak points. Having experienced the public schools system, I would feel that I am at advantageous point than my brothers who attended private school and according to me, have a very soft approach to life. In my opinion therefore, I would advocate for public school though a lot need to be done to improve academic performance.

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