Education Programs for Several Lessons

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Lesson – Ocean Acidification

Ways to Prevent Ocean Acidification

  1. I can start using less electricity and inform my friends about the effects of its excessive use on the process of ocean acidification. This solution will not only help to protect the oceans but will also allow me to save money.
  2. I can use fewer new products if I select recycled goods. In this way, the demand for them will decrease, and the factories which produce them will be less profitable and, therefore, less harmful in the long run.
  3. I can walk more and drive less, and the benefits for my health will complement the slowing pace of ocean acidification.

Mini-Lesson: Terms

Ocean acidification is the gradual decrease in the pH (scale of acidity and alkalinity) and an increase in the oceans’ acidity.

pH is a scale that indicates the level of acidity of the oceans.

Brainstorm: Four Consequences to Ocean Acidification

  1. The reduction in the amounts of carbonate in the water will lead to the thinning of marine inhabitants’ shells.
  2. People will face the problem of the lack of seafood products.
  3. The process of climate change will accelerate when the oceans stop absorbing CO2.
  4. The coral reefs will disappear, and the shorelines will be unprotected.

Current Event Article: Questions

  1. pH is an indicator demonstrating the acidity levels of the oceans. It affects them by posing a threat to their inhabitants when decreasing since this process is accompanied by the increase in CO2 which dissolves calcium carbonate they need for shells.
  2. The level of pH in the oceans is decreasing due to the accelerated process of CO2 dissolution.

Article Summary

The article presents the problem of ocean acidification and its adverse effects on marine inhabitants. According to it, the threat of their extinction is explained by the increase in the acidity level (Zaugg, 2019). Moreover, this process leads to a climate crisis which worsens the situation (Zaugg, 2019). The author also provides an example of an asteroid in Chicxulub. It caused acid rains and thereby contributed to ocean acidification (Zaugg, 2019). This information allows tracing the precondition of this process and adds to the knowledge of the issue.

Lesson: Thank You, Ma’am

Part I: Four Unfamiliar Words

  1. Half nelson is a wrestling hold implying holding a person’s arm and neck from behind.
  2. Latch onto something means grasping or attaching oneself to an object.
  3. Look presentable means looking good enough regarding the circumstances.
  4. Barren is a synonym for sterile or empty (e.g., barren stoop).

Part II: The Most Interesting Part of the Story

The most interesting part of the story was when Mrs. Jones was cooking dinner for the boy. It was a turning point in the narrative when the reader could finally see the woman’s attitude towards the thief. Hence, she demonstrated her understanding of Roger’s situation since, as she said, it was normal to be young and want to buy things one cannot afford (Hughes, n.d.). In this way, Mrs. Jones trusts him more than he deserves and thereby teaches him a lesson.

Part III: Letter

Dear …,

I highly recommend you read the story “Thank You, Ma’am,” written by Langston Hughes. It represents one of the most invaluable lessons a stranger can teach to a child. In the narrative, a large woman named Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was walking home from work when a young thief tried to steal her purse. She caught the boy and brought him home which terrified him, but Mrs. Jones did not punish him. Instead, she explained to Roger, which was the boy’s name, that her experience resembles his situation and gave him food and money for new suede shoes.

The main characters, Mrs. Jones and Roger, seem to be different but have much in common. The former was brought up in similar circumstances, even though now she is a respectable woman. The latter, in turn, is a boy with a dirty face neglected by his parents. His situation evoked compassion in Mrs. Jones, who helped him in such a way that he understood the importance of trust and virtue.

Best wishes,

Week 1: Exercise Log

Monday/ Upper body, Muscular strength Tuesday/Lower body Muscular strength Wednesday/Cardiovascular endurance Thursday/Upper body, Muscular endurance Friday/Lower body, Muscular endurance
Warm-up / Cardio
Walking in place and jumping jacks (10 min)
Bike riding (10 min)
Warm-up / Cardio
Jumping rope (10 min)
Bike riding (10 min)
Warm-up / Cardio
Warm-up / Cardio
Jumping rope (10 min)
Bike riding (10 min)
Warm-up / Cardio
Walking in place and jumping jacks (10 min)
Bike riding (10 min)
Fitness Focus
Push-ups, single legs, and lunges (10 min)
Fitness Focus
Push up claps, jackknives, and squats (10 min)
Fitness Focus
Fitness Focus
Push-ups, single legs, and lunges (10 min)
Fitness Focus
Push up claps, jackknives, and squats (10 min)
Tricep stretch and shoulder stretch (5 min)
Hamstring stretch and quadriceps stretch (5 min)
Reach for the sky and handcuff stretch (5 min)
Calf stretch and butterfly stretch (5 min)
Reach for the sky and handcuff stretch (5 min)
Calf stretch and butterfly stretch (5 min)
Tricep stretch and shoulder stretch (5 min)
Hamstring stretch and quadriceps stretch (5 min)
Good mood and burst of energy
A little dizzy
Slight discomfort (sore muscles)
Good mood. Should I change anything in my fitness plan to make it more balanced?

Enduring Issue Project

In your own words, what is an enduring issue in Social Studies?

An enduring issue is a challenge repeating over time regardless of society and other circumstances which affect all people and, therefore, is widely discussed.

Why is it important for people to make connections to issues, problems that have repeated over time?

The importance of making connections to emerging issues is defined by the need to develop a mechanism allowing society to combat them.

Why are recurring events/themes/issues important for historians to study and explain?

It is critical to study recurring events, themes, and issues in the historical context since it provides scholars with extensive information regarding inappropriate methods intended to solve specific problems in the past. In this way, people can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Document 1

Main Idea

Divine rights of Louis XVI and the misuse of power resulting from them.


The King allegedly received his power from God and was entitled to interfere in any aspect of human life. In this way, he was the only person responsible to God for appointing civil officials and military officers, law enforcement, war declaration, and tax distribution. This situation subsequently resulted in the rise of public discontent.

Document 2

Main Idea

Tyranny of citizens by authority figures and their consequent punishment by the public.


Maximilien Robespierre was attempting to implement his vision of an ideal society. However, his methods were criticized for the neglect of citizens’ opinions. As a result, he was confronted by the monarchy he was trying to overthrow and common people.

Enduring Issue

Power and conflict: Indifference towards human lives leads to citizens’ protests to the initiators of movements possessing the required authority or the monarchs abusing their power on the grounds of various theories.

Document 1 Topic

Misuse of power by the King, Louis XVI, stemmed from the guidance of the divine right theory.

Document 2 Topic

Misuse of authority by Maximilien Robespierre results from his obsession with ideas regarding an ideal society.

Classwork: Napoleonic Wars

The goal for the week

I have abundant knowledge of the week’s materials and take responsibility for the learning outcomes.

Part I

Describe the Text in Your Own Words

The text presents the perceptions of soldiers and indigenous tribes during the war. The former relies on the mercy of God, whereas the latter demonstrates only fear.

Enduring Issue Supported by the Document

The first issue is conflicting because it is the document’s central theme. The second issue relates to human rights violations since this problem is typical for colonization and accompanying war conflicts.

Enduring Issue Not Supported by the Document

The issues not connected to the document are technology and urbanization. They both are inherent only in an advanced society, not in indigenous tribes.

Define the Term

Vocabulary Word Definition Part of Speech Antonym
Exiled Expelled from one’s country, mostly for political reasons Verb Reinstate

Which sentence correctly uses the word EXILED?

The King was overthrown and EXILED to a different country.

Why did the Continental System Fail to Stop the British from Trading?

The Continental System’s failure was conditional upon the emergence of smuggling and disregard of the blockade by Napoleon’s allies.

Using the Cartoon and Your Prior Knowledge, Describe Napoleon’s relationship to the rest of Europe

Napoleon’s relationship with the rest of Europe was defined by his desire to conquest as many countries as possible. Hence, they either submitted to his demands or became his enemies.

Napoleon’s Empire in 1812

What Were the 2 Reasons Napoleon’s Grand Army of 400,000 Men Were Defeated in Russia?

The first reason was the fact that Russian troops burned all crops and killed livestock so that Napoleon’s soldiers starved. The second reason was the onset of winter since French soldiers were not ready for it.

Why Was Invading Russia Considered Napoleon’s Biggest Mistake?

Invading Russia was considered Napoleon’s biggest mistake since it led to a coalition between Russia, Prussia, England, Spain, and Portugal, and they defeated his weakened army.

Video: The Napoleonic Wars in 3 Minutes

Why Were the French People so Happy to Have Napoleon Back?

They were afraid that Louis XVIII would undo the land reforms.

Why Was the Battle of Waterloo (1815) Important? Why Was Napoleon Exiled to St. Helena?

The battle was important because it marked the final defeat of Napoleon’s army (Jabzy, 2015).

Determine Whether Napoleon Was a Hero or a Villain. Use Evidence From the Lesson to Support Your Argument.

He was more of a villain since his actions led to tremendous human sacrifice while not bringing prosperity to France.

Do Now – Regents Prep

In This Passage About a Conflict in Mexico, Whose Perspective is Being Expressed?

(2) Spanish conquistador because the faith in God was attributed to them.

According to the Author, Which Factors Were Influencing the Outcome of the Conflict?

(4) Technology and fear because indigenous people were afraid of Spaniards with advanced weapons.

Napoleon on Trials Characters

List Evidence that Proves Napoleon Was Guilty of Betraying the Ideals of the French Revolution

He prohibited newspapers and citizens from criticizing him, could elect 90% of officials, and violated other human rights.

List Evidence that Proves Napoleon is Not Guilty of Betraying the Ideals of the French Revolution

He defeated the nations attacking France and cared about its people.

Do you think Napoleon is Guilty or Innocent of Betraying the Ideals of the French Revolution?

He was guilty because he did not observe basic human rights.


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Jabzy. (2015). Napoleonic wars | 3 minute history [Video]. YouTube. Web.

Zaugg, J. (2019). Tiny shell fossils reveal how ocean acidification can cause mass extinction. CNN. Web.

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