Financial Aid Salary Application

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Modern technologies such as the Internet are revolutionizing the way different activities are undertaken. The invention of different application programs is something that has supported the goals of many business organizations and institutions. Such apps streamline information sharing, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving processes. The proposed project seeks to introduce a powerful app known as Financial Aid Salary Application (FASA) that can support Zayed University’s mission. The app is also expected to meet the needs of many students in the institution. The idea has been informed by the major challenges and errors associated with the current manual system used by the Office of Student Support.

The project as a Business Case

The proposed project meets the criteria for a business case. Several reasons can be presented to support this argument. To begin with, the concept of project management is embraced by many scholars in the field of business. This is the case because institutions and organizations utilize the model whenever implementing new procedures, action plans, or launching new products. The suggested app will, therefore, succeed if adequate business approaches are taken into consideration. Secondly, new ideas can be embraced by business firms to improve performance and efficiency. The introduction of FASA in the university will ensure that every targeted objective is realized within the stipulated period.

The third consideration is that business leaders always focus on new concepts, changes, and innovations that can maximize the level of customer satisfaction. The targeted beneficiaries in this case include every student in the university. The new app will shorten the time taken to process monthly aids or salaries. The approach will also minimize most of the errors associated with the institution’s manual system. These gains show conclusively that the proposed project can be completed or pursued as a business case.

Project Selection

The first stage or activity undertaken before selecting the above project was to identify the right organization. Zayed University was identified as the best institution for implementing a new app that could transform or support its academic objectives. The second stage was to consider different areas such as financial management, communication, accounting, leadership, and students’ welfare. This move was undertaken to identify specific processes that could benefit from modern technologies. This strategy exposed several challenges that were making it hard for different students to achieve their goals. It was noted that many learners were presenting grievances due to misplaced (or missing names) and delayed monthly aids.

The analysis also revealed that the Office of Student Support was relying on manual systems to complete different activities whenever allocating monthly financial aids. Such procedures were tedious since a total of seven programs had to be considered. This information led to the identification of a powerful app that could streamline most of these operations and support the changing needs of every student in the university. This powerful approach explains how the proposed project was proposed. If the project is conducted and implemented successfully, Zayed University will continue to support its learners and empower them to achieve their potential.

Objectives, Goals, and Requirements

The success of this project will depend on the strategies and activities undertaken by different stakeholders. Before implementing the project, these goals, objectives, and requirements will be used to guide and support the entire process.


  • To program, design, and complete the app within the specified period.
  • To link the app banner and the finance system.


  • Ensure that administrators use the app successfully.
  • Ensure that the app has adequate features to support administrators’ roles.
  • Ensure that the changing needs of ZU students are met.


  • Skilled programmers.
  • Adequate resources such as powerful computers, programming software, and fast Internet.
  • Financial support from the university.

Preliminary Scope Statement

The current situation at ZU explains why the proposed app is needed. The Office of Student Support has been using manual systems to support financial aid students. The administrators in the department allocate aid programs manually every month. They go a step further to update lists manually and check the academic status or performance of every student. Students, on the other hand, have to send their names to the finance department to ensure that their salaries and monthly aids have been processed effectively. That being the case, the introduction of a powerful app can make it easier for every administrator to complete his or her tasks efficiently and accurately.

Many learning institutions are implementing new apps and technologies to ensure that various activities are completed successfully. The era of the Internet is minimizing most of the challenges and costs incurred whenever using manual systems or operations. This kind of development explains why Zayed University should be on the frontline to embrace the power of modern technologies and support the needs of its key stakeholders.

It is also evident that the manual system has been associated with numerous mistakes such as lost names or duplication of monthly aid for some students. The introduction of the new system will ensure that such mistakes are avoided. The administrators will also be in a position to complete their tasks and support the emerging needs of every student in the university. If these objectives are to be achieved, the proposed app should be designed in such a way that it has numerous modules. The development and inclusion of such modules will ensure that different departments, students, parents, and other stakeholders use the app efficiently. The ultimate goal, therefore, is to streamline most of the operations associated with the processing of monthly salaries for the targeted students.

High-Level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Application Development Process 1. Initiation
  1. Evaluation and recommendations
  2. Develop project charter
  3. Submit project charter
  4. Reviews
  5. Project charter signed/approved
2. Planning
  1. Create a preliminary scope statement
  2. Determining project team
  3. Project kickoff
  4. Develop project plan
  5. Submit project plan
  6. Project plan approval
3. Execution
  1. Project kickoff meeting
  2. Verify and validate
  3. Design system
  4. Procurement
  5. Install development system
  6. Testing phase
  7. Installing app
  8. User training
  9. App launching
4. Control
  1. Project management
  2. Project status meetings
  3. Risk management iv. Updating the project management plan
5. Monitoring
  1. Monitoring
  2. Feedback
  3. Update/improvement


The proposed project will ensure that the proposed app is available to every stakeholder. Students will be encouraged to access the app using their tablets, mobile phones, or personal computers. The level of satisfaction among the students will increase significantly and empower the Office of Student Support to meet their needs. When the project implementation process is supported by different stakeholders, the institution will be in a position to achieve its objectives.

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