High School Diploma: Reasons for Studying

There are many reasons why people decide to obtain their High School Diploma. According to Jimenez and Scott, there is an influx of people graduating from secondary schools (par.1). The implication is that an increasing number of individuals are appreciating the relevance of being certified as literate. Some common motivations for people, including adults who had initially dropped out of school, are to enhance their social and economic status. In my view, the decision to advance academic competencies should be intrinsic. This paper aims to discuss based on the relevant examples the reasons why I have decided to enroll for a high school diploma.

To start with, I intend to enhance my academic development and thus expand my knowledge and skills. From childhood, I always admired scholars and professors because of their intelligence. Therefore, my core inspiration in life is to attain the highest level of education, regardless of my age. According to “6 Reasons to Consider”, “all colleges and universities generally prefer a high school diploma to be considered for admission” (par. 8). The rationale is that some school syllabus does not include some essential topics. According to Hickman and Shannon, there is often a preparation gap for people who join institutions of higher education, such as universities and colleges, immediately following their middle school (par. 2). For example, one of my friends was accepted into her preferred University after obtaining her secondary school diploma. Thus, I consider this study level as a prerequisite to further my future aspirations.

Secondly, I want to increase my chances of getting a higher-paying job. Research findings indicate that “high school dropouts earned $21,080… compared to $28,309 for high school graduates and $50,734 for college graduates” (“6 Reasons to Consider” par. 7). Academic development has a significant influence on the economic status that an individual has in society. During job interviews, most employers prefer people with more certifications over drop-outs. For example, I have previously applied for an internship in a non-governmental institution but was turned down because my academic credentials were not up to their standards. My intention for learning is to qualify for better-paying jobs. With more money, furthering my education to even higher levels will be a possibility.

In addition, having a diploma will lower the probability of being unemployed. The rate of people who are out of the job is increasing. However, the situation is worse for those who are illiterate as compared to those who have attained some middle-level schooling. One of the reasons is that attending lessons helps individuals to garner more skills. For example, while participating in a group discussion, I learn better ways of communication, which are essential in the professional setup. While pursuing a diploma, I will always be eager to acquire more competencies and learn from my peers to increase my competitiveness in the job market.

Thirdly, I believe that I am a mentor to some people who will be encouraged to follow the same direction of increasing their level of education. In life, every person influences those who are looking up to them, whether consciously or without their awareness. I would like people to admire my vigilance in seeking knowledge. Whenever I feel discouraged and on the verge of quitting, I always remind myself that if I quit, those people who are learning from me will be demotivated. For example, two years ago, I had an impressive grade point average (GPA) that made me top in my class. My younger brother congratulated me and promised that he would make sure he achieves an even higher GPA. If I complete the diploma, my siblings will be compelled not to drop out of school.

Last but not least, I believe that having a high school diploma will enhance my social prestige both in terms of gaining respect and knowing other people. My perspective about educational institutions is that they are aimed to increase knowledge and provide opportunities for interactions in groups. While pursuing my education, I will make it my mission to join different clubs and sports to meet more friends and develop other skills. For example, I will join the wildlife club, where I can offer my voluntary services while also learning from others. Furthermore, people with higher qualifications are more respected than school dropouts. Scholars have knowledge which they can utilize in inspiring the world, hence, they are often valued by other citizens.

Conclusively, I have many reasons for enrolling for a high school diploma. My intrinsic motivation is to garner more skills and knowledge and enhance my academic development. I also desire to have better career opportunities in the future since people with better qualifications tend to be at a higher competitive edge when searching for employment. I am sure that uphold professionalism in my conduct. Another reason is to expand my social circle by being an active member in co-curricular activities. In addition, with better academic performance, I will influence other youths not to drop out of school. In the future, I want to be identified as a renowned scholar and a major professor, whose wisdom and contribution will be valuable to students.

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