Homeschool Method of Education

Home-school is one of the approaches to learning that is topical nowadays. As for me, this method means several critical changes to my usual activities. First, this way of studying presupposes improved time management as you have to plan your actions and ensure that all assignments will be accomplished in time. It contributes to the increased responsibility and change in the attitude to learning.

Second, home-school presupposes more flexibility and comfort. The ability to acquire information and process it not leaving home is one of the basic advantages of this mode of learning. You can benefit from the lack of stress and other factors peculiar to the traditional learning environment, which might also improve the academic performance and help to attain better results (Bauer & Wise, 2016). It means that now I can learn and complete assignments enjoying the high level of comfort.

At the same time, studying at home, I realized the fact that it is difficult for me to concentrate and stop procrastinating, devoting time to some less important issues. From this perspective, I think that traditional learning presupposes higher attention levels because of the atmosphere and the environment peculiar to educational establishments. On your way to school, you have time to concentrate and stop thinking about things that are not important for studying, which is beneficial for academic success.

Altogether, it should be said that home schools might be a good option for students who cannot leave their homes because of different conditions. This approach has more flexibility than a traditional one; however, at the same time, it demands better planning skills and efforts to concentrate on a certain subject and succeed in learning it.


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