Horace Mann and Public Schools

Horace Mann is one of the most remarkable educational reformers whose ideas are still applicable. He was one of those who changed the American educational system in the 19th century. Horace Mann studied law and education; he worked in these spheres as well (Fife, 2013). After this experience, he entered the political arena and contributed significantly to reforming the educational system of the United States. This progressive thinker believed that public schools could and had to be the platforms for the development of a successful American society where young generations are taught to share certain values and are prepared to perform certain roles.

As to the purpose of schooling, it is obvious that schools are the sanctuary of wisdom and virtue. I believe that the purpose of schooling is to rear young people who will be prepared to become a part of American society. Educators will teach their students to be true Republicans who are committed to developing their communities (Spring, 2015). Modern society is in danger as the crime rate is alarmingly high. Public school can be our panacea. Students will be taught to share major moral values that will make it impossible for them to engage in criminal activities. Eventually, the number of police officers will become minimal as American society will be free from criminal minds.

As to the ideal school peculiarities, the building should be appropriate to the purpose of schooling (Fife, 2013). The school should be big enough to educate all the children and adolescents living in the community. Of course, it should be equipped with all the necessary tools to make training effective. The quality of education should be high, so the standards for the building should be as high. Importantly, it is essential to make sure that the resources are used properly, and the number of schools (as well as the size of educational establishments) is appropriate. The establishment of many schools that do not work to their full capacity is unacceptable. Finally, the ideal classroom will include students from all backgrounds. It is vital to ensure the presence of all social groups in the classroom. The poor and the rich should be intermingled as young people should understand the needs and peculiarities of each other to be able to solve various issues that can arise in their future.

As far as the values to instill in students, these are Republican values. Students should cherish liberty and people’s basic rights including the right to private property. The authority of the government should also be in young people’s minds and hearts. Importantly, educators should not instill any religious values as students should have the right to choose (Fife, 2013). Young people will be taught to strive for being active participants in the social life of their communities as making a difference is one of the central values. As to the ways to achieve this goal and bring up virtuous students, the only way is to employ public administrators who are professional, ethical, and intelligent. Inspiring teachers who have all the necessary resources can bring up the nation of winners who work together to make their country even a better living place. I do not use any new concepts or smart terms. I utilize notions and concepts that are already known. I do not try to introduce new words, but I want to introduce new ideas and perspectives. I believe in the future of the United States as I believe in the future of the public school.


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