Importance of Academic Writing

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It is important to not only know the basic concepts of writing practices taught but to also understand and have explicit knowledge of how it is used. Success in writing calls for a student to have collaboration between disciplinary specialists, writing specialists and discuss appropriate roles in improving the skills of the students’ ability to engage in academic writing as a discipline. One of the concepts that students should know is the concept of tacit knowledge. It is not enough to teach this concept by transmission but one should know it in actions and words. Expressing tacit knowledge through words is commonly associated with tacit knowledge overt. But this can distort it. This is because we can know more than we can tell, thus knowledge is ever wholly impersonal or wholly expressible in words.

When writing, it is also important to know the value of the transmission. There are illuminating differences between meanings of equivalent concepts. Writing involves referencing to and translation from articles written in other languages. Words in one language may not have an equivalent meaning in other languages. It is therefore important to learn the complexity of writing and its purpose. Writing skills are one of the beneficial strengths a person can acquire in life.

Effective Writing

There are various types of writing such as case studies, literature reviews, essays, reports among others. Writing is a dependent discipline. Teachers and students need to discuss the description of their work. While writing, one should have appropriate expertise in academic writing. It is thus important for one to have an understanding of academic writing, tacit knowledge, use of words, and translation. Students should not only be helped to develop the ability to write in their academic disciplines, but writing should be a dependent discipline. For example, a word that is used in layman’s language may seem a simple word but maybe confusing in academic writings of various disciplines.

Good writing is different in different disciplines. In degree courses, there are many disciplines offered thus the different styles of writing. In these disciplines, there are also mixed genres thus essays can mean different things in different circumstances. Writing is an essential tool for learning, thus students require to be taught particular language demands for various subjects. They should also act on the comments they receive from their writing.

For effective writing, it is sometimes necessary to involve students as teachers. This helps in improving communication skills. To assess whether students have learned, a teacher can assign writing and speaking tasks.

In conclusion, writing is not only important for academic writing but also for learning and could also be useful in our daily lives.

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