Interview on Part-Time Teaching and Work Experience

As a requirement from the new students, interviewing Dr. Lisa Cooley was the best experience that ever happened to me. Dr. Cooley is such a friendly person who can give students all the information they need. The lecturer fixed her schedule and agreed to be interviewed even though she was attending a faculty meeting. The interview was virtually performed, and it lasted 30 minutes. Even though her responses were insightful, they matched the expectations except for the last answer.

Dr. Cooley describes in detail her life before venturing into lecturing. Then, she illustrates her work experience at the Cleveland Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce and her part-time teaching. So, the question is answered according to the expectation because Dr. Cooley was expected to earn a living and support her family before engaging in teaching. Additionally, as many people across the State, Dr. Cooley was introduced to Cleveland by her husband.

Similarly, Dr. Cooley’s answer on a typical day is expected from any American working in a school setup. Her physique tells it all that she must be working out every day. Additionally, as most Americans strive to maintain a healthy body, many prefer to work out in the morning and evening hours. Being that she is a lecturer, she is expected to teach students and prepare their lessons. Also, she is expected to attend all the meetings that relate to her work.

Moreover, the Cleveland area is a tight community where people support one another. Therefore, every dweller in the locality is expected to participate in community activities. Additionally, the DSU is located within a remote community, and consequently, it offers a family-like environment. Also, because Dr. Cooley is one of the elites in her society, she is expected to participate in the community boards to provide an elite opinion to others. Therefore, it was not surprising that Dr. Cooley was an active participant in the community activities.

Again, Dr. Cooley’s response on the most rewarding things is expected of her. As a lecturer, she interacts with students most of the time. As a result, she develops a strong rapport; hence she can always check on her student’s progress even after graduation. Additionally, she should enjoy knowing her students because she is offering service, as every teacher does. Therefore, her response is in line with what lecturers do.

Moreover, people experience challenges in their workplace. However, for lecturers balancing everything becomes complicated. Every student usually has a unique challenge that should be handled differently. As a result, balancing work and student needs becomes a difficult task. Besides, due to the numerous hours spent in school, lecturers sometimes forget their own needs and families. In short, balancing everything because challenging; hence Dr. Cooley’s answer is not surprising.

Also, as a lecturer, the greatest joy is watching students prosper both academically and professionally. However, this is only possible if they excel in their studies; hence it is not surprising to hear Dr. Cooley advise her students to concentrate on academics. Moreover, as an adult who has experienced it all, all that college students undertake are vanity if they are not academically based. This is mainly because a student’s future career is highly dependent on their current school performance.

However, Dr. Coley’s response of asking a new Delta State University student a question was unexpected. I was expecting to be asked a question related to my background or future career path. However, the lecture asked a question that could help many colleges improve in their recruitment process. Additionally, instead of the lecturer directing the question to me, it was indirectly geared towards the choice of institution.

Succinctly, the interview was insightful, and the responses matched the expectation except for the last answer. The answers were based on the lifestyle of an American lecturer dwelling in a community. Also, it offered an insight into personal life and the greatest wish of every student. Therefore, I would wish to take the advice of Dr. Cooley, a humble lecturer who has seen it all with her experience.

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