Is Working Beneficial to High School Students?

Most high school students are currently engaging in employment while still schooling for several reasons. For instance, most students prefer to work part-time because they come from economically unstable families. As a result, this employment helps them support themselves and provide for some of their family needs. Some students would like to use their leisure time to benefit themselves economically. Others would like to earn money to enhance their social life enjoyment. Over time, the benefits and disadvantages of high school students working while still, schooling has become a debatable issue recently. Although some people, including some employers, argue that employment to students has negative impacts on their academics and lives, the benefits of high school students working while schooling outweighs the disadvantages.

Students who engage in full-time or part-time jobs develop multi-tasking skills paramount in today’s life. Mostly, employment helps students to achieve a balance between work and academics. As a result, such students attain excellent time management skills, essential to their daily life activities both in school life and after school (Dowd) even though some believe employment is distractive to academics, and recent studies show that students who can balance work and academics perform better in both areas. Employment provides students with out-of-class exposure, enhancing their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in their workplace. Alternatively, working students gain important real-life knowledge, which enhances their understanding of concepts taught in class. Therefore, students with work experience have an added advantage compared to students who concentrate on their studies only.

In addition, scholars engage in employment, they earn some income. Learners can use the income they earn from employment to cater to their personal needs instead of wholly relying on their parents. Alternatively, students can use this income to enhance their social life enjoyments (Dowd). Moreover, Learners coming from financially unstable backgrounds can support their families financially. When students start earning income at a young age, they develop good money management skills, which are essential for their future economic success in life. As a result, high school learners’ employment helps them grow up financially responsible.

Another benefit that high school students derive from employment is the experience that increases their attractiveness in their future job market. Undoubtedly, every employer seeks experienced candidates to employ. In addition, students working while schooling gain a good reputation and recommendations, which enhances one’s employability in future workplaces (Dowd). Moreover, being employed while still studying can expose students to real-life situations, which help them choose the best careers in life. The knowledge and experience gained by high school students at the workplace equip them with entrepreneurial and management skills, enabling them to start and grow their businesses to big corporations in the future (Dowd).Therefore, working while still in school provides high school students with the exposure that help them in making life decisions.

In conclusion, students work while still in school for various reasons. These reasons include earning money for personal use or supporting their families. Also, high school students may engage in employment to spend their leisure time productively. Working while still in school has more benefits than disadvantages for high school students. In addition to earning an income, students also get exposure to the real world, enabling them to understand concepts they learn in class better. In addition, students acquire important skills such as time management, communication, and money management skills. Therefore, the benefits of working while schooling outweigh the disadvantages.

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