Literacy and Inter-Disciplinary Lesson for Special Education


Inter-disciplinary technology is a mode of integrating data, techniques, perspectives, and other related information from two or more fields of specialty knowledge to enhance the understanding of solving various problems in class (Ramrathan & Mzimela, 2016). Technology-centric learning has been a current trend due to globalization that has changed the state of affairs. Implementation of inter-disciplinary teaching programs has been a critical aspect to put the effort in because many teachers and students at lower educational levels tend to conform to technological advances.

Technological literacy refers to the familiarity and capability to use information and devices in the modern learning environment. It seeks to measure how to grade five learners can be able to assess, communicate and acquire information in a fully digital environment. If grade five students can possess technology literacy at early levels, learning would be a convenient process. Some of the devices that require literacy in technology include computers, tablets, and smartphones (Ramrathan & Mzimela, 2016). Additionally, interfaces such as email, the internet, and cloud computing can fit in that case. This paper aims to prepare a class activity that teaches literacy and interdisciplinary for special education at the grade five level.

Welcome Announcement and Direction for The Group Project

Hello class, the purpose of this class is to develop your knowledge of literacy and interdisciplinary issues. Interdisciplinary issues help in expand learners’ minds by having a critical analysis of different situations. By participating in the activities, you will have benefits in the digital content knowledge, articulation of various issues and how they are interrelated, and how you can apply that in a real-world situation. The activities should take a minimum of half an hour and a maximum of 45 minutes. The tasks will be carried out at least once every day.

Each student is expected to get involved in a project with two more classmates. The project is to work on traditional and modern designs in learning. All students should identify modern means of learning and how they are useful in understanding basic concepts in class. For example, if you rely on Classcraft to understand the correlations in mathematical approaches, state it clearly and expand more. Every learner is requested to compare the weaknesses of traditional models and the strengths of modern teaching tools. At the end of the project, students are expected to know how the tools are related and how advancements in technology can create more ease. The group work will be submitted before the end of the term, and every learner is supposed to indicate their findings in the abstract. If anyone of you has questions regarding the task are supposed to ask without any issue. The project will count to 30% of your final grade at the end of the learning term.

Class Activities to Teach Literacy and Interdisciplinary Concepts

Class activity How it teaches literacy and interdisciplinary concepts Expected learning outcome Time for activity
News analysis by use of portable computer A teacher is expected to come to class with various clips that have information on current matters. Students are expected to listen, read or analyze to get the theme. For example, playing videos about the coronavirus can help the students know the causes, prevention, and handling of patients. Students will be requested to operate the computer and focus on how the impact has affected learning, the economy, and social life throughout the class. Students will reflect on how issues affect the various field and how the disciplines can form collaborative bases to solve problems. For example, it requires science to develop vaccines. Additionally, the vaccines will be distributed by use of modern transport. Therefore, students will be able to tell the interrelation. 20-30 minutes
Exploring the leaning tower of Pisa Italy’s leaning tower can be a useful tool to help in investigating various issues such as history, engineering, and traveling, among other things. By the end of the activity, the learners will identify the history of the tower, and how people have contributed to income by paying the government to view it, among other interdisciplinary aspects 20-30 minutes

Weekly Prompts that Students Should Respond to

  1. Your class has previously visited a park for cleaning purposes. While there, a lot happened, and many of the students could have an impact on the initiative. Briefly discuss the impact of having the initiative on you as a student, the community, and the environment.
  2. Many families frequently visit community theater production at various moments. Explain how the activity is important to the theater owners, and the visitors, and its impact on transitioning society.
  3. The weather has been sunny for a while, as observed in many regions. However, the changes have occurred, and it has become suddenly cold. Explain how the weather changes affect different groups such as farmers, open-air marketers, and researchers.
  4. The development of a vaccine has resulted in major impacts on international relations. Discuss how vaccines help the coronavirus vaccine, the producing company, and the expected change of situation socially, economically, and politically.


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