Preschooler Education Overview

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The article, Preschoolers (3-5 years of age) written by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.) describes the development milestones of preschoolers aged between 3 to 5 and suggests some positive parenting tips. According to the article, developmental milestones are activities that healthy children can do by a specific age, such as recognizing and naming colors and showing affection. Milestones are a critical part of children’s development, as they learn how to do almost everything. The article claims that children start to explore the world during the preschool stage of development and interact more with people outside of the family.

Children now develop communication skills by asking questions about the surrounding environment and events happening around them. They are curious and independent about their choices and preferences. Moreover, interactions with the environment and people assist a child in discovering himself as a person. Here, the article also emphasizes the importance of parental care in explaining a child’s ways to stay safe. Additionally, parents can assist their children to develop certain skills by encouraging them to play, using complete sentences in a dialogue, and doing many other things. Another positive parental tip provided by the article is to give a child chance to make simple choices, such as deciding what T-shirt to wear. With such tips, parents can assist their children in their way of building a personality and entering other phases of development.

I like the article, as it is simple and understandable for parents. There are recommendations on how to grow a preschooler from a credible source. The report also highlights the needs of a child in this stage, while similar articles I have read before elaborate only on parental care.

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