Self-Evaluation: Personal Opinion

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I have gained an understanding that health care interventions are associated with risk of life loss. Therefore, various health care policies are developed to guide medical interventions to guarantee consistence with human rights and democracy. For instance, distinction between over the counter and prescription drugs helps reduce access to harmful drugs. Thus, health care policy and planning course helps me understand that health care providers have the responsibility to sustain health and protect life. In addition, health care policymakers formulate health laws on research-based evidence.

I have come to appreciate the importance of health policies. Plainly formulated policies allow health care stakeholders, directors, and practitioners to deliver quality care to the community. Health care practitioners require a structure of consistent policies for the routine operation of healthcare facilities. Clients, on the other hand, are entitled to understand that the health care facilities treat them equally and fairly. In addition, I have also come to realize that documented policies guarantees consistency and fairness.

I have come to understand that policies must be precise and concise, lawful and fair. Healthcare directors and personnel with board participation and endorsement must formulate them and amend them consistently every 2-3 years or earlier inevitably. It is important to begin with a sample and afterwards adjust it to specific healthcare needs.

Policy implementation can have serious implications on healthcare costs. These concerns can be emphasized by research findings of some reputable organizations, which proofs that health care policy will increase national healthcare cost.

I understand that majority of developed countries apply healthcare policy to allow the government assist the poor in the society. In addition, many developed countries, except a few including the United States, do employ healthcare policy. I am in a position to criticize a policy by arguing on its consistency, complexity, rationale, financial support accorded to it and so forth. Policy can have supporters at the same time a fair deal of its opposers.

This course has improved my professional perspective by helping me appreciate the significance of group working and the benefits of converging diverse viewpoints requisite in policy formation. I can identify critical elements on which policymakers base health care policies. These critical elements must have research evidence and be consistent with social-political laws.

I am aware of challenges that may arise due to healthcare policies, including an increase in tax revenues. Policy imposed on the public may raise great opposition. I know that healthcare policy implementation affects the legislation and control pertaining to the particular care intended, the care provider, and the care recipient.

Last but not the least, this class has changed me greatly as an academic leader by improving my leadership techniques. Before the class, I decided on a problem based on one perspective, my judgment alone, without considering the policy that it violates. However, after participating in this class I have changed my approach to a problem. I now consider various perspectives of a problem and research evidence before zeroing on the most useful approach. Moreover, I have learned to appreciate diversity among students, although I ensure that people I consult for advice and suggestion meet the professional requirement, while ensuring that I do not violate the rights of any individual in pursuit of my personal objectives.

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