Sociological Perspective on Education

My view of education is coherent with the Functionalist sociological perspective. This standpoint might seem outdated since its roots go to the foundation of sociology by Durkheim (Little & McGivern, 2016). Yet, I believe that the ideas and methodology of this scholar are relevant and applicable nowadays, as well as his approach to education. The Functionalist view lies in considering educational institutions as vital social structures that serve the functions of an individual’s socialization. In turn, socialization includes comprehending the behavioral patterns appropriate for society and finding out a person’s place in the community. Moreover, a set of networks is created by the educational system, which is of considerable use (Little & McGivern, 2016). I perceive these functions as essential for the future well-being of a person.

Precisely, education is necessary for the successful integration of a person with a society. Nowadays, rarely can people escape communication with others. For effective communication, practice and experience are vital and educational institutions provide such material. Ergo, education delivers the instruments for exploring not only the material world but social structures as well. Knowing the norms and strategies of behavior with different people is important since cooperation guides humanity’s progress. Education, in this sense, becomes a facilitator of social interactions. Various bonds between former classmates and universities graduates create local communities, companies, and even philosophical schools. Moreover, in educational institutions, a person can acquire the skills of self-criticism so that not to become a prisoner of individualistic fallacy. By understanding the social contexts, a person can successfully interact and live in society. As a result, various activities beneficial for society might emerge from the individuals engaged in education, which fulfills its purpose, in my opinion.


Little, W., & McGivern, R. (2016). Introduction to Sociology (2nd ed.). Pressbooks.

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