Strategic Change in Higher Education

Before proceeding to produce changes to the target setting and developing a unique approach toward problem-solving, an employee must become familiarized with the organizational objectives and key goals of the education process. Therefore, as the Events & Summer Programs Manager, one must ensure that the key objectives are completed and that the mission and vision of the organization have helped to build a perfect learning strategy for students in higher education.

By focusing on strategic change in a higher education setting, a teacher will be able to develop an approach that will help not only to create a rapport with students but also offer them independence as learners. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that apart from meeting the target stakeholders’ needs (Pincus et al., 2017). Remarkably, they do not offer significant differences at first glance.

In the article under analysis, the importance of strategic change in higher education is addressed. According to the author, with the emergence of innovative learning opportunities, the role of universities has decreased significantly (Stensaker et al., 2014). Therefore, keeping the interest in her unique personality piqued in the target demographic appears to be the most logical course of action given her history of attempting to expose the truth to the unsuspecting viewer. The scope and scale of the study are one of its obvious advantages. For instance, incorporating 26 European universities into the analysis to obtain the data of the required quality will be necessary. Therefore, the characters can appreciate the tremendous scope of the analysis, with the article studying not only the entirety of the U.S. clinic but also the issues that she has observed in the Dublin hospital.


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