Stress in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is crucial to the child’s mental development, and the movie “No Small Matter” reveals curious insights into the topic. The two essential factors that a child needs the most are social interaction and equal opportunities with substantial attention to their needs (Passion River Production, 2020). In other words, families and educators need to provide such an environment where children can freely interact with their peers and have a sense of belonging in the group. Moreover, education is vastly dependent on the families’ socio-economic factors, with many children being at a disadvantage in schools (Passion River Production, 2020). Educators can minimize these differences by establishing trusting relationships with families. Some of the strategies to build trust include a genuine interest in the child’s well-being, words of encouragement, and transparent communication with their parents.

A child might demonstrate various signs as a result of stress. Some of them include reluctance to talk to their families or educators, meltdowns, poor sleep, and health problems. In most cases, children are transparent in their tantrums, and then it is easier to explain to them the reasoning for certain rules. However, if a child is experiencing troubles in school or early childhood facilities, they might shut the outside world out and keep their troubles to themselves. For example, a child (Jake) experiences bullying in school due to the low socio-economic status of his family. Such cases would most likely result in stress; however, it is not certain that Jake would choose to openly talk about the problem and resolve it. Therefore, it is essential to provide children with access to high-quality classrooms where children can feel safe and talk about their issues (Passion River Production, 2020). In the case of Jake, I would try to prove my genuine concern to him that I do care about his problems and encourage him to openly talk about his problems in school. I would also try to establish transparent communication with his parents and find out what could be the reasoning for his avoidance coping strategy.


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