Student Parking Problem and Its Resolution

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Defining the Problem

The first step in solving any problem is to define it. Therefore, there is a need to determine the issue of student parking on campus and identify reasons for its relevance. Parking on campus has always been a problem for several reasons. The lack of parking spaces and their size were a headache for both students and the administration. Besides, large volumes of automobile traffic create congestion and negatively affect the safety of pedestrians. Given this issue, many colleges and universities are seeking to impose rules to avoid incidents.

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Generating Alternatives

The second step is generating the alternatives, which are supposed to help make a proper decision regarding the problem. In the case of parking on campus, it is primarily suggested to implement prioritized permits for parking. Such a system would avoid congestion by limiting the number of vehicles allowed on the territory. Besides, campuses can be equipped with bike parking to encourage students to use bicycles (9 Ways to Reduce Parking Demand). Finally, providing students with a shuttle service can facilitate traffic and prevent incidents.

Selecting the Alternative

The most important part of the problem-solving process is choosing one alternative that can effectively change the situation. Parking on campus demands efficient resolution methods because it is dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Hence, the most reasonable means would be establishing a system of prioritized parking. All people will be allowed to park on campus; however, priority will be given to those who have received a permit. If the parking lots are empty and permit holders are not waiting in line to occupy them, other students will be able to occupy them.

Implementing the Solution

Implementing the solution is the final procedure that takes the most time, and sometimes even money, to see the results. Once the prioritized permit system is implemented, it is vital to monitor how drivers behave in the parking lot. In addition, the administration should monitor the daily parking capacity because if it remains congested, colleges and universities need to charge an additional fee for parking on campus to reduce traffic.

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