The Benefits of Reading Fiction

Reading fiction, like novels or short stories, is a pleasant and helpful hobby. Each new book changes people, expanding worldviews and helping them to be more open to new opinions. Exploring the new story captivates, allowing readers to immerse themselves in an extraordinary new world and distract from adversity. Moreover, the physical and mental health benefits of reading have been proven by many studies. While in an age of advanced technology and much entertainment content, it may seem that books’ popularity is waning, reading will always be an exciting and valuable thing to do.

The critical advantage of reading is the study of opinions and perspectives and, subsequently, expanding the worldview. The famous philosopher René Descartes (2006) wrote that “reading good books is like engaging in conversation with the most cultivated minds of past centuries who had composed them” (p. 7). Understanding other views, gaining knowledge, and reflecting on reading, help people develop new ideas. Moreover, reading contributes to understanding how diverse individuals and their opinions are and instills respect for them. As a result, the reader is open to new views, has an extended outlook, and constantly strives to gain new knowledge.

Reading the book provides an opportunity to simultaneously relax and survive adventures, immersing in a new world. Imagine the person that finally has free time after hours of study or work. After choosing one’s favorite treat and settling comfortably, they read the words on the page, and their imagination takes them to other worlds. Together with the characters of the stories, people can fight an evil wizard, solve a mysterious crime, and go on a flight among the stars – the reader’s capabilities are endless. New impressions and rest, in turn, give inspiration for personal achievements.

The benefits of reading for worldview and recreation are more discussed, but such an activity is also valuable for mental and physical health. In collaboration with a medical practitioner, a Healthline specialist collected reliable empirical studies to determine the advantages of reading. The effects are improvements in brain connectivity and cognitive function, reductions in stress and depression, and even longer years of life (Stanborough, 2019). This influence is confirmed by MRI results when reading and verifying individuals’ health indicators within various studies, for example focused on preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s (Stanborough, 2019). Therefore, books do not just bring something new to the reader’s life and offer unique adventures but also contribute to well-being.

Thus, reading fiction books can bring significant benefits to individuals’ minds, souls, and even health. Stories that they contain broaden their worldview, making the person open to new ideas. The reading process makes it possible to relax and gain new impressions to restore personal resources. Finally, books strengthen mental and physical health, extending readers’ lives. In a modern world where entertainment content of different kinds is readily available, reading still retains its value.

Concepts Used

  • Ethos: I used the appeal to credibility to make my essay more compelling. Philosophers of the past, including Rene Descartes, are respected, their ideas are influential, and the mention of such a figure makes the argument powerful.
  • Pathos: Presenting the reading process as enjoyable, exhilarating, and relaxing, I appeal to the reader’s emotions and imagination.
  • Logos: I used the research results verified by medical specialists to support my argument and confirm its validity.


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