The Concept of Sociometric Status

Sociometric status defines how a person is seen by others: if they are liked, accepted, noticed, etc. It is usually obtained by asking peers about their attitude towards someone they know. The article focused on children and their evaluation of each other’s statuses, and also included teachers’ and parents’ opinions. Questions for the research covered asking whom the participants liked, disliked, noticed, and ignored.

The categories for status definition included five groups of children based on their peers’ opinions. Popular participants were evaluated positively by others and showed developed social skills. Rejected children were disliked because of aggression or awkwardness. Neglected ones were ignored by peers, but not regarded as preferred or disliked. The controversial group showed aggressive behavior and compensated for it with a positive attitude in selected situations. Average children received some positive and negative evaluations without anything outstanding.

School Memories

My high school had similar groups of students, as far as I can remember. However, it was popular at that time to be somewhat awkward and not overly social. Those with sad facial expressions were chatty once someone would learn more about their personal life. The first impression would make one think that half of the school was neglected as opposed to average. However, it was likely just a trend during that time.

Controversial Boy

I remember a student who would fit the controversial status. He was a football player and could be aggressive during the practices and games. It may have happened because of the adrenaline or his desire to be the best. Some of his teammates disliked him for it. However, outside of the football field, that boy was kind and charming, always smiling and ready to help. I believe, eventually, his behavior became more balanced and predictable.

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