The EFG School Containing the Spread of COVID-19


Undoubtedly, one should consider the case when the pandemic served as an impetus for the development of pedagogical science and practice. On the other hand, the development and spread of the coronavirus found schools unprepared for innovations and ensuring equality for all in distance learning. Nevertheless, some educational institutions have found unique ways to adapt to new conditions, improve the academic process and eliminate current and potential difficulties and issues. This essay will assess the approaches taken by the EFG School to contain the spread of COVID-19 without losing the quality of education, as well as possible tips and suggestions for improving the current changes.

The Approach Adopted by the EFG School

From the point of view of current events, global phenomena, and unfavorable conditions for human health, transferring education and learning systems to the online space is one of the best and optimal solutions for the EFG School. Indeed, such a precarious situation as the spread of COVID-19 struck a blow at almost all social elements inside every corner of the planet. Accordingly, in order to cope with the influx of negative consequences, many organizations must quickly, rapidly, and promptly adapt to new conditions. Following this fact, the development and improvement of the school “team” in a temporary remote format will be in a continuous mode, regardless of external influences. Hence, the EFG School’s work is not suspended, and the teaching staff and other employees have the opportunity to see the “other side” of the educational functioning. Moreover, Ms. Asma intensively helps learners gain new knowledge and develop proficiency by introducing new technologies, methods, and tools in conducting classes. Furthermore, it is also worth noting the work of the educational leader, who actively provides feedback and perfectly copes with his official duties in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Other Approaches

As the head of an educational institution, I would use the following important approaches to support the teaching staff’s professional training and development during the pandemic period. Firstly, in order to help teachers during “dysfunctional events,” it is strongly recommended to introduce interaction synchronization technologies and feedback elements, automated by the system, from other specialists, teachers, supervisors, and students (UNESCO, 2020). In addition, some innovative aspects should be actively updated and constantly modernized. Secondly, to ensure professional training, I would also provide educators with free and unlimited access to an online library containing useful materials for self-development and self-improvement of current knowledge, skills, and abilities (UNESCO, 2020). Furthermore, it will be essential to allow the person access to unique courses that can be studied independently and outside school hours.

Additional Advice to Ms. Asma

Today there are many approaches, tactics, methods, and strategies to improve Ms. Asma’s practical activities. Undoubtedly, profound training and continuous preparation in the framework of online learning is the key to the success and high results of student activity. However, Ms. Asma should consider schoolchildren’s psychological and social aspects to develop scholars’ positive attitudes toward educational activities. In this vein, it is necessary to correctly distribute and balance practical and theoretical classes, as well as time spent on training and recreation. Thus, a fourth-grade teacher should provide each “trainee” with emotional comfort and psychological well-being, excluding various factors and sources that provoke the development of stress and overstrain due to a high academic load.


In conclusion, the elements that EFG school undertook turned out to be high-quality and reliable. Despite this, there is a strong need for more profound and additional comprehensive innovations and changes to the current state of school affairs. Furthermore, Ms. Asma does her job brilliantly, but she also needs to take into account students’ psychological and social factors when organizing lessons in a new format.


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