The Personal Assessment Guide


As part of a student’s success program, the Northcentral University helps students to track and measure student’s success in order to identify and address areas of challenge. The personal assessment guide tracks an individual’s progress and is also used as a performance benchmark for student’s success. It provides an initial testing orientation and semester update to keep students current with testing materials (Cryer, 2006). The success plan will assist in identifying and applying various skills during my doctoral studies at the Northcentral University, in order to, familiarize with the university’s resources and to help in developing new skills for time management.

Time management skills

Time management is very crucial for a student to be successful at the University. In addition, there is a lot of importance tied to goal setting. Therefore, as a doctorate student, I will take into consideration the most vital aspects to cover to further my career. I will begin with the specific goals which will fit into my bigger picture. It will be necessary to identify different categories by making a column for each category. This is a good time saver, since, it provides a framework to decide the most important things in life (Delamont, Atkinson & Parry, 2004). Consequently, I will prioritize my goals into different categories. In this case, I will use a different piece of paper for the first category identified and provide a list along each side and write a statement for each goal in the category. Next, I will use the goals identified to address the real life issues regarding my career planning with statements which will make it easy for me to measure the goals.

After identifying my career goals, the next objective will be to design a list of activities which will guide me in achieving the desired career goals, in the university. The most fundamental question which I will need to answer is how I will be able to turn the goals into reality. Under this scenario, I will provide a list of all possible activities which will enable me to achieve the goals. This will be followed by prioritizing the activities according to importance. The next attempt will be to strive to accomplish the activities based on their importance.

According to Walliman (2004) making a personal calendar is an important strategy which stimulates vision. Therefore, a calendar will assist me in evaluating my personal plan for success. The calendar will be very beneficial in time management because I will be able to plan how to manage my time well. In addition, I will have a diary which I will use to record the activities which I will be undertaking and it will be very beneficial since it will assist me in managing my schedules in a timely manner. On the other hand, in order to be effective in creating a balanced life, it is important to include in the schedule a list of activities which actually match the identified goals identified in the goal’s sheet (Peters, 2009). In addition, I will set in my schedule some time of the following week. I will also review my schedule on a daily basis, in order to, schedule for flexibility and crisis management.

In order to be successful in time management, I will evaluate my schedule on a daily and weekly basis by keeping a record on time management. These tips will form the cornerstone of time management, in order, to be effective at the University. Therefore, to become one of the most effective doctoral students, I will also include physical fitness, mental fitness, in order, to integrate academic matters with real life issues (Ling &Yang 2012).

Signature Assignment

The signature assignment is important because it is used to evaluate skills and abilities (Covey, 2008). Therefore, it will assist me to identify potential areas of challenge and strength and contribute to successful completion of my doctoral studies at the university. I will use it to assess my ability to plan and to reflect on my academic outcome.

Program Resources

Skill Skill Evaluation Goals
Beginner Familiar Master
Visualizing overall goals 3 Intermediate
Understanding how to achieve the goals 3 immediate
Comprehending and applying academic Integrity Policy 3 immediate
Appling APA citation 3 immediate
Read and Analyze complex texts 3 intermediate
Perform online library search 2 immediate
Time management 3 immediate
Formulate actionable goals 3 immediate
Personal evaluate skills and progress 3 immediate

Motivation touchstone

As a doctoral student, my motivation touchstone covers a series of quotes that I have come to think about and cherish throughout my entire academic life. I like the quotes since they keep me focused and determined as a doctorate student. In addition, the quotes keep me encouraged since they are the driving force towards my doctoral life.

The first quote which I really like is a biblical quote which states that God is Good All the Time, and all the Time God is Good. I have loved this bible quote since my childhood. I am a Christian and believe that God is the provider of all good things. I believe that God has the power to enable me succeed in my academic endeavors. In addition, it is my duty as a Christian to believe in the power of God while studying to obtain my doctoral degree at the university. In addition, I am aware of the benefits of being a Christian as it pertains to my academic endeavors in life. The quote makes me confident and to have an inner peace of being a Christian, therefore, I give thanks to God for all things He has given me in life and the future plans He has for me.

The other quote which I really cherish is from Martin Luther King. In his quote, he stated that the definitive measure of a person is where he stands in times of difficulty. I received this quote when I was undertaking my undergraduate studies. During that time, I was obliged to learn and think under pressure. I learned to manage my life during times of stress focusing on using my skills to achieve victory. These quotes are very encouraging since they add up my journey to achieve educational success. In my academic life, I have encountered so many roadblocks, which I am currently planning to encounter. In addition, these quotes enables me to flashback where I used to be; hence. I consider myself successful in my academic endeavors at this university.


A personal success guide is very beneficial since it provides students with advice for their personal requirements. In addition, it can be made internal so that its applications become a second nature of a student’s life. The plan is concerned with all sorts of learning strategies, as well as, study skills which are generally used and accepted by students.


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