Walden Mission and Personal Goals

Since the year 1970, Walden University has assisted practitioners in attaining or fulfilling their professional objectives or goals and forming a better effect in their occupations and their societies (Walden University, 2009, par.1). Walden University’s vision is to envision an idiosyncratically dissimilar 21st-century learning society where technology is evaluated as valuable depending on the level at which it can be implemented by its learners to the quick solutions of serious collective predicament, hence developing the bigger universal good. The mission of the university is to offer a varied society of professional professionals the chance to alter themselves as intellectual practitioners to impact optimistic social change (Walden University, 2009, par. 1-2).

According to Walden University, social change is defined as an intentional procedure of forming and implementing thoughts, plans and measures to improve the value, dignity and advancement of people, societies, companies, institutes, traditions and communities. Constructive alteration leads to the development of human and collective situations. This definition of constructive social alteration or change offers an academically complete and collectively productive establishment for the plans, study, specialized actions and commodities made by the community of Walden. Moreover, the university backs up constructive social alteration through the advancement of ethical, educated and principled intellectual-practitioners, who are known as public and specialized role models by developing the betterment of the community (Walden University, 2009, par. 4).

Currently, I am an associate degree nurse and my desire is to obtain higher education in a local college and the course is offered in two years in the nursing field. In addition, my other goal or objective is to increase my knowledge and do more in the nursing field. However, it has been hard for me to achieve this goal for a long time bearing in mind that I am a mother. Hence, it became difficult or impossible to go back to school in the traditional method because raising small or young children and moving frequently would interfere with finishing a degree. Currently, Walden University is offering the program online and this has made it possible for me to start pursuing the program. Therefore, my personal goal is to do my best in all that I do and make difference in the lives of individuals. On the other hand, my professional goal is to do my Master’s degree in Nursing with the specialty being in leadership and management. The reason for choosing this was in order to add to my present knowledge to professionally lead others ethically, loyalty and efficiency.

Mirroring or reflecting on the mission and vision of Walden University, it is an opportunity to join this graduate-level program, to study ways in which one can constructively change society for the bigger worldwide good. Walden’s mission and vision statement fit with my personal and professional goals since as a professional, I desire to make society a better place, not only for my family but even for other children of the future. In addition, having this specialization offers me an opportunity to assist in making a difference in the society or community around me, which could not be possible if I decided to remain with my current degree status.

In order to contribute positively to the social change of the community, depending on my area of specialization, I would commit myself to training people on disease prevention measures. These would help the individuals to improve their quality of life since less cash could be directed to the medical bills and as a result, improve their living standards and as a result contribute positively to the community. In addition, having acquired adequate information and education concerning disease treatment, I would offer my best health services to the patient in order to improve their quality of life.

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