Why Banning Homework Is Necessary


Today, there are many positive and negative reasons to address the issue of homework from school. In most cases, parents, teachers, and academic experts initiate the debates and share their opinions about the importance of homework. Still, students’ attitudes toward such an impact have been neglected. It is high time to ask students what they think about school homework and discuss available options. Although homework is characterized by the possibility to develop critical skills, it should be banned to reduce unnecessary stress, help children organize their after-school activities, and create new opportunities to spend with beloved people.

The Issue of Homework

One of the main reasons for banning homework from schools is a vital chance to reduce unnecessary stress on students. Teachers believe that students need to complete tasks at home to demonstrate their knowledge. They give options and set multiple requirements to be met. Regarding various subjects, students are usually exposed to multiple tasks and deadlines. Responding to all these demands can be very stressful, depending on the assignments. Sometimes, it is interesting for a student to be engaged voluntarily. However, when the work is obligatory and demanding, stress grows and challenges young people. Banning homework helps reduce academic-related stress and anxiety outside the school.

At the same time, one should remember that homework aims at checking the possibility of a student doing something individually, and its banning can affect the education process. Giving tasks is not a new condition, and many current professionals have successfully survived this initiative. Students are able to strengthen their time management and analytical skills. They combine what has been learned in the classroom with what they know at the moment. People cannot avoid some obligations in their lives, and homework is one of such elementary requirements. Homework is an opportunity for children to show how they set and reach goals.

Unfortunately, having homework to do means having less time for personal after-school activities. Children come from schools and are aware of their assignments and deadlines. They need to create schedules and define the priorities at the moment. Usually, the most difficult choices between sport and education emerge. It is expected of young people to consider their physical growth. Sports interests are neglected or negatively affect academic success when there is a homework obligation. Students spend much time at school doing their tasks and use their time doing their homework. It sounds unfair because there are only 24 hours a day. After-school activities play an important role in the child’s development to support banning homework from school.

Finally, homework provokes negative attitudes by separating students from their friends and families. There is no clear evidence about the academic worth of homework. However, disappointment and neglect occur when a child is deprived of family activities. At a young age, cooperation and common activities are vital for children. If they are occupied with homework, they risk missing something interesting. Just like a work-life balance exists, there should be a school-life balance. The number of successful business people grows, and the number of happy families decreases. Banning homework is a primary initiative that allows families to understand their needs and improve interpersonal relationships.


In conclusion, homework is not a new requirement for consideration. Such disadvantages as unnecessary stress, limited after-school activities, and lack of time for families and friends cannot be ignored. Although homework may demonstrate what skills a person possesses but hardly shows what is known in real. Students need to share their opinions and prove that the absence of tasks from school does not affect their overall academic achievements. The desire to study should not be imposed but encouraged. Banning homework from school is a unique opportunity for society to eliminate needless obligations and promote more human freedoms and choices.

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