Why I Want to Be a Teacher

Many career choices provide the opportunity to change the world immensely. Teachers are unique in this category, as they shape not the environment, but rather people in general. Children around the globe have been attending school for decades or even centuries. Thus, humanity can be considered a product of a certain educational system and a few teachers who shared knowledge and wisdom with us during our childhood years.

First, it is important to get an insight into the pre-history of modern school education as an institution. At the end of the 19th century, the accelerating technological process led to the importance of education for future soldiers, as they had to use complicated equipment. Several military jobs began to require technical education. Historical data show that literacy rates skyrocketed in most Western societies several years before World War I. Further sharp demand for labor arose after a few other military conflicts and, most importantly, dramatic changes in the economy. This meant that all Western societies had to adapt to a new social and economic model where women are expected to study alongside men to build a career just like them. It happened even in prosperous nations, such as the US, as the economy during World War II encouraged women to take jobs that had long been considered to be man jobs.

All the abovementioned led to the creation of nation-wide systems which were meant not solely to provide education for children but also to encourage them to become productive workers and happy individuals. Numerous functions were virtually handed from parents to school teachers. It happened mainly because children had to spend most of the time in schools and socialize there. Teachers and peers in Western societies began to have an enormous influence on children’s minds and souls. At the same time, the role of parents and elder siblings diminished dramatically. Children saw the opportunities that the education could give them and sought to adapt to all the social norms and behavior patterns that were encouraged in a nationwide institution.

Modern schools have, undoubtedly, evolved a lot since those times. However, all the above mentioned illustrates the enormous shift that many people are still reluctant to accept. Teachers provide not only education – they teach children how to express their personality, build relationships, and deal with numerous challenges. The fact that a teacher has extensive knowledge in certain fields, puts marks, and praises the best students makes this person extremely influential, and his/her opinion sometimes becomes more important than that of parents.

Thus, the responsibility one takes when becoming a teacher is great. However, I am ready for this challenge and would like to contribute to the educational process’s development. My experience allows for a proper understanding of children’s psychology, and my knowledge of modern Scandinavian teaching techniques can be easily applied in the teaching profession. Moreover, I strongly believe that the way the subject is presented by the teacher directly correlates with students’ academic performance.

Income inequality has become a serious issue that undermines the belief that all people have the opportunity to prosper if they receive proper education and work hard. I would also like to give my pupils this hope and encourage them to strive for something bigger. Moreover, my extensive knowledge of modern economic and environmental issues can prove to be beneficial when teaching students about sustainable development, which I consider to be an integral part of the modern educational process.

Education plays an enormous role in shaping us as individuals. Moreover, I do not believe that children represent a blank canvas, which is meant to be filled with certain types of ideas and knowledge. The greatest motivation behind my desire to become a teacher is the opportunity to understand students’ backgrounds, respect their individuality, and by doing so, help them realize their potential and enhance their strengths.

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