Adult Education: Adult Learning Environment

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Adult education is the process of impacting adults with knowledge in a systematic manner. It entails attitude, skills, and value acquisition that involves use of advanced knowhow. Technology, digital life have influenced the learning process at all levels. The impact of technology on the educational sector is significant and cannot be ignored.

Adult Learning Environment

Adult education in the United States may take the shape of formal, non-formal, or informal education. Most adult education is voluntary; hence having high expectations of self-motivation from the learner. The learning environment for school-going kids and adults is supposed to be different. Adults are mature and self-oriented with the urge to want to know something (King, 2017). The learning environment for these two distinct groups must be different.

Future Adult Education

Technology has greatly changed how education is conducted in schools at different levels. Adult learning education is predicted to shift from a face-to-face process to e-learning. Virtual learning is considered to be the best method of teaching for students who are located far from educational institutions. Technology allows making an online assessment of adults pursuing educational goals. Teachers may assign online tests to students who may not access physical classrooms (King, 2017). Tutors will monitor the performance progress of their students keenly. Online assignment is good for quick results and feedbacks.

There is the possibility of cultural and social exposure to technology. According to most adult learners’ economic status, environment, and social status, the learners may not be able to afford the most significant and latest technology. This will lead to a division of adult learners basing on the latest digital learning tools’ affordability. It will also have an impact on the next generation. Adult learning is projected to fully move online as most of students will not have time to engage in one-on-one learning (King, 2017). Suppose the father cannot not afford digital learning tools, the child will have the same problem and disadvantages as the education moves towards full digital or technology implementation.


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