Providers of Adult Education


Providers of adult education in the United States operate in a complex multi-level system. Some work as freestanding organizations, while others form part of public learning institutions, libraries, municipalities, businesses, faith-based organizations, and unions. Most of the teachers and tutors offering services in these adult education programs are part-timers and volunteers. This paper discusses three types of adult education and training providers, including local education agencies, community-based organizations, and community colleges. The paper focuses on the learning environments, skills, certificates, qualifications of the instructors, and the potential career opportunities for graduates which are offered in these organizations.

Angelina College

Education and Skills Offered

Angelina College is a community college that benefits from grants which boost adult education in the country. The college’s main campus is in Lufkin in Texas and offers both remedial, vocational, and professional competence education to adult scholars (TCALL, 2020). In Angelina College, students are exposed to learner, knowledge, assessment, and community-centered learning environments, which are considered adequate for education and training. In this college, adults gain employability skills and basic skills instruction in language, numeracy, reading, and writing (TCALL, 2020). They also earn high school diplomas which are alternatives to high school tests.

Career Options for Graduates

The possible career opportunities for graduates in this institution are mainly instructing adult education. The college admits that their teachers are also learners, making other career options such as paid internships for graduates possible. For one to become an instructor or a teacher at Angelina College, a bachelor’s degree is required with a teaching experience of at least two years in adult education (Adrianne, 2021). Therefore, earning a MAED/AET degree would increase a graduate’s chances of becoming a tutor in this institution.

The Brownsville Independent School District (BISD)

Type of Education Offered

BISD is a local education agency located in Cameron County in Texas. The institution is an adult education grant recipient and is recognized by the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL) for its commitment to offering education programs to adults. Students who enroll in BISD’s adult education programs gain access to remedial and vocational, and professional competence education courses (TCALL, 2020). BISD ensures practical training is achieved by offering learner, knowledge, assessment, and community-centered learning environments to students. Services offered in this institution for the benefit of learners include basic skills instruction through which students gain reading, writings, speaking, and listening skills. They also gain study skills and employability skills such as resource management, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills (TCALL, 2020). Also, BISD offers a high school diploma which enables scholars to earn credit for secondary school certificates.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have possible chances of becoming instructors in this institution. Becoming an instructor in BISD requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree is highly encouraged (BISD, 2021). With a degree in MAED/AET, an individual would, therefore, stand a better chance of becoming a teacher in Brownsville Independent School District than other graduates with a bachelor’s degree as their only academic qualification.

The Chinese Community Center

Education and Skills Offered

The multi-ethnic organization is a community-based association that provides adult education and training to Houstonians. Learners have access to remedial, vocational, and professional competence education, which is offered in this organization (TCALL, 2020). Learning environments in the Chinese Community Center are centered on the learners, knowledge, and the community. Adults who are enrolled in this institution gain reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through basic skills instruction services that the organization offers (TCALL, 2020). Adults are job trained and benefit from job search assistance and employability skills offered in this institution.

Graduate Career Options

The organization is a graduates’ potential employer as it offers teaching opportunities in various courses. The qualification of becoming a teacher or instructor in the Chinese Community Center is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (INDEED, 2021). Considering these academic qualifications, it implies that graduates would have a high chance of working in this organization as an instructor if they earned a MAED/AET degree.


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