Adult Education and Its Importance to Society


The concept of Adult education should focus entirely on the techniques, skill, ideas and acts that enable an adult to develop successfully and maturely in solving the various societal issues that surround them. At this instant, they think about gaining access to more information that may assist them to survive totally in the society. The significance of the education to them is to offer an inventive, motivational environment of association and two-way exchanges in the framework of a learning environment.

Having the Self-esteem and thoughts of prosperity can be able to make the adults to present ideas that make sense to them. Many Adults who are undergoing this education always tend to be self-directed and necessitate an educational atmosphere that acknowledges the disparity among students. Many of them require putting in more efforts that will enable them to succeed.

Adult education contributes to the development of a firm foundation for change. What entails in this curriculum should mainly focus on how the individual persons will develop and incorporate participatory approach in solving the various societal problems. More so, this should greatly focus on how the adults can effectively communicate to their children and to one another so that they are able to limit conflicts within the family and set the right path for the good development and growth of their children and the future generation. Through adult education, the literacy level of the whole society increase and therefore more job opportunities will be created.

This force the adults who were dependent on other people to have asserts of their own as a result of their job acquisitions.when all people are well educated, they are able to venture into economic activities that will facilitate the growth of their income.

The human nature

Human personality entails the characteristic of humankind that are shared psychologically.This emerges because of the inborn nature and what constitutes our individualistic experience and the environment. Human nature can also be seen as a compilation of psychological adaptations which frequently function under mindful thinking to tackle the problem that exist in the survival and imitation by influence us to make rational decisions in a desirable manner.

This attribute of how humans are clearly defines the basis of personality, where ones character is developing through the whole lifetime. In the real life situation, the basic nature of human beings clearly remains the same thought and it is not subject to any change. In the concept of the human nature, everybody considers himself or herself as distinctive and clearly different from the other. Without having the power to change, the nature of any species clearly depicts how this aspect is unchangeable.

The education aspect is unable to change the human nature. In most situation people believe that education bring about a change in the psychologically shared characteristic, which is not always the case. The education describes how one is unable to perform i.e. aspect of the individual in that the learner’s intelligence is incapable of normal training. In the overall concept of the human nature, it is very difficult to understand why something exists as it is.

Human beings cannot be wiped out, but can be modeled for perfection. The concept of human nature is be depicted as follows in that only when the deeds swerve from the normal does it draw attention but can only anticipate and understand as it is.

The purpose for which people exist as they are intensifies their nature with their destiny but the alternation of the human nature is always difficult. Natural selection prepared us with the set rules that make up our human nature designing those rules to produce behavior that is responsive to the environment. In general changing of the human nature is very impossible since this attribute has to remain unchanged. This is Gods plans to make things the way they are therefore man has only to make its improvement without altering the nature.

Mission of adult education

The adult education sought to help adults expand their knowledge and skills to enable them peruse other intended carrier opportunities in life. Adult educations clearly brings into account carrying out the developments of the intellectual mind powers in order to make the adult literate in all, the wider scope. Rational development of the adult fosters the use of thought and reason to focus on the matters that arises daily. Through adult education, this will embrace concepts the learner will be able to incorporate the learned ideas in intelligence and analytical thinking. The program of adult education facilitates moral and spiritual consideration to the learners.

Adult educations tries to develop the learners in having behavior that will guarantee survival of societies, and individuals in order to encourage behavioral change that clearly suit what is fundamental in real life. It present an opportunity to the adults who missed a chance to understand basic concepts in their times to transmit culture and societal structure to support social change.

In this case, they are able to study the practical knowledge and gain problem-solving skills that will enable the transmit this to the growing generation so as to reform the society The mission of adult education also is to develop the people who are open to alteration and continued learning in order to improve their personal growth and development. This concept clearly ease’s self-actualization of the adult learner who are in need of embracing the rapid d changes that they never experienced.

The adult education program also develops certified adult educators who are philosophical practitioners who will be able to create essential, economic social and political changes in society. In general the overall aim of the adult education entails putting forward a “foundation basis where more adults can be able to advance their knowledge and skills to gain insight of the current changes which they had not experienced in the past” (Jones & Patrick 2007).

Adult education also helps adults in establishing personal and business goals. When directions become to them an instiller of their role identities, they are able to make rational changes. Through adult education, self-confidence will be nature by the adult learners therefore; they will be able to make rational decision based on the learned experiences. Adult education being a participatory approach of education enables the member to enhance a cooperative effort on their achievements of the goals and the objectives.

The value of adult education in our society

Adult education is seen and perceived by the society as a transformation means gat seeks to understand how this ought to be done irrelevant to the ethical principles that guarantee a firm base of growth and development. In certain situation adult education is overlooked and seen as a potential area to waste resources in stead of them being incorporated to development. This later circumstances could only sound realistic if proven to be right.

In tackling the matters concerning the society, those people who have the capacity to advice are usually the adults. When they partake adult education, they are able to come up with collaborative ideas that will be capable of transforming the negative aspects inculcated in the society to well nourished behavior. The responsibilities of taking care of the children lies to the parent and without proper knowledge and skills that have been effectively put into practice, the children will obviously engage themselves in affairs that might end up destroying their lives hence provoking the societal dignity. The significant purpose of adult education in the society is to offer a means of self- discovery for the adults who have a willpower and inventiveness in overcoming obstacles.

Adult education portrays a supply to the widening of general resource and life satisfaction to all people therefore bridging the gap that exists between the least and the most educated sectors of the population. A change exists if the people in the society who are disadvantaged in terms of education acquire the chance to access this adult education. Adult education fosters a sense of responsibility in that it tries to give emphasis on the right behaviors that ought to be o practiced within the society. This factor assists dramatically the society in molding of the norms that are fundamental in achieving development.

Through adult education, the society is able to develop more programmers that facilitate development. This is so in that when an individual member of the society undergoes transformation such that through the education process he or she gets a good job opportunity, more revenue will generated therefore facilitating the development. Paulson depicts “adult education as a transformation matrix that brings effective changes in many societies” (2006). In this situation the overall success of the whole society, depend directly on the positive impacts of the education to the entire adult population.

The role of the learner in an adult education

Active participation is a basic fundamental role of in a learner’s perspective in adult education since it brings about an in built sense of activity. This shows that the facilitator of the learning process is heading to the right direction adult learners attain the information through their mind and communicate the information to their experiences, which makes them develop and construct new knowledge

The adults passing through the education program should not engage themselves in carrying out dormant participation but they should try as much as possible to embrace active participation through solving problems and offering solutions to what is in context. In shaping their development via learning, the adult learner has to take the initiative. One of the most regularly pointed out characteristics of adult education is the fact that” it should embrace an approach that is participatory” (Kutner, et al 2003).

Through the experience that the learners have passed through, knowledge and skills become known since the adult learners have reached to some suitable experiences, they are able to maximize the benefit of the instruction by the facilitators hence developing relevant concepts in the fulfillment of their goals. The Support for teamwork and participation in adult learning emerges upon a philosophical approach to adult education emerging from the progressive education movement one of several movements upon which adult education’s philosophical foundations entail.

The participants in the adult education planning process

The students undergoing the adult education program should participate in making decisions relevant to their education and that adult education centered on the persons in great need of the service. There should be a meaningful involvement and appointment of assorted group of people and potential individual participants, their families and other stakeholders. The planning process should also incorporate the key planning sectors, organizations and people that contribute to particular education outcomes in successful prevention and early intervention programs.

Partnerships in the learning process should however extend across sectors of the community, including, but not limited to those sectors that contribute indirectly like the private sectors and also other relevant learning institutions. Input from various key informants can succeed through focus groups and other suitable methods regarding the improvement of adult.

The reasons why the adult learners should be involved in this process of planning is to enable them air their views in to the relevant field that they need to be thought about. These aspects when laid forward will ensure that less resource and labor prevail since only the fields known fully by the adult learners and their skills become the central focus. Other sectors like the private sectors and institutions of higher learning should also be included in the planning process to facilitate the recruitment of the facilitators who will be involved in the administration of learning skill to the adult learners. The government should also be involved in this since they have the statistical analysis of every individual with education or not. In addition, the same government or state set the strategies and rules that govern effective adult education practices within the community.

The drivers of the adult education planning process

The process entailed in the adult education carries the interest of the whole community at hand. when adults become more educated they create more chances of having well paid jobs.this will ensure that their own children and families are catered for therefore reducing burden the could have be taken to the other tax payers. The government also plays a key role in this sector owing to reasons that the same government is involved in carrying out strategic plans on how development program in the intended area focuses on the achievement on the stipulated goals effectively.

The needs and interest of the adults themselves is also a key determinant of their participation in this education.having a well knowledgeable and skillful life is what all the learners want at then end of the education period. It is through this aspect that they are able to justify what their roles in society are. They also have the determination of getting access to the latest technologies that they have not learned to foster competence in the current developed world.

Evaluating the costs and benefits of adult education programs

The cost benefit can also be established when the impact in the job economy is felt. In a case where, more adults have undergone the education program and they qualify for brighter opportunities in society this will determine how beneficial the process encountered success to the society therefore measuring up to the initial input and clarifying on the success the program has achieved and continues to bear fruits.

The evaluation of the adult education emphasizes on how the success of its foundation has largely add to the achievement of the various societal goals. For example when an adult education program has been set up, the significant impact would be that the education program has facilitated the changes in the society. Changes seen in the negative behaviors of their children to more productive and well-tolerated behaviors clearly show that the” education process brings positive impacts” (Robert 2006).


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